NFL would be wise to cancel this season

The Green Bay Packers and the rest of the NFL teams are scheduled to begin training camp on July 28. My advice would be to just cancel this season. No good can come from playing this year. Not with the pandemic, and not with the social unrest that has, for some reason, made sports a political platform instead of a playing field.

After watching the other leagues struggle mightily to restart, the NFL wold be wise to just shut it down and save the embarrassment the other leagues have brought on themselves. You have baseball fighting with each other over money while 40 million people are unemployed. Then, with a commissioner enforced 60 game season, star players are dropping out left and right. Not to mention they haven’t even been able to get test results in a timely manner. The NBA has become an arm of the Black Lives Matters political group and will even paint that on their courts. They will also allow He Hate Me on the back of players jerseys. Enough to make me head to candy king vape juice to take the edge off. This is insane. If I want the news I’ll watch the news!

So far the only the PGA has been able to pull off a restart without any major issues. NASCAR almost pulled it off but they got political as well and pretty much lost half, if not all of their fan base. Will be interesting to see what kinds of crowds races draw when fans are allowed back in. Guessing it won’t be much. When it comes to the NFL, they have everything to lose by playing this year and nothing to lose by not playing. I would prefer they not play.

If the NFL follows through with a plan to play two national anthems before games, they will also lose half their fan base. That will be quite a sight, players all stand for the black national anthem and then take a new for The Star Spangled Banner. That will be a jump the shark moment for the NFL. Not exactly the sign of unity this country needs right now. But if they don’t play, they, and we, will likely be in a different place a year from now. At least I hope so.

If they do play, the NFLPA is exactly right about the preseason. There is absolutely no reason for it. Even though I love preseason football, I certainly understand that there is no point in playing those games this year. It is a risk that can be easily avoided. Everybody will be in the same boat so no team is harmed more than another. Unless you have a bad coach, I guess.

Another reason I wouldn’t care if the NFL didn’t play is the Packers’ schedule is one of the most boring slates in years. Other than Tampa Bay and Tom Brady there are no other games that really excite me. Other than the division games, the Packers play the AFC South, not much star power there outside of DeShaun Watson. The Packers could also avoid blowout losses at New Orleans and San Francisco by having the season cancelled.

And the home slate is even worse, I might maybe go to the Eagles game, but the Titans, Panthers, Jaguars and Falcons aren’t too enticing. I hate Lions games, usually boring as hell, and the way the Packers dominate the Bears, not much to see there, either.

All in all, this is the perfect season to skip. Avoid the political fallout, and any virus blowups that might happen that could force an early shutdown. Just not worth it. Plus, I won’t have to worry about rescheduling my Sunday tee times.

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