How To Bet On Green Bay Packers

The Green Bay Packers have a decent chance of finishing the season as the top seed with a 9-3 record and only four games left to play before the playoffs. The Packers are one of the safest options if you’re looking to place your NFL bet anytime soon, but you need to analyze their form and find a trustworthy sportsbook at the same time.

So, how do you bet on the Green Bay Packers? We will run you through the basics and show you a brief history of the team, how to place a bet, and how to select the best betting option. Let’s take a look!

Who Are the Packers? 

The Green Bay Packers are one of the most popular NFL teams that joined the league back in 1921. They won nine pre-Super Bowl titles and added four more upon the introduction of the Vince Lombardi Trophy. They gave the NFL as many as 30 Hall of Famers, with legendary quarterback Bart Starr being one of the most important faces of the franchise.

Fast forward to the 2020 season, we can see Packers aiming for the No. 1 seed, but you can learn more about their record prediction as it might help you place the right bets at the right moment.

A Step-by-Step Betting Guide

Online bookmaking is often a shady business and you need to know exactly what to do before placing the first bet on the Green Bay Packers. Here’s a six-step guide on how to approach this venture:

Find a trustworthy NFL sportsbook

The first and by far the most important tip is to find a trustworthy NFL sportsbook. The bookmaking industry is packed with low-authority websites that basically serve as a cover to digital scammers, but there are also lots of high-authority sites where you can bet safely. One of our favorite NFL sportsbooks is Draftkings sportsbook, but you can find many other trustworthy bookmakers online.

Take advantage of a one-time bonus

Every bookmaker will offer users a one-time bonus for signing up, so you better make it count. For instance, some websites will add 50% of what you have deposited to your account. This means you should maximize the first deposit in order to make the most of it.

Pick the payment channel

Credible NFL sportsbooks give you all sorts of payment channels such as credit cards, bank transfers, debit cards, PayPal, and similar. Some of them also introduced cryptocurrency transfers in the last few years and it represents the right payment option if you want to avoid fees and taxes.

Decide how to bet on the Packers

Websites like come with a plethora of betting options like the Moneyline, total, and spread. You ought to decide which way to go, but we will help you with that in the following chapter.

Keep an eye on multiple NFL sportsbooks simultaneously

Beginner-level players usually stick to the same NFL sportsbook in the long run because it makes them feel safe and comfortable. While it is a genuine privilege, we suggest keeping an eye on multiple NFL bookmakers because it gives you the chance to find the best price for each bet individually.

Check the bet before placing it

Finally, you need to make sure that you’ve placed the right bet by checking the wager amount. A single wrong click can lead to drastic losses. But you can prevent it easily by double-checking everything.

Pick the Best Betting Option

Bookmaking has gone a long way in the digital era, so you can choose from a whole bunch of betting options. Here’s how you can place a bet on the Green Bay Packers:


This is the most popular solution because it’s all about predicting the winner in a particular game.


Instead of predicting the winner, you can play spread as a more advanced option. This one makes you guess point differentials instead of the straightforward score.


Do you think you can predict the total sum of the points won by both teams? If yes, then you might as well play Over/Under.


In case you are a bettor who thinks long-term, you can play futures and bet that Packers will win the Vince Lombardi Trophy or team win totals.

The Bottom Line

The Green Bay Packers are known for their unprecedented consistency, so it’s natural to see them rushing through the 2020 season as well. We showed you the know-how in this post, but now it’s up to you to place your first bets. Good luck!

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