Packers-Lions Game Blog

7:33 PM:  We are off and running, both teams are already in the playoffs, so only the division title is in play now. Confidence is high. Three and out for the Lions.

7:39 PM:  Packers don’t do anything either, Lions on the move. Game has no feel yet.

7:44 PM:  Ron Zook is just as bad as Slocum, completely took away the Packers’ momentum with another penalty. Besides Capers, Zook is another obvious choice for the firing line.

7:50 PM:  I knew it, the Lions give up a 70-percent completion percentage but the Packers with the great Aaron Rodgers can’t complete a pass.

8:13 PM: 8 plays, 71 yards and the Packers lead. Surprised by the low scoring, but will take the lead.

8:29 PM:  Defense back to normal. Tie game. Now the shootout begins.

8:32 PM:  Packers’ offense not playing good, and not creative at all. Where is Montgomery? Where is Jordy? Might be heading to Seattle.

8:35 PM:  Wow, this is very strange. Packers look just like they did in that four game losing streak. Never expected this.

8:45 PM:  Packers’ defense starting to get shredded, early than usual lately. With the Packers’ offense stinking it up like they are this game is about to get out of control.

8:52 PM: Cannot believe what I am seeing. Where is Montgomery? Where is Jordy? This is nuts. Packers’ couldn’t even get a play off after a kickoff, get a delay of game.

8:58 PM:  Huge last minute drive by the Packers gets three back. That could be huge. At least mentally.

9:18 PM:  Offense getting a little rhythm now, even without a running game. TD to Adams gives the Packers the lead. Can the defense finally step up and and win one for a change?

9:37 PM:  Offense still struggling, I just don’t get it.

9:42 PM:  Defense had them on the ropes but choked again. It’s too bad both of these teams are in the playoffs, just fodder for the real teams in the NFC. Horrible display of football in the NFL’s showcase game.

9:49 PM:  I think the Packers should pull everybody now, not worth risking injury. Can’t win anyway.

10:23 PM:  Terrible play calling by the Packers. This is sick. Had a chance to put it away and failed.

10:32 PM:  Unreal! The Packers pulled it out! Rodgers should be MVP now. What a game!

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