Packers’ Fantasy Football Projections

The Green Bay Packers were able to have quite a bit of success last year, which is pretty remarkable considering all the injuries to major players. Most notably, Aaron Rodgers missed seven full games and most of an eighth. If completely healthy, Green Bay will have plenty of fantasy football standouts to look at early on in drafts this fall.

Leading the way for the Green Bay Packers as far as fantasy football is concerned is Eddie Lacy. Sure, he is not exactly known as the most important piece on offense, but running backs have a lot of value. He is someone who emerged as a talented player in his rookie season, and he should be even better with a healthy Rodgers taking the pressure off of him. His big frame should be able to keep them relatively healthy, although some concussion issues linger around him after taking a big hit early on last year.

Aaron Rodgers is the most valuable piece on Green Bay right now, but he will probably slip to the 2nd or 3rd round in most fantasy football leagues. He is known as one of the most productive quarterbacks in the NFL, and he will go top 3 as far as his position is concerned. The collarbone issue certainly was concerning last year, but otherwise he has been as durable as any quarterback in the NFL. He should not be considered a risk because of one bad hit last year.

Jordy Nelson is the perfect example of a wide receiver that is helped out quite a bit simply by playing with the right type of quarterback. With Rodgers throwing him the ball on vertical throws, he was able to have a lot of success. However, the short ones thrown his way do not yield the same type of value. Nelson really dropped off in fantasy football production when Rodgers was on the sidelines. As long as the franchise quarterback is healthy, Nelson will be producing like a 3rd or 4th rounder at wide receiver.

Finally, Randall Cobb is the only other guy on Green Bay who should be considered in the first 5 rounds of a fantasy football draft this year. He might be the 2nd receiver on the Green Bay Packers as far as production is concerned, but he still has the ability to put up nice numbers. He is an excellent slot guy who works well with Rodgers. His injured leg kept him from being much more productive last year. He will be coming back healthy and hungry in 2014, looking to play in a bit more than 6 regular season games.

by Jim Kidder

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