Packers 0-3 at halftime

In a roller coaster of a first half, the Packers started the game looking as though they would jump out to an early victory. An untimely interception followed by 4 sacks have time after time caused the Packers offense to stall out and by the end of the half the Packers walk into the locker room with 0 points.

Rodgers to this point has completed 14/22 passes for 153 yards and an interception. Good for a current quarterback rating of 65.15. On the ground the Packers have only run the ball 10 times for 11 yards. Cobb is currently leading the receivers with 5 catches for 56 yards.

The positive note, however, has been the Packers defense who, up until the final drive had completely shut down the Seattle offense. Russell Wilson has been held to 58 yards, completing just 6 of 13 passes. The Seahawks also have only run the ball 10 times (Russell Wilson excluded) for 18 yards.

The first hald has essentially been a wash but the Seahawks have lost several plays to injury and even ejection.  The Seattle defense has had a difficult time getting off the field and is not only banged up but tired.

The question now is, how will the Packers respond. Will the defense fold and allow Seattle to pull away or will they show the world they are for real. Will the offense end the game on a low note or take advantage of the depleted Seattle defense.

Time to respond.

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