Don Barclay Signs a 1 Year Contract, Stays With Packers

Value is what matters to the Packers and when a rock steady backup by the name of Don Barclay can be retained with a 1 year contract worth $1.3 million, the Packers are almost always going to be ready to deal.

Barclay signed with the as an undrafted free agent in 2012. In college he was, not surprisingly, a left tackle. He played 3 years at the position for the West Virginia Mountaineers. In his rookie year he started 6 games and helped the Packers average 32 points per game.

Don is like most Packers backup lineman. He’s a versatile player ready to step in at any position on the offensive line any time is number is called. Barclay is currently set as the backup center but just last year he started in 5 games. 4 games at right tackle and 1 game at left tackle.

With the loss of J.C. Tretter to the Cleveland Browns and with T.J. Lang being aggressively pursued by the Seattle Seahawks and the Detroit Lions, Barclay became an important piece of the Packers offense.

Don Barclay will be coming into his fifth year and will likely have to step up more than ever, along with second year player Jason Spriggs.

He’s an offensive lineman so it’s hard to find a highlight reel of the man. Even if I could would anyone want to watch it? That said, how about some props from Aaron Rodgers to try and settle down the Debby Downers who are throwing a fit about the signing.

Congrats Barclay and welcome back to the family!

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