Strange offseason and probably a strange season

The Green Bay Packers and the rest of the NFL, and all sports, are obviously going through a strange time right now. The COVID has changed everybody’s lives in a multitude of ways, and sports certainly are a big part of that. It’s just crazy that we haven’t even really met any of the Packers’ draft choices or free agents, no off-season workout program, no mini-camps, basically nothing to read or write about. It sucks.

My day job is in ecommerce, so the virus has been a boon for me. Our company is busier than hell and I got a $1200 bonus from the government to boot. But the gap left from not having football or any sports can’t be filled with a few sawbucks. About the only thing left is hitting the casino, and this guide to online casinos is a good place to find one you like.

The really sad thing is this is year two under head coach Matt LeFleur and the offseason program was going to fine tune the new system he put in last year. The whole new offense and just the general program and attitude he instilled on the team was supposed to take another step. A 13-3 season and trip the NFC Championship left high hopes for year two.

I do feel good about the way the Packers have handled this situation. From all accounts the Packers’ virtual offseason was a success. One thing about the Packers’ organization, especially under president Mark Murphy, is that they spare no expense on available technology to help their team. Of course, like any home learning program, it’s what the student does on his own that determines how they do when they are back in the classroom.

Now we know that classroom will begin on July 28 when all NFL teams will open training camp. The only thing that can stop that from happening would be irresponsible behavior by players prior to that date. We have already seen a few players come out and say they have contracted the virus. Considering how easy it is not to get it, that is definitely a little worrisome.

I am confident the season will be played but I don’t think there will be any preseason games. This year’s rookies won’t have that “rookie wall” to overcome, that is for sure. Even if fans are allowed, I won’t be going to any games. Not because I wouldn’t, but because the NFL is blocking off the first 6-8 rows with tarps for what I assume is player protection. My seats are row 4 isle, right next to the tunnel the Packers come out of. Back in the day I would be within feet of Brett Favre. Damn!

No way to know how this season will play out, but it might bring the best coaching staffs to the forefront. Quite a challenge for a second coach like LeFleur.

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