Who Are the Top Earning Teams in the NFL?

The Los Angeles Rams and Kansas City Chiefs sit at top sportsbooks like sportsbetting.ag as the most probable to win the Super Bowl this season. But are they big winners when it comes to team revenue?  Today, let’s have a look at which teams are champions when it comes to making money.

Top-10 Franchise Value in 2018

  1. The Dallas Cowboys, 5 Billion Dollars
  2. The New England Patriots, 3.8 Billion Dollars
  3. The New York Giants, 3.3 Billion Dollars
  4. The Los Angeles Rams, 3.2 Billion Dollars
  5. The Washington Redskins, 3.1 Billion Dollars
  6. The San Francisco 49ers, 3.05 Billion Dollars
  7. The Chicago Bears, 2.9 Billion Dollars
  8. The New York Jets, 2.85 Billion Dollars
  9. The Houston Texans, 2.8 Billion Dollars
  10. The Philadelphia Eagles, 2.75 Billion Dollars

This order of this list is confirmed by both Forbes and statista. And it would see, that America’s Team really is America’s team. The Cowboys top the list with a $1.2 billion gap to the next closest valuation, the New England Patriots. We expect the Pats to sit among the top of this list because of the fact that they have been winning for so long … people love winners and will hop on that bandwagon, even if it is outside of their regional market.

But a few teams who have been big losers on the field over the last few years, are some of the highest earning teams overall. The New York Giants franchise has the third highest valuation in the NFL.  The Bears, 49ers, and Jets have also been awful over the last few years, yet they also rank in the top ten.

NFL Revenue Earned

In 2016 the league distributed 7.8 billion dollars between the teams. This marked a 10% increase in revenue share from the previous season. Then in 2017, that number went up again. Team rev-share passed the 8 billion dollar mark, increasing by another 4.9%. Each of the 32 teams pulled in 255 million dollars in 2017. So anyone who thinks that the NFL’s pocket-book is being affected by recent politics would be wrong. They keep raking in the dough.

The Green Bay Packers are the only publicly owned entity in the NFL, so they release their books, helping us get a better understanding of the NFL and the other 31 teams. Last year, the Packers pulled in just under $200 million in local revenue, in addition to their $255 million national share. But this is chump-change compared to some, as the Packers ranked 10th in total revenue in 2017. The teams with the top three valuations are also those who have the highest local revenue.

2017 Top-10 in Total Revenue

  1. Dallas Cowboys, 864 Million Dollars
  2. New England Patriots, 593 Million Dollars
  3. New York Giants, 493 Million Dollars
  4. Washington Redskins, 491 Million Dollars
  5. San Francisco 49ers, 470 Million Dollars
  6. Houston Texans, 464 Million Dollars
  7. Philadelphia Eagles, 458 Million Dollars
  8. Atlanta Falcons, 451 Million Dollars
  9. New York Jets, 443 Million Dollars
  10. Green Bay Packers, 434 Million Dollars

It is interesting seeing how much more the Dallas Cowboys gross than every other team. They made roughly $609 million outside of their national revenue share last season. Amazingly, this is just a hair under triple what the Super Bowl Champion, Philadelphia Eagles earned last season ($203 million) and the Cowboys didn’t even make the playoffs, so they played four fewer games. That’s a strong brand to still out earn everyone else. Granted, the Dallas Cowboys do have an illustrious history with five Super Bowls under their belt, but they haven’t been declared the best team in the NFL since 1995 when Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith, and Michael Irvin lead the team to their 3rd Super Bowl victory in four years.

Despite, missing the playoffs 11 times since 1995, the Dallas Cowboys are the undisputed champions of the NFL … when it comes to making money. But the Green Bay Packers are truly America’s Team!

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