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With the final preseason game over with, and the cut to 53 being due by September 2nd, news of cuts and additions are coming in fast and furious. Check in here on Packernet to get the latest updates on the Packers roster.

See the current 53 man roster HERE

OL Kofi Amichia

Yet another draft pick that won’t see time on the 53, Amichia struggled to show much of anything since being picked up.

OLB Reggie Gilbert 

Perhaps the biggest surprise to this  point, for me anyway, Gilbert is likely a casualty as a result of the Ahmad Brooks (soon to be) signing.

Gilbert will likely be on the practice squad pending waivers.

DL Brian Price

Somewhat of a surprise, I thought price would at least stick around for week 1 before Allison returned.

Things are looking good for Devante Mays and a deep CB group. That’s a good thing!

WR Michael Clark

Another fan favorite, Michael Clark was cut by the team. Although many have him as a lock on the practice squad I wouldn’t be so sure.

Once again all eyes turn to Max McCaffrey.

WR Max McCaffrey 

According to sources, the Packers also plan to cut McCaffrey. Although I said this morning in the Packernet Podcast be wouldn’t make the 53, it got interesting for a while.

The question now becomes who makes the practice squad. My money is on McCaffrey.

WR DeAngelo Yancey

A lot of 53 man roster predictions were busted with this one. It’s been reported that 5th round draft pick Yancey has been cut.

Both WRs selected in the draft have been cut making Max McCaffrey’s situation a little more interesting.

ILB Derrick Mathews

Another inside linebacker has been cut. No indication has been given about him making the practice squad but I’d call him a long shot.

OL Adam Pankey

If any offensive lineman was going to make the 53 behind Spriggs and Murphy, my money was on Pankey. Unfortunately for Pankey, the Packers didn’t agree.

WR Malachi Dupre

Dupre never really had a chance to get going for the Packers thanks to an injury and an over crowding at the position.

Practice squad isn’t out of the question but is unfortunately unlikely.

QB Taysom Hill

The first shocking cut of the season, QB Taysom Hill has been released by the Packers. There’s no question the Packers will look to sign him to the practice squad. Let’s hope he clears waivers.

If there’s a silver lining, the release of Hill has opened up another spot on the 53 man roster.

CB Raysean Pringle

According to reports, Pringle has been released by the Packers. He made a strong push for the 53 man roster earlier in training camp, but was quickly leap frogged by Brown and Pipkins. No word on practice squad, but we’ll call him a long shot.

TE Emanuel Byrd

With Bennett, Kendricks, and Rodgers, Byrd never really had a chance to make the 53 man roster. There’s no indication if he will be brought back to the practice squad. Check back for updates.

DL Izaah Lunsford

According to reports, the Packers have released Izaah Lunsford. Lunsford faced an uphill battle from the beginning. He was never expected to make the 53. There’s still an opportunity for him to be brought back on the practice squad, we’ll keep you posted.

QB Joe Callahan

NFL sources have reported that Joe Callahan will be waived. The Packers will likely try to retain him on the practice squad.

OG Geoff Gray

Gray was one of my guys to keep an eye before the start of camp but his name hasn’t been mentioned much if at all in 2017.

I’m hopeful for his sake to see him make the squad but I’m hesitant to put any backup Packers lineman’s name up as a candidate.

ILB Cody Heiman

Although not on anyone’s list to make the 53, there’s a fairly good chance he makes the practice squad.

Even if the packers take my advice and only play with 2 ILBs, Heiman may be the best ILB that is eligible for practice squad.

OLB Johnathan Calvin

Calvin is a great candidate for practice squad. He is likely the next best OLB behind Reggie Gilbert who is likely to make the 53 man roster. Calvin did show flashes but will need some more time to refine him.

S Aaron Taylor

Possibly the least talked about player on the team, Taylor’s 1 highlight was getting into a fight with Jeff Janis. Anyway, they cut him…

OL Thomas Evans

The first of, presumably, all offensive linemen on the team, Evans was unable to prove any value to a Packers team devoid of talent.

TE Aaron Peck

Another guy that was a near certainty to be cut by the Packers, Peck was up against impossible odds playing behind Richard Rodgers, Martellus Bennett, and Lance Kendricks.

OLB Johnathan Calvin

Another outside linebacker, Calvin is probably the closest player so far to be considered a player on the bubble. He wasn’t… but he was close. Certainly practice squad material.

OLB David Talley

Despite the lack of depth and the general panic about the need for more outside linebackers, Talley was never really on anyone’s radar in terms of players the Packers need to retain.

It’s still possible Talley makes the practice squad. We’ll keep you posted.

CB Daquan Holmes

The depth of talent at corner was surprisingly deep this preseason. With guys like Pipkins and Brown top candidates to make the practice squad, a guy like Holmes who never really stood out is unlikely to be with the Packers this year.

RB Kalif Phillips

One of my favorite players to make the practice squad, it was a bit surprising to see Phillips as one of the first players to be cut. Although not a sign that he won’t be brought back, it isn’t encouraging.

Phillips made great use of his very limited snaps. Although 12 carries for 30 yards isn’t blowing anyone away, much of the struggles came as a result of poor OL play.

I’m holding out hope.

DT Calvin Heurtelou

One of many, not too surprising cuts, Heurtelou was the most recent addition to the Packers 90 man roster. Although his play wasn’t horrible, his time with the team with far too little to offer him a spot on the 53.

Although a place on the practice squad might be reserved for him, it isn’t very likely.

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