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With the Packers first preseason game tomorrow, it’s important to get an idea where we stand so we have an idea what to look for. Unfortunately, practice tells us very little so we really don’t know where we stand. Still, when I thought about the questions I had I realized there were quite a few. Enough actually that 1 article simply isn’t going to give me enough of a platform to get all my thoughts out. With that, I present to you my list of questions for each position.

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Is Hundley an NFL quarterback?

Hundley is an anomaly. Half the Packers fans think Hundley is a starter in the NFL today and is heir to the throne. Another half think Hundley is best used as trade bait. Regardless of what the future holds for Hundley, he is currently the number 2 quarterback on the Roster. If Rodgers gets hurt, Hundley is the franchise. Can Hundley be a starter in the NFL? Can he lead the Packers to the playoffs if given 16 games or is it Rodgers or bust? I look forward to seeing his progress tomorrow.

Does Taysom have a chance?

The question assumes the Packers are going to keep 3 quarterbacks, which I think is a reasonable assumption. What also seems to be an assumption is that Callahan has really impressed and the Packers plan to keep him as the Packers number 3. I can’t say I agree. I had a lot of fun last year watching Callahan. The guy really put on a show and received a lot of due credit. Still there is one thought I can’t get out of my head. The Packers love mobile quarterbacks.

I first got that hunch in 2013 when the Packers brought on Vince Young and Seneca Wallace. This came around the time the Packers were getting tore up mobile quarterbacks. It was all the rage and McCarthy wanted in. Unfortunately, Rodgers got hurt and the mobile quarterbacks weren’t ready to take over. Neither was Tolzein, unfortunately, which lead to the return of Flynn and the ultimate release of Young and Wallace.

Although I probably got the timeline incorrect, I always felt McCarthy wanted to find his next quarterback and wanted the guy to have wheels. Brett Hundley was brought on and although not a speedster, he can use his legs effectively, similar to how Rodgers does, giving the Packers another dimension that can cause fits for the defense.

This brings us to Taysom Hill, the guy everyone wrote off. Hill was listed as running a 4.46 40. For a quarterback that is blazing fast. To put that into perspective, Mariota is the fastest starting QB in the NFL. He ran a 4.45 40. For more perspective, Hill is faster than every RB on the Packers roster, and all but 3 wide receivers (Janis, Davis, Crockett).

Speed isn’t everything but the guy as an incredibly unique set of skills. If the Packers can mold him into a quarterback, something the Packers do extremely well, there is no reason at all to assume Hill won’t be given every chance to beat out Callahan as the number 3.


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