Cardiac Pack is Back

The Cardiac Pack is back.  The Green Bay Packers did the unthinkable yesterday. After two quarters of football that were probably the worst of the year for the Packers, Detroit included, the Packers roared back from 23-points down to stun the Dallas Cowboys in the stadium now known as “Our House.”

The Packers improved to 2-0 in the house that Jerra built and beat the Cowboys in Dallas for the first time since 1989.  But how do you figure Matt Flynn lighting up the Cowboys in the second half to the tune of 182 yards and four touchdown passes? Flynn couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn in the first half and it looked like Scott Tolzien was getting ready to come in. Then on the first play of the second half Eddie Lacy busts loose for 60 yards and Flynn turns into Aaron Rodgers. It was a stunning turn of events.

It sounds like the Packers at halftime were feeling like their season was pretty much over with if they lose this game. So an injured Johnny Jolly gave the team an inspirational pep talk, much like Charles Woodson did in the same locker room three years ago. Obviously it worked. Now if they can get it to work for two more games they might be division champions and could even finish with the third seed in the NFC.

My halftime was a little different. At that point I was praying that head coach Mike McCarthy would just head to Austin after the game and accept the Texas job. At the start of the fourth quarter I was just happy the Packers were making a game of it, I had no expectations of actually winning the damn thing. Even when they took the lead there was plenty of time left for the Cowboys to get a field goal, but just like last week the defense made a big play at the end and the Packers sideline exploded like it had won the Super Bowl again.

The Packers have won two games in a row but there is still plenty to be concerned about. The defense is still struggling and the offense just can’t seem to get untracked in the first half. And now a suddenly resurgent Pittsburgh Steeler team comes to Lambeau next Sunday. With or without Rodgers, it doesn’t get any easier.

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