Packers-Steelers Game Blog

3:30 PM:  I don’t get it. The Packers finally win the toss and accept to receive and then gain 8 yards on two plays and pass on third-and-two and get sacked. How stupid can you be?

3:40 PM:  Well, I kind of like the play calling on this drive. Trying to pass to open up Lacy or Starks. Its working pretty good. I take back but what I said about McCarthy. But they have to finish it.

3:48 PM:  Flynn to Boykin for the touchdown! Unbelievable. Terrible pass but great catch. Packers lead 7-0. Can the defense now show up for a change.

3:54 PM:  Unfortunately the Packers’ defense didn’t show up again. It’s no wonder Rodgers isn’t playing, Packers aren’t going anywhere with this defensive unit and specifically, the defensive coach. 7-7.

4:00 PM:  I think this has the makings of a high scoring game. Can the Packers keep with the Steelers? That is the question.

4:07 PM:  Thankfully the Packers have a punter that can tackle better than their DBs. Horrible penalty on Josh Sitton for a facemask cost the Packers at least a field goal. Now another special teams gaffe has the Steelers threatening. Slocum is such a joke.

4:10 PM:  The Packers have no resistance to the running game. It’s just amazing. Got a stop though.

4:33 PM:  Packers have a chance to take a lead going into the half. Eddie Lacy is a beast. Looks like he was born in snow. Get it done!

4:40 PM:  Packers’ offense gets it done but the Slocum’s special teams give it right back. 14-14 halftime. Simply unbelievable that Slocum still has a job.

4:46 PM:  Very happy to be up four at halftime with such a poor special teams play.

5:06 PM:  Every point the Steelers have gotten today have come from the result of poor special teams plays. Big Ben looked like Jim Hart running that one in. Packers’ aren’t going anywhere anyway without Rodgers and now Clay Matthews. Just beat the Bears next week and I’ll be happy. It was a good game today.

5:36 PM:  OK, the Packers just recovered a fumble at the three. Could not punch it in, got the field goal blocked, the Steelers recovered, were tackled but the refs said he fumbled, then an illegal bat of the ball and a Lacy TD run. Wow. Then of course the Packers’ special teams lets them start at the 33. Wow.

5:40 PM:  Packers’ defense couldn’t answer the bell though. I’m still happy with the effort. It’s all about the Bears next week.

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