Interesting offseason won’t dissapoint

The Green Bay Packers are in the midst of an offseason the likes of which have not seen around here since 2005. I know we had the general manager change to Brian Gutekunst last year, but this is different. The Packers fired head coach Mike McCarthy with four games left last year in an unprecedented move. Now, with Matt LaFleur installed as head coach everything is new.

It always seems every year a visit to a site likeĀ you would always be looking at the Packers as a Super Bowl favorite. Not so much this year. Not with a new coach, a mostly really young coaching staff, and a roster that lacks playmakers at key positions.

But don’t despair, it might not be time to head to the best online slot games to win, although it can’t hurt. But I think the Packers will make the right decisions this offseason. Here are my thoughts on a few of them.

Can Aaron Rodgers be coached?

It seems like the media thinks quarterback Aaron Rodgers is un-coachable. They think the new coach has no chance of success with Rodgers because he is only a couple of years older. What a crock of bovine excrement that is. Rodgers wants to be coached and felt he wasn’t getting that from the previous staff. Which is why he pretty much got Mike McCarthy fired.

If Rodgers wants to be looked at as a good guy he needs to make it work with LaFleur. I think this will be a great relationship and Rodgers will return to his MVP level of play.

The Jimmy Graham decision

The Packers have to decide soon whether or not to keep tight end Jimmy Graham. I can see both sides of the argument, but in the end I am in favor of keeping him, regardless of his 12 million dollar cap hit. That is only five mil more than it would cost to cut him. Plus, if they draft a tight end high, which is distinctly possible, he would be a great guy to have around for a year as a tutor.

And I think LaFleur’s offense will be more suited to his game than McCarthy’s was. I would keep him.

The Clay Matthews/Nick Perry decision

This is one decision that the Packers will have to take a big dead cap hit. Nick Perry has to go. Re-signing Perry was one of the worst deals former GM Ted Thompson ever did, and the Packers will pay for it this year.

I think the Packers would be very wise to find a way to bring Clay back, however. Matthews quietly had a pretty good year last year and was pretty much the only guy who was consistently around the opposing QB. For a more reasonable contract I would love to see Matthews back for another year in Mike Pettine’s defense.

The Packers young coaching staff

I think the approach to the coaching staff this offseason is much needed. It is time to get away from the old fuddy duddys of the past. This is not my fathers NFL anymore. This is a young man’s league and I think that extends to coaching as well. There is a changing of the guard in the NFL and the Packers are part of that.

It was clear that the previous coaching staff wasn’t working after two straight losing seasons. I am pumped to see how the new young coaches help revive a stagnant team. Confidence is high.

It is going to be a fun next couple of months.

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