Sitting Rodgers bad for the Packers, league

The Green Bay Packers are officially eliminated and of course now the only conversation left it whether or not to play Aaron Rodgers the last two games. One thing is sure, sitting a healthy two-time MVP for the purpose of losing sends a bad message to Packers’ fans and puts the league in even worse light. Might as well just watch the NBA where tanking is encouraged.

Don’t try to tell me that Rodgers has a groin injury. We all know that is complete bullshit. Rodgers is more healthy now than he has been all season. So sitting a player of his caliber is clearly a statement that the Packers don’t care about their fans or the integrity of the league. And to say they need to see more of DeShone Kizer is even more of a joke. They have 15 games on film and a whole season in Green Bay to view, they know what they got.

Trading for Kizer was a bad move, but that is a story for the offseason. And whether you accept it or not, the Packers have two regular season games left. If there is any pride left in the NFL the Packers will try to win them. Just think, if the Jets and Lions both tank like the Packers are contemplating doing, these two games could be the worst games ever played in the history of the NFL. How is that good for the NFL?

And whether or not the Packers have Aaron Rodgers at quarterback, it is a longshot they will be contenders next year considering the turnover about to take place. Especially if they lose defensive coordinator Mike Pettine in the process. This roster can’t be fixed in one or two years, and general manager Brian Gutekunst is still a work in progress.

I guess if you are planning on trading Rodgers it would be a good idea to sit him. So maybe that is what they are thinking. And too be honest, that ain’t a bad idea. Imagine the windfall they could get for the Rodgers? Even after a down year. Could set up the team for years to come, not just three or four with a 36-year old at the helm.

To me the bottom line is you play for pride, you play to win. If the Packers choose not to do that I will have to choose whether to continue to support them or not. They have already priced me out of going to games, so my decision will probably be pretty easy if they make the wrong decision.

You play to win the game!


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