Green Bay Packers Home Games

Undeniably the atmosphere at Lambeau Field on game day is electric. The energy from the fans fills up the entire stadium and you can see the players tap into that energy on the field. Fans have proven time and again that they are the “12th man”.

If the fans are the “12th man” then the 16 man production team at the stadium are the coach to the “12th man”. This is the other Green Bay Packers’ team. The team is responsible for electrifying the crowd. They do this by planning every second of the game and preparing for every possible scenario on the field. They create the most optimal mood in the crowd for the team. To do this, the team has to orchestrate every aspect of the stadium environment. DJ Dr B playing the right tracks during the player warm-ups, Bill Jartz making announcements right on time for the fly-over and the messages to the fans on the video screens. All this is meticulously planned to give the best stadium experience to fans. This planning and on point execution of plans increases the thrills of watching the game live.

The Packers home games provide remarkable entertainment whether you are watching the game live at the Lambeau Field or watching the televised broadcast. Only online gambling can compare to the thrills of watching the Green Packers play. The effort that is put into the stadium to create the great atmosphere is just like the effort online casino operators put into creating the perfect online gaming experience. While waiting for the next Packers game fans can enjoy similar thrills by playing at online casinos.
It is this magnificent production team and hundreds of others that make the fans of this great football team come back every Sunday for more great live football entertainment. We salute the team that makes the Green Bay Packers’ home games an absolute joy. They make the fans want to come back to Lambeau to be part of the 78,000 strong crowd yelling Go, Pack Go. As mentioned before, if you are an online casino fan who enjoys online gaming experience, you can visit for real money slots online.

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