Huge win by the Pack today

While the pregame hype might not have played up how big of a game this was, losing to the Vikings was not an option for the Packers. The Packers were able to get the job done and in the process showed some true grit in beating Minnesota 24-21 today.

I think the Packers’ defense showed they have a lot to prove yet, but the Packers’ offense ground it out when they needed to.

From what I have seen so far this year I think the Minnesota Vikings are going to be the Packers’ biggest challenge in the coming years. The Lions and Bears are average at best and are in¬†a win now position. The Vikings are building a competitive team via youth kind of like the Packers do. I don’t like it.

The Packers did get the win today and now are alone in first place in the NFC North division. I can’t seem them being favored to win next week against New England but they will for sure will be favored to win their final four games.

One thing that will be odd is the Packers’ December 14 game at Buffalo might be the Bills’ first home game since this snowstorm hit. They might be facing a very inspired Buffalo team. Nothing is ever easy in the NFL.

Bring on the Patriots. Rodgers against Brady for the first time. Could be a Super Bowl preview. I didn’t say that. #behumble



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