Questions by position: Running back

With the Packers first preseason game tomorrow, it’s important to get an idea where we stand so we have an idea what to look for. Unfortunately, practice tells us very little so we really don’t know where we stand. Still, when I thought about the questions I had I realized there were quite a few. Enough actually that 1 article simply isn’t going to give me enough of a platform to get all my thoughts out. With that, I present to you my list of questions for each position.

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Running Back

Is Ty the guy?

As opinionated as I am, I can’t quite figure this one out. On one hand, Ty Montgomery was a freak in 2016. What do I mean by freak? How about a 5.9 yards per carry average? For RBs with at least 50 carries, Ty was number 1 in that category. If Montgomery keeps that average and gets 240 carries in 2017 (15 carries times 16 games) that would be 1,416 yards. That would be the second highest total yards for 2016 behind Ezekiel Elliot (Elliot had 322 attempts in 2016)

Ty was also listed as the number 1 back in illusiveness by Pro Football Focus. These are not minor details. The man is built exactly like Le’Veon Bell and David Johnson but is more illusive, is a better receiver, and gets more yards per carry. Factor in that he did all that as a converted wide receiver and is coming into 2017 after an entire offseason to train as a running back and I’m a little surprised he isn’t generating more excitement.

So where is the confusion? The Packers drafted Jamaal Williams. Then Aaron Jones. Then Devante Mays. They then added Kalif Phillips and William Stanback. I understand needing depth behind Montgomery, but spending a third of your draft picks trying to find a number 2 running back seems a little odd to me, especially since the Packers will continue to be a pass heavy team in a pass first league.

Ultimately I’m very curious to see how the Packers plan to use their running backs.

Is Ty worth a grab in fantasy?

The answer to the first question ultimately answers this. Is Ty the guy? If so, we definitely need him on the draft board. Where on the draft board depends on two things. 1, is he going to be as effective in 2017 as he was in 2016? 2, How many touches will Ty get?

Although duplicating his 2016 numbers seems impossible, the full offseason of training, a year of learning the scheme, and adding on some bulk, I can’t imagine a ton of regression. I feel good about the first question.

Number 2 is a little more tricky if we just remember that every run play called is a play Rodgers doesn’t have the ball. Do we really think since our run game is better we should take the ball away from Rodgers? Probably not.

I’ll let you sort out goal line carries and receptions on your own but if I get any indication that Ty Montgomery will have a similar workload to what Eddie Lacy had, I fully intend to be the guy that drafts him.

Can Joe Kerridge dethrone Ripkowski?

I like Ripkowski a lot but there has been a TON of talk about how great Kerridge has looked so far this year. If we rule out FB by committee, which should be safe to do, I think there is a legitimate chance the Packers decide to keep Kerridge on the roster and move Ripkowski off of it.

It’s at least worth keeping an eye on in the preseason games.


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