Philosophy change in Green Bay?

The Green Bay Packers completed their 2017 draft and one thing you don’t hear anymore out of Ted Thompson is “the best player available”. Clearly there has been a shift in the way Thompson and the Green Bay Packers approach the draft.

The Packers clearly drafted for need with the top four picks all on defense, addressing all levels, while the final six selections added depth to the offense, and hopefully solidified the running back position. When considering the free agent signings Thompson uncharacteristically made, one could make the case that Thompson is indeed “all in” for 2017, as quarterback Aaron Rodgers requested in his post playoff loss presser.

While the Packers did lose some players like T.J. Lang, no one can accuse Thompson of sitting still this offseason, he filled a holeĀ at tight end, added depth the defensive line and cornerback and maybe found Lang’s replacement in Jahri Evans, if only for one season – all in free agency. I’m not a big Thompson fan but the moves he’s made this offseason I wholeheartedly agree with.

Heading into May it appears the Packers will be better on both sides of the ball in 2017, so they’ll probably go 4-12. (insert smiley face here)

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