The NFL Isn’t Rigged, We’re Just Better Than You

Today’s episode of the Packernet Podcast looks at some news and notes, Shrine practice news, and some of the nonsense being spewed on the Twitters.


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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome once again to packernet podcast. I am your host at a resident panelist. That’s always Ryan Schlitz. Check it out online Find me on Twitter Pack underscore data. So today, we’ve got a good amount of stuff to talk about since we clear the board yesterday will follow the normal or today of getting the news and notes. She kind of stuff out of the way first and then getting to the juicy stuff after so there is a little bit of potential free agency news will get to injury news for the Packers and 49ers couple more meetings for the Green Bay Packers at The Shrine Bowl. We’ll talk about those couple of characters had some questions in the Facebook group that I was able to answer and then finally and again, this is a lot so I don’t know if we’re going to get through all of it, but the 49ers fans have been getting a little chippy and also had a Bears fan kind of pop off a little bit and that kind of went a little crazy. So

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Do you know why a big part of the reason I’m able to have a podcast cuz people don’t do the simple stuff like Googling it makes my job so easy because I just walk around and there’s this massive fist fight and I walk up and I’m like well, well what was going on here fellows and they’re like, well, he said this and I think this is what I think this has anybody looked it up and you look kind of threw their information like well, I wonder if there’s some information. Let me Google it. I’ll look here’s information that neither person seems to be bringing up in this argument look through the comments. Nobody’s mentioning. This number was mentioning this nobody looked it up. Nobody 74 comments plus the original fight. Not one person has Googled it. I’m so happy. Thank you so much. It just it just it makes it I’m serious. It makes me so happy. It’s what we call in the industry job security cuz as long as people start screaming about their feels I’m going to be

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how to do this in perpetuity

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There ain’t no end in sight. So by all means please whatever you do. Don’t Google anything. Let me be the ultimate Arbiter of all things. I let me be Google. If you ever have a thought don’t think let me just look it up just think what would pack daddy say and then ask me I’ll Google it and I’ll get the answer and then I’ll sound like a genius. I figured I’d take that route rather than just being condescending. I don’t think it’s pretty good. Right? I mean I was a little condescending but it wasn’t it was like indirectly condescending to baffling though. I don’t know. I had a tweet yesterday that you know, I don’t usually get a lot of traction on Twitter, but if you know, like several hundred retweets pay got the point. I literally do deleted the Tweet cuz I felt bad for the guy for the Bears guy who said something dumb and I like smack them with, you know Google and then I was like several hundred likes and retweets don’t like. Alright. Listen now, it’s just now I just feel bad. Let’s stop cuz that’s that’s the guy I am I’m all about Twitter until something starts to go viral and then I’m like, nope. Delete.

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Not doing this viral stuff. That’s the opposite of what you’re supposed to do, but I don’t care and I understand he’s a Bears fan and he deserved it. But at some point so I can write he gets it. He’s been kicked enough delete. So anyways another great resource by the way for information is the Packer that podcast Facebook groups and make sure you get in there people not afraid to give you their opinion sometimes rudely. So so if you’re into that not most of the time but it occasionally they’ll grow on you just get in there and ask question also packing a podcast Facebook page. So she would like over there something else. That’s cool. And I don’t know how long it’s going to continue but I found a very very cool way to get this these podcast transcribe and that has me so unbelievably excited. I can’t even tell you so as long as I’m able to do what I’m going to do everything I can to trim transcribe all 668 podcast living I deliberately didn’t tell anyone that episode 666 was a few days ago.

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Didn’t want anybody not listening cuz they’re superstitious but I’m going to get them all transcribed why I want the ability to look up stuff. I’ve said in the past go find those clips and be like, here’s what I said.

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Four and a half months ago super excited about that. If you want an example of that. I just posted an article on You can find it. It just has packing a podcast. It was from 2 days ago and there’s a way you can listen to it and then there’s the whole transcription right there. So you’ll actually be able to kind of do that not quite as easily, but if there’s something that I said if I do this and put it all on Packer now, you can say I remember he said this this one time you can search it on packernet and maybe it’ll come up and you’ll find the episode. I don’t know. I just I’m excited about it and I can tell him extra Ramsey today and I apologize what else underscored adding a special. Thank you to Quinton for jumping on board with that. Remember I am doing a giveaway at the end of the month. So if you jump in or or give in anyway, $1 is 1 in to be able to go into the packet, I podcast store and take whatever you want one thing only but whatever you want otherwise iTunes 5 * iTunes review or sit review or whatever kind of review would be very greatly appreciated.

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And again, if you’re listening to this podcast look at your phone or whatever device you have if it does not say packernet podcast, please go find the pack and a podcast And subscribe to it. That would help me very much and lastly regardless of what happened Sunday regardless of what happens in the Super Bowl if we win on Sunday, I would just like to encourage you to please stick around because the podcast doesn’t end and the NFL season does not end by the way right after the Superbowl and I promise we’re not going to spend a lot of time on it will spend a little bit of time talking about it, which is probably not good for the XFL because they should be kind of typing this up. You got like 3 weeks dude. How does mr. Hype man? Jim McMahon not know how to Hype up the XFL. I don’t know. I haven’t seen it but the draft

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Free agency all kinds of goody. Anyways, that’s it. Let’s take a break and get a lot of stuff to get through.

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I’m sorry, that was a low blow but really it’s just it’s it’s the ultimate just relax kind of vacation as much as I love the whole Disney thing and and the go go go theme park stuff. Just get out somewhere where it’s peaceful and you can relax just beautiful outdoor scenery baseball music great food fresh air and air that doesn’t hurt your face. If any of that sound appealing to you. I would encourage you to at least check out visit spring training and see if it appeals to you. All right, so we’ll start from least important to most important number one. It is basically and it kind of was a foregone conclusion already, but apparently, you know that the other cool thing about stuff like the shrine game isn’t just the appeal to the draft. It’s the collection of media members and Scouts and everything else and you get certain people next to certain people and rumors start this world when you get some cool fun information apparently both sides.

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Both Le’Veon Bell and the Jets have come to the conclusion that it would be better off if Le’Veon Bell left. So it’s basically done and I get we kind of had a feeling that at the very least the Jets head coach didn’t want and apparently the Jets organization has back their coach and Le’Veon Bell has kind of come to the conclusion as his agent that they don’t want to be there anymore. So that’s something to watch out for now, you know, I don’t think this is going to impact the Packers directly in terms of him coming to Green Bay. That would be silly got a massive contract. The question is where is he going? And is it going to negatively affect us? Cuz the fact of the matter is Le’Veon Bell going to the judge is a good thing because the Jets are far away and we never really see them. Now. The great thing about Le’Veon Bell is he has a mass of contract so that the general thinking is if you’ve got a team with a very expensive quarterback and or a very expensive pass-rusher, you probably not going to want to pay a ton of money for a running back. So if we just thinking of C North we can rule out the pack

10m 15s – 11m 15s

Hours for the most part is that silly and we do have a very expensive quarterback in a fairly expensive pass-rusher. But I mean, you know, not that expensive Khalil Mack what two years ago set the market at like 25 million siderius got 17, but still when you when you couple the two it’s expensive the Minnesota Vikings unless they decide I mean it it just don’t have much money and the end and from what I’m hearing and we’re going to get into it. They’re kind of to the point now where they’re starting to look at cap casualties and bringing on guys like levy on Bell probably wouldn’t be that beneficial cuz they pay a ton of money to Kirk Cousins and there’s not a lot of wiggle room unless they extending which could happen if they extend him essentially they could chop up this fully guaranteed say offer him something that’s a little more flexible, which I’m assuming they could write Kirk Cousins just want a contract of some kind and the Vikings are kind of on the fence. Anyway, I don’t know. I just I don’t think that’s going to make it and they don’t need it right the light.

11m 15s – 12m 15s

Potentially could but they’ve got a guy that they like they have a fairly expensive quarterback. Although who knows what the future holds they’re the only team that maybe semi would make sense of the Bears or the Bears contract situation isn’t very good either and they have Khalil Mack so cuti end up on a team that we end up playing that could hurt us possibly. I don’t think he comes to the NFC North and that’s kind of the only thing I care about I’d like him to stay with the Jets cuz I get there just nothing team and Le’Veon Bell’s career is just going to not going to die there which you know, I don’t wish anything bad on Le’Veon Bell, but you know Packers come first, I’m sorry. He’s making money. That’s ultimately the goal. Right? So he’ll be fine. He’s out in New York is got a bunch of money life is good. He’s not bothering us but he’s probably going to be on the Move will see where he ends up and no he’s not coming to Green Bay the other things by the way to keep in mind is this is a pretty loaded running back draft class. So the Jets have a really tough sell. Here’s this running back who decided that he’s not going to stay with the Steelers win.

12m 15s – 13m 15s

Whether or not that was his fault that it does matter point is that’s going to appeal to not many people then he came here and didn’t produce which could be our fault but it’s still another Mark against him and he has a mass of contract and he’s getting older for a position where you have a very limited shelf-life and there’s a lot of options and running backs typically are cheap. I just I don’t know how you sell Le’Veon Bell. I just don’t it’s got to be a really bad team with a no running back situation in a ton of money and I will explore that a little further. But at this point it’s not that important something that is a little bit more important. It was reported yesterday and end in it. I understand this is one of those things where a columnist and we see this all the time in Green Bay were a writer for the Packers will say I’m speculating that this will happen and then it gets blown up all over the Internet saying this is going to happen right and insiders. It’s not an Insider. It’s just a reporter was going on around here is three things that might happen in the offseason. But anyways, there is a growing belief that the

13m 15s – 14m 15s

Kings after this you will let Riley reiff walk. I’ll be honest that would surprise me a little bit not here sort of the the problem and it’s a problem that a lot of teams have faced in a lot of positions. I think I talked about it yesterday at quarterback. Although I think it was probably at work. So you didn’t hear me say the problem that a lot of teams have is when you get to that point where you’re not worth the money, but we can’t afford to not have you in the Vikings have built a nice little reputation of retaining their guys and being willing to overpay for guys just because we want to keep our guys and the fact of the matter is, you know, if you look at PFF grades Riley reiff might not be the best left tackle, but Riley reiff and Brian O’Neill on the offensive line the left and right tackle are the only guys that grated basically in the seventies, which would me good night and I understand grades especially offensive line people don’t care, but I’m just letting you know the PFF scouting Department if you will has has determined that first of all, the offensive line has somewhat improved, but the only really good offensive linemen are they left?

14m 15s – 15m 14s

Right tackle if you lose your left tackle, you kind of start back at Ground Zero meaning you have to draft a tackle like have two or possibly find somebody in free agency but to find somebody better than Riley reiff for less than the 10 million dollars you have to pay him is basically impossible. So I am just going to go out on a limb and although you know, I would assume this is from the Saint Paul Pioneer Press Mizu mean that they are following this closer probably have maybe possibly some inside information. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that’s not true. Now the way that they phrase this they did this is from Rotoworld said unsurprisingly reefer made one of the least worst left tackles in 2019. I mean again, he’s not great but League’s worst when I guess if there’s only 32, we could be a little loosey-goosey with that phrase PFF greater than as the 30th best tackle in football, which you figure there’s sixty four if you include left and right plus there’s been some guys coming in and out. He’s given up five sacks this year, which isn’t that bad. Brian block is given

15m 15s – 16m 14s

4 by carries give enough to but I mean, that’s bakhtiari. I mean total pressures 25 total pressure is really really low. That’s really low crime blog has given up 26 David bakhtiari is going to 35 pressure. So the sack percentage might be a little bit high as far as total pressure is he does not allow a lot of people to get the cousin he does have eight penalties which is fairly high but bakhtiar, he’s got 11, I mean statistically he’s not that bad. He’s not a very good run-blocker, but nobody is I should say nobody but it’s and it’s a rare quality of amongst offensive lineman in 2020 2019. He’s just he’s not that bad and they look the fact of the matter is 10 million-dollar as much as you might not want to play it for pay it for a guy that’s you know, 30th overall getting a really good tackles hard in the Vikings above it more than anyone maybe except for Seattle should realize how hard it is to acquire a good offense of line. If I’m the Vikings I’m paying Riley reiff the 10 million dollars to keep a and I’m going to work on the interior a little bit, but I hope they’re right because if they lose their

16m 15s – 17m 14s

Tackle, their offensive line is going backwards, even if they nail the first round pick and get a really good one then basically they had to use up a first-round pick just to upgrade their left tackle a little bit. And what is he going to give up three sacks instead of 5 I doubted a rookie left tackle. I doubt it. So, you know by all means going to get rid of them Vikings fans really don’t like their their offensive lineup notice. There’s a lot I can tell you they will but they they think they’ve got the best running back of the VIP quarterback. They are all about the man you get him started on that offensive line and they are real low, maybe not so much Garrett Bradbury because everyone’s excited about the rookies, but specially Riley reforzar, they just despise the guy that’s really weird. But again, that’s fine. Go ahead and call him looking at the injury report. It looks like both teams are pretty much up to full strength as of Wednesday. You had Jimmy Graham and Ryan Grant not practicing for personal reasons. It’ll veteran rest for Jimmy. You had something personal for Ryan Grant otherwise Geronimo

17m 15s – 18m 14s

It was sick as of yesterday though. Everybody was full or limited Preston has limited with an ankle injury, which could be a problem and he’s going to play but it’s something to monitor marcedes Lewis. Just getting that veteran. Allen Lazard is limited with an ankle also. But again, he’s going to play Jimmy just limited to visit vet veteran rest. Can he still resting that back a little bit but we already know he’s going to play play the last time you can play again and then for San Francisco, they did have Dee Ford and George Kittle not practice it Dee Ford is limited. He’s got a quadricep hamstring issues so that they’re just keeping them he’s practicing but he’s limited otherwise Kwon Alexander George Kittles back to full participation Kwon Alexander’s limited with a package you but I’m sure he’s going to be fine. So basically it looks like both teams pending any illnesses or injuries, which by the way it says Geronimo has an illness just get him out. I’m serious. Send him to California now just get him out away from everybody. I don’t want him getting people said we we we I’m dead serious about it. We not sending them to California, but we played with

18m 14s – 19m 14s

Right tackle last week because he got to keep caught a sickness that was going around quarantine, Geronimo Allison get him away from everybody. I don’t need Aaron Rodgers get in this horrible 24-hour flu on Sunday. I’m not even kind of kidding if if Geronimo sick lock him away somewhere until he’s feeling better and then go pressure wash steam clean shampoo the carpet just suck every germ out of the air that you can the multi multi multimillion-dollar operation. Keep the guys healthy, please and thank you. But otherwise he added it doesn’t look like there’s going to be any real big changes going on here. Just I guess. I think his full strength, which is probably the way it should be which is probably part of the reason Matt on Twitter ask me a question about why the line hasn’t move it was at 75 or 7.575 my goodness. Why isn’t a move it it it might have a lot to do with this. Nothing’s changing. You know that they’ve got a lot of information.

19m 14s – 20m 14s

They plugged it into their Vegas super computer came up with 7.5 and in really they’re just kind of waiting on any kind of changes shifts and Amelie’s illness injury and everybody just seems fine. So, you know, if there’s nothing that’s change does no super big reason the line should move by the way man. I don’t know how I missed your last four messages. I didn’t have never I’m just looking at it now, like what? How did I miss that? Don’t even know what you’re referring to sounds bad though. Yeah, that’s that’s that’s kind of all I’ve got that goes out of say he’s insulted by the line in and I wasn’t planning on talking about it now, but since we’re talking about it, let’s let’s bring it up now. So yeah injuries. Nobody’s injured Todd in the Facebook group asked I’m wondering if there’s ever been a 14 and 3 team starting as a touchdown Underdog in NFL playoff history. Well found an answer to that. So let me start by saying there was the last time there was this big of an underdog in the NFC Championship. It was Green Bay Seattle Seattle in this was the 2014 2015 season was

20m 14s – 21m 14s

8 1/2 Point favorite over Green Bay Seattle won that game 2822 in overtime. I’m sure I don’t have to remind you how that game went. But that was the last time we’ve seen this big of an underdog and it was the Green Bay Packers interesting ly enough the time before that there was this big of an underdog it was packers-giants except it was the Giants. So the last three times in the NFC championship game that there has been an underdog of 7 and 1/2 points or more at is involved the Green Bay Packer twice against the Packers once in the Packers favored to answer your question. Neither of these teams were fourteen when teams going into the game the Giants be underdogs were let’s see what they were 13 Winton has been several 13 win. So they they were 10 and 6, but they beat the Buccaneers and the Cowboys. So I guess they were 12 wins in ended up being didn’t get the 14 weeks until they beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl. Let’s put it that way, but they were at 12 winning team and eight point dogs the Packers when they were 8 point underdogs against Seattle worth

21m 14s – 22m 14s

13 winds so they were quite fourteen, but it was kind of talking about the same thing. So basically the last time this has happened the Packers were 13 4/8 Point underdogs against the Seattle Seahawk the time before that you want to hear something super egregious. There was a 12 win Tampa Bay Buccaneers team. They were 14 and 1/2 Point underdogs to the St. Louis Ram every single one of these favors one with the exception of the Green Bay Packers being a point favorites against the giant the giant slot or one that game. I don’t know not looking over at the AFC or the more massive lines against San Diego is a 13 wind team back in 2007. The New England Patriots were 14-point favorite New England did go on to win not by 14, but they won but the only team I can find that had at least 14 wins, and I’m only going back to 2000 and you said by a touchdown cuz even though the line 7 and 1/2. I’m going by your standard, which is 7.40.

22m 14s – 23m 10s

Wins and was a seven-point underdog was the 1999 Tennessee Titans the end of the season 13 and 3 then they went on to beat the bills and the cold and were 15 and 3 going up against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Jacksonville was 7 point favorites in that game. By the way, they lost that game 33 to 14 what other kind of close one the 12:00 and 5 New England Patriots were ten point underdogs to the Pittsburgh Steeler. Not only do they beat the Pittsburgh Steelers 2417. They won the Super Bowl that year. So there you go. That’s what I found. It is fairly rare. It’s one of the few times that it’s really ever happened for a 14 or greater team. Again, the only one I could find since 2000 and we’re talkin about the 99 to 2000 season was Tennessee at Jackson Hennigan. Tennessee went on to. Ali beat Jacksonville. Would absolutely destroy them. So, there you go.

23m 11s – 24m 11s

I also forgot to add after the injury thing. Apparently according to Matt LaFleur. Raven Greene is looking a lot better this week. The Packers are going to give it a couple more days to see how he’s doing. But they do have an open spot on the roster have got 52 guys currently. So they’re they’re leaving a spot open in hopes that he can come back and play I’m always a little skeptical when somebody’s been away this long a special were talking about an offense and a defense that’s been really clicking and in the biggest part of their success comes from things like communication and just really understanding the scheme and all this kind of stuff. I’m sure Raven Greene has been in the meeting rooms and all that but it did that comes with time but you know, they really like Raven Greene. I think I’ve said before Mike Pettine I think is beyond enamored with Raven Greene. He seems to really really like the guy so I think if he’s he’s ready to go they’ll put him in at least situationally, but that’s going to be a wait-and-see thing and it’ll be a couple more days. Probably not today. Maybe tomorrow we’ll get more official word on whether or not he’s going to be activated and then I say

24m 11s – 25m 11s

Do one more thing will look at the shrine. MTG Packers have met with two other prospects. They met with another quarterback this time Princeton quarterback Kevin Davidson 6ft for 2:25. So again, another guy that’s just really really big through for 20 touchdowns set a School record was 7 scoring passes against the Bucknell probably one of the best small-school guys, which kind of makes sense right again of the primary reason that you meet with these guy is to get more information when you’re a small school guy maybe one of the things are doing is you’re trying to understand gauge him mentally, right? Because it’s a massive leap from the mental processing of the college game to the pro was especially when you’re a smaller School quarterback. It’s an even bigger early. So they met with the second time. They met with a quarterback now, so perhaps what they are doing is looking at something they’ve done a lot which is late-round undrafted free agent quarterback trying to find that diamond in the rough quarterback to taysom Hill if you will something that they do a lot

25m 11s – 26m 11s

Do you want to hit on it? And he’s really doing his homework. That’s not to say they’re not going to do a quarterback in the first couple days of the draft. But more than likely again there doing their homework on sort of the later rounds to undrafted type quarterback. Probably looking to refresh our backup roster. Otherwise, they met with Washington State Cougars wide receiver, Desmond Patton, six-foot-four 228. So seems to fit the mold of what the Packers like it wide receiver big tight end looking dude. He was at Washington state with Mike Leach so they had an Air Raid Offense 48 reception 689 yards seven touchdowns this past season through 11 game, but in all for his size of running around to 458 blazing speed, but again, when you’re built like a kind of in between the wide receiver tight end frame in your that big 458 isn’t that bad? Remember davantes like a 455 got which after all these years. He’s probably around four five eight. Now another guy that’s expected to be an undrafted free agent so I can just do Jill due diligence right you go.

26m 11s – 26m 33s

Do this kind of stop? This is something that Ted Thompson by the way was the master up really struggled in the early round, especially the first round I should say, but you get into those later rounds and undrafted free agents and Ted Thompson did a really good job. It just seems like they’re doing a lot of their due diligence here. We take our final break and then we’ll get into some of the more I want to see controversial but argumentative type things.

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So I had another question from Mr. Ludlow on Twitter and I don’t really have a ton of insights or thoughts behind the information. But since I did the work I figured I’d relay the information to you as well. The question was essentially how often have the Packers lead for the entire game this year until I went looked at it. Here’s what I came up with it in the bottom line is the Packers have had the lead a lot in for a lot of games. They took the lead and never lost it so here is the season and what took place during that sees versus the Bears the Packers trailed three to nothing in the first quarter after that. They took the lead and never lost it against the Vikings. The Packers had to leave the entire game against the Broncos. The Packers had to leave the entire game against the Eagles the Packers went up 13-7 lost the lead at the end of the second quarter got back to at i-27 227 and then lost the lead and lost the game against Dallas. The Packers had to leave the entire game against the Lions hilariously. This happened in both game.

28m 43s – 29m 43s

Packers didn’t have a lead until they were two seconds left in the game. And the other game it was 3 seconds. So in both games combined the Packers had to leave for 5 seconds against the Raiders Oakland lead for eight minutes in the second quarter, but never regained it. So that’s it that 8 minutes of a lead and aside from that. It was a Packers all the way against the Chiefs. The Chiefs did Leaves lead 17 to 14 in the second quarter, but lost that lead at the end of the third and never regained it against the Chargers the Packers were never even close to having a lie. That was just a ridiculous blowout against the Panthers the Panthers lead until the 9-minute mark in the second quarter Packers went up 14 10 in the Panthers never regained lead 49ers game again, they never were close to getting Elite than the Giants the Packers let the whole game the Redskins the Packers let the whole game the Bears the Packers or the whole game against the Vikings the Packers took the lead was two minutes left in the third and just began to pull away from there. And then again the Lions you had the three seconds against the Seahawks Packers led the entire game some of these games kind of interesting things tend to Strike Force.

29m 43s – 30m 43s

And don’t lose the leaf which obviously speak strongly of the defense but it’s is cool because it doesn’t feel like it, you know, just saying the Packers let the whole game against Seattle. It didn’t feel like it but they did but the bottom line is they get into the position of power of control and they maintain control and although it feels out of control and it feels like the Packers are about to lose. It feels really close. Right the Redskins game all that was terrible to think they were in the lead the whole game. I think maybe a lot of this is that things feel more out of control than they are and and it’s relatively true that you know, if if the Packers begin to get a lead the defense kind of gives up, maybe that’s a change in Penn’s play calling to kind of be more conservative which leads to more points, but the point is although it doesn’t feel like it I think a lot of times the Packers are in control for most of or the entire game and although it doesn’t feel like it they are there they take control they maintain control they win the game. So that was an interesting little side project. If you have any thoughts like that you can pass it along to

30m 43s – 31m 43s

Promise I’m going to do it. But if it sounds interesting enough for are interesting enough, I will try it out and I if you are a patron by the way, do you want me to do a project again? I can’t promise it but it’ll probably put your list to the put you to the top of the list of preface it and just let me know because I don’t know your patreon by your Twitter handle or whatever else. So just just say it by the way, I’m on Patron and I want you to do that. Try it out will see. All right. So let’s look at one of the things in this is just tiring right to the Packers are you know always getting helped by the wrap and there’s this chart out there that show something from 2010 to 2019 teams that have been most helped on third down by the rain. It’s it’s really really specific which one you’re super specific is a lot of variables for when it when you’re really broad. There’s a lot of variables but then when you’re oddly specific in a certain way that there’s just too many variables in there and it’s not an honest way to actually ask

31m 43s – 32m 43s

The question very simply. I just took the premise that the Packers are helped by the refs more than any other team and then somebody went on even further to say that while this is because the NFL needs to prop up the Packers because the market can’t sustain itself unless they’re winning. So I just took that promise and said, okay, let’s look at this and see if there are any signs of conspiracy penalties against the least penalized teams in order. Would you like to know what they were the Colts the Panthers the Giants the Dolphins The Bangles the Patriots the Vikings the Chargers the Bears and the Green Bay Packers. Those are the top 10 least penalized team. Like I said package or 9th least it turns out that nevermind. That’s something else we’ll get there. The Packers are penalized 10th lease in the hilarious thing is that the Bears are penalized less and the Vikings are penalized less than two franchises that are always screaming about how the Packers or the rest love the packer.

32m 43s – 33m 43s

Actually penalize less but you can say well no, that’s not what we’re talking about. It’s not that you don’t get penalized me. That’s just that’s just discipline. If you’re not penalized you get the most calls in your favor. Okay. Well luckily for you. I have those numbers as well the biggest beneficiary of play calls. Let’s just do it in order the top 10 ready the most penalties called in their favor the Titans the Falcons the Eagles the Chiefs the Bengals the Broncos the Texans the Lions and the 49ers now if we’re going with the conspiracy theory thing, what is the trend here is it that they love, you know, high-flying teams like the Chiefs the Packers the the Patriots know cuz how do you explain Tennessee Atlanta Cincinnati Denver Houston. Nobody cares about these things Detroit, by the way, the Packers are in the top 10 you want to know which team so here’s the top 10 teams getting the least amount of calls in their favor. The Raiders the Vikings the Redskins.

33m 43s – 34m 43s

Saints the bills the Cowboys the Ravens the Jaguars the Packers and the Rams the ninth least penalties in their favor in the NFL. What conspiracy theory are you talking about? No, I will say relative to the amount of penalties. They get a lot of yard, but that only has to do with the types of penalties that were talking about in terms of penalty yards in their favor, which were talking about a really grand scheme Air Force and I want you to not call a lot of penalties for the Packers so that it doesn’t look Shady but make sure you call a lot of like big play penalties were talking about what pass interference and like personal fouls. 15-yard penalty, whatever but here let’s let’s also be specific in terms of the beneficiary of yards from penalties top 10. Here’s the list ready not Packers number one hits the Steelers then the Titans and the Dolphins then the Falcons and the Eagles and the Broncos and the Cardinals then the Colts.

34m 43s – 34m 47s

Then the Packers than the Bangles there’s no correlation here.

34m 48s – 35m 48s

There’s nothing that points to any kind of grand scheme or to even first of all conspiracy. Theories are dumb just from the standpoint of how many people have to be involved without saying anyting the fact that we believe that this has been rigged and you got players and coaches and Reps and people that have come and gone and not one person has decided to write a book that would make him a multi multi millionaire saved. By the way. I have inside information. We used to rig games. Not one person has come out and said that can you break we how much money do you think these refs make them? It’s a good amount of money. But if you’re making $200 a year and you can sell a book it makes you about 20 million dollars. I’m thinking you might pull the trigger bottom line is it just isn’t there? And by the way, we were talking about a lot of yards. We’re talking about 9ish yards per penalty on average when the Packers have a penalty in their favor. It’s almost ten yard on average which when you have a quarterback that likes to throw the ball deep you’re going to get a lot more penalties that are

35m 48s – 36m 48s

Pass interference penalties that are further down the field which really Rex this average has nothing to do with the conspiracy. It has to do with the fact that more of their penalties are big yardage penalty probably coming by way of pass interference so that the information is right here. It’s readily available and it’s listening it varies. I looked at this is called NFL penalties., They’ve got a really comprehensive list of stuff PFF has slightly different numbers are there was another side I look at it. Don’t remember slightly different numbers, but I’m at work talking about a variation of penalties called against the Packers between 100 and 103. Probably some kind of a discrepancy between in a whether it was accepted or what. I don’t know exactly how you mess up counting these but whatever it’s it’s a very small variation and in no way is there ever going to be a site that you can find. This is the Packers are the least penalized team and have the most penalties going in their favor and then the argument devolves into anecdotal evidence while there was that one play dude. Let me tell you right now for all the

36m 48s – 37m 48s

Bears and Vikings and lions fans that want to complain about the Packer if the only bad call that win against your team was against the Packers. I think the rest are biased in your favor if that’s the only thing that happened to you. And by the way, if it’s not the only bad call then you’re a liar you’re lying because you know bad calls go for and against you all year long because the referees don’t do if super great job all the time and pretty much every single game you wash is a controversial call every single one including last week. The Seattle Seahawks fumble the ball the Packers clearly recovered they gave the ball back to Seattle because they said we couldn’t quite clearly see it even though you can clearly see the guy recover it and then it’s blurry and then at the end of it the guy who recovered it handed the ball to the ref meeting. He still had it but we don’t have any clear evidence that could have easily lost the Packers the game. Does anybody care know because we’re at a point to that one time when I guess the Lions you had one of their pass-rushers constantly pushing up into David bakhtiari is neck. What a day.

37m 48s – 38m 48s

Technically touches face mask even though you can see he’s pushing up into his head and his head is jerked backwards and David bakhtiari. By the way was talking to refs a Duke watch. This guy keeps pushing my head back. And so the rest saw him do it and I got another anecdotal think there was a fumble by a packer I think on on a kickoff you fumble the ball in the Bears are covered until I call that was a clear recovery, but they said it was a hit to the head or something. I don’t know but the point is USA live action and tell me that that doesn’t look like a hit to the head. Of course it never even agree just calls against the Packers. These are all calls that in in really quick time that you’re just watching it. You don’t slow down and I don’t watch it seventy-five thousand times and you was like little technology and everything else to try to see specifically where it was and how technically kinda sorta it is a good call. I don’t know of any super agree just calls against the Packers. I’m sure there have been some but again, it happens to everybody and if you’re saying the only bad call you’ve had was against the Packers then I think the rest.

38m 48s – 39m 48s

Bias in your favor cuz it’s half of the Packers a lot and it’s happened. A lot of other teams. A lot of us watched it happen every time I watch a game it’s happening and I got the fact that we keep here at all member that one time like do do you remember last week or the week before that or the week before that? Why are you lying pretending? You don’t see these thing fact of the matter is the Vikings lost. The Bears are now garbage again in the lions are still guarded and the best argument you have about why the Packers don’t deserve to be where they are is because the refs have had a couple bad calls in their favor and we’re going to pretend that it’s somewhat agree just going to pretend they get less calls anybody else and more calls in their favor than anybody else ever attended. Our team doesn’t have any calls go in our favor and just lie lie, lie, lie lie to create up this this completely indefensible lie that the Packers have this relationship with the Packers cuz you don’t Aaron Rodgers hug the rest before a game which by the way lots of coaches and players know these guys, especially veterans Tom Brady‘s doing the same thing not because they’re best friends then maybe

39m 48s – 40m 47s

Because they’ve gone back a long way. These refs have been here for the same 15-20 years that Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers have yes, they know each other by the way, a lot of Packers players shake hands with players on other team has no collusion there. They just know each other. They’re shaking hands like hey, whatsup? So stop lying stop crying. Stop trying to make excuses that all three teams in the NFC North. Day in the Packers have potential Lions. No less than most but you got money and you got early draft picks and you can turn this thing around 49ers did it but if you keep spending all your time Looking Backward, you’re not going anywhere you spend some of your energy focusing on how to fix things out next year. You can be better than the Packers actually beat them this this defeatist victim mentality, but we can’t get ahead because of the worlds out to get us, you know, how pathetic that is. We’re not winning cuz the refs Trey’s rig man in the system is rigged, you know, you’re a loser but this was not rigged nothing’s rigged. But because your face

40m 48s – 41m 48s

Lunges cuz you have obstacles look really supposed to be a better play do a better job in coverage sack the quarterback. It’s in your control. If the entire argument for your team comes down to a half an inch. But by the way, he at 100% had a first down maybe you just didn’t do enough in life and in football making lame excuses in blaming Society or the refs or whatever else you’re not going anywhere. I promise you you go nowhere in life grow up if you want something go get it. If you want your team to get better. It’s not going to be from Looking Backward and say it’s a joke. That’s fine. I get it. I played along with the joke the Packers in the wraps and hahaha. That’s funny. If you actually believe it that’s pathetic the fact that you actually have to go to conspiracy theories to help you sleep at night to believe that your team isn’t actually that bad and the Pea.

41m 48s – 42m 48s

Aren’t that good? Because it hurts your feelings so much. It hurts your emotional state of mind so much to actually believe the Packers are a good team. We’ve got to come up with their frauds and and they cheat and that is so pathetic. How do you verbalize these things and not feel like less of a human being for actually saying these things out loud. It’s so embarrassing and I joke around say about the Patriots but it’s a joke. So good football team the granted they have cheated in the past, but it’s not going to lie. I Promise You The Bangles could record anything and everything that they want. They’re not winning Super Bowls Of course, it’s a good team. Of course Bill Belichick is a good coach. Of course Brady’s a good quarterback is the difference between joking around and teasing and having like a fun little rivalry and actually believing that the NFL is rigged against your team. And that’s why they can’t go to get ahead. Now, you’re just supporting incompetence. Your team is bad because your GM is trash cuz your coach is not good enough cuz your quarterback is to

42m 48s – 43m 27s

Stop blaming. Everything else have higher expectations for your team drives me nuts. And yes, I’m I’m half talking about football and 1/2 talking about life in general cuz I’m just tired of hearing it is out to get you man up get a life already crying all day long Twitter is just crying crying crying attacking and crying attacking and crying. I seriously did delete that tweet cuz everybody just wants to buy a lot of sarkic of the guys, like look. I just wanted to give some information. This is getting stupid. Now, there’s no reason for that. There’s no reason for him to say stuff that is fake and lying and crying and being a whiny little baby about the Packers are cheaters in the Packer fans are bragging about it.

43m 28s – 44m 23s

What’s a pack of ants coming into just kick him in the face over and over again is like this is I’m out of here. This is weird and horrible kicking and crying. That’s all Twitter is I can’t get ahead. And by the way, I hope you die. If I could say it was a tagline for Twitter. That would be it life’s unfair and I hope you die Twitter and again Google does exist. So feel free to find this information out yourself before you start whining and crying about how hard it is and it’s not fair Google it by the way the argument that the Packers have a small market and this is the favorite special Chicago Bears fans because everything is wrapped up in the fact that there are big city and they think that just afford them some kind of credibility. I don’t know what it is, but you know, they they’re just annoyed with how much in love with people tend to be with people from Wisconsin with the state with the Packers me to talk about Wisconsin and Green Bay and whatever else people

44m 28s – 45m 28s

Me too, cuz I like dude big city supposed to love us. We’re supposed to be the best in Soviet the argument of all their this tiny little Backwoods. Redneck bababababa. They can support themselves. I hate to tell you this Hoss the Packers brought in more money in 2019 than the Bears did this small tiny little market has no problem sustaining itself because how do you make money while you sell jerseys and things right? You can sell merchandise you think the Packers have a problem with that then one of the largest fan bases around the world you sell tickets, which the Packers sell out and despite the size of the Town. What we’re talking about now is not selling out tickets in the town. We’re talkin about selling tickets in the stadium. They have one of the bigger stadiums in terms of size and they sell it out which means Revenue also, there’s television and because they are good and yes just has to do with them being good witch could technically support your argument, but there’s no reason to because anybody could be good and then make that much money, but they get a lot of prime time.

45m 28s – 46m 28s

Television Revenue, right they they draw audiences. So if you wanted to make an argument, it wouldn’t be that there was a small Market if you’re trying to follow this conspiracy theory thing. It has nothing to do with a small Market what you would say is because they have a massive fanbase and the NFL wants to capitalize off that they want to prop up this massive fanbase but Bears fans can’t get themselves to say that because that takes away everything that they believe it’s the last thing they have to hold on to it was this big city they have and as I’ve said a thousand times I got this little man complex because I’m not nobody cares about Chicago. Nobody cares about their food. Nobody cares about the size of their City. Everybody talks about New York and La nobody talks about Chicago or cares about it. Nobody goes on vacation to Chicago. They go to New York to go to La they go to all kinds of big city to go to go to Dallas and Houston and Austin all the biggest 75 big giant cities in Texas. You might even go to Atlanta typically people are not going to be like who I want to go on a vacation to Chicago cuz the only thing anybody ever knows about Chicago the only thing you guys get credit for is a massive amount of shooting.

46m 28s – 47m 27s

You have sorry man. That’s just the way it is and you have a smaller fan base than the Green Bay Packers and your team despite having a massive market and a massive amount of money in your city actually bring it less money than the Packers do so you can argue this if you’re willing to acknowledge that the Packers have a bigger Market. I’m talking about in terms of revenue from the fan base than the Bears do what you’re not going to do that are you cuz that hurts your feels too much. I know I get it. Anyways, there was another question and another argumentative thing that happened on Twitter, but also not only out of time but I’m getting a little too riled up for my own good. So I will just leave it at that. She’d like to do me one more favor for the day. Please don’t pollute Twitter with kicking and crying please find something else to do go get excited about the Packers in a way that is not yelling at 49ers fans ignore them. He wanted to be want to make a mad. The easiest way to do that is to just brag about your team. It’ll drive them.

47m 28s – 47m 34s

Insane let them go off and be bad people. That’ll be our goal for today. No crying, and no kicking.

47m 35s – 47m 42s

You want to do a little bit in the Facebook group? That’s fine. Anyways, you folks have ourselves a fantastic day. I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Have a good one. Bye. Bye.

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