Live Blog: Patriots at Packers 2014

Al Davis | 18:38 The Packers’ defense is for real!!

Al Davis | 18:24 We still need to take two more knees. Not done yet.

Al Davis | 18:22 We might have a chance now.

Al Davis | 18:20 Defense is going to have to win this one. Packers are not going to be able to run ball for first downs today.

Al Davis | 18:18 Packers make them need a TD. Pats have two timeouts left though. We are not done yet.

Al Davis | 18:13 Packers should let them score. Give Rodgers time on the clock.

Al Davis | 18:05 Game over. Pats win, but nothing lost. Win four and win the division.

Al Davis | 18:03 Packers need seven. Field goal does nothing. Can’t believe Rodgers couldn’t find anybody there. I don’t trust Crosby.

Al Davis | 17:54 No matter the outcome, the Packers control their destination. Win four and win the division.

Al Davis | 17:51 Brad Jones just quit on a play. Brady rips the Packers, this game is over. Doesn’t matter though, the Packers can win their last four and still win the division. Blame Slocum for this loss.

Al Davis | 17:46 Pats hitting their stride now. Packers’ defense on their heels. Going to come down to Aaron Rodgers.

Al Davis | 17:42 The Packers showed they can play with the big boys, but now can they win one against the big boys?

Al Davis | 17:40 Momentum is changing big time.

Al Davis | 17:39 Terrible play by Rodgers. Punt her away gentleman.

Al Davis | 17:38 Another chance to put some distance between but Rodgers throws a bad pass. Confidence is not high.

Al Davis | 17:26 I knew this was too good to be true. We showed up, but we are going to lose.

Al Davis | 17:19 Packers have a chance to take control of this game. They need to keep the pressure on Brady. Huge drive before the half that I missed due to circumstance. Don’t want to say confidence is high just yet.

Al Davis | 16:38 Gronk made a joke of Ha Ha.

Al Davis | 16:36 Packers are getting gashed now. Should go into the half with the lead though.

Al Davis | 16:27 Big failure there by the Packers, but at least they got three.

Al Davis | 16:23 Packers are struggling in the red zone. Got to get TDs against teams like this.

Al Davis | 16:15 Thanks to the Packers’ special teams the Patriots are right back in it. Horrible call to try and directional kick it and miss. If McCarthy called that it is kind of like the bad calls he made in New Orleans.

Al Davis | 16:11 That is what we are used to seeing from Brady and Gronk. Hold them to three.

Al Davis | 16:07 What a great drive by the Packers there. Got to keep the pedal to the metal.

Al Davis | 15:58 Bad start for the Packers. Twice have to settle for field goals, then special teams fail again with a kick out of bounds. Slocum is an idiot. One play and the Patriots will be leading. At least we were competitive for a quarter.

Al Davis | 15:34 I’ll take three but not a good ending to a good drive.

Stay tuned for live updates during the game.  No need to refresh.

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