Sports Analytics Research: The Green Bay Packers’ Chances for 5th Super Bowl victory

The Green Bay Packers won the Super Bowl on four occasions, with the last time being in 2011. They clinched a playoff spot and the title in the NFC North division, but do they have enough to win the Super Bowl? It might be interesting to see what the statistics say on this topic. Our team checked out the analytics – here is what our research discovered!

It’s All About Offense


If you take a look at the results the Packers had this year, you don’t have to be an academic expert to determine that they focus on offense. During the course of the season, the Packers scored in 42 out of 52 played quarters. That means they failed to score in only ten quarters, and three of them were against Tampa Bay alone.

After 13 games, Green Bay is the top-scoring team in the entire league. That’s equal to being the most successful college student on the campus. Even the best students rely on Edubirdie writing help to assist in writing a research paper or essay, especially when they don’t have enough time for all assignments.

You could compare the importance of writing services for students to how meaningful a quarterback is for an NFL team. Aaron Rodgers is the best example of that – he’s been leading the Packers’ offense for over a decade. He was the MVP of the 2011 season, and Green Bay will need him on the filed to reach the Super Bowl.

The Importance of Playing Good Defense

It’s great that Green Bay is the league leader in points per game and second in team offense statistics. But is that enough to write history and win the Super Bowl this year?

The answer is no, but the good news is that the Packers understand the importance of playing smart defense. They rank as the eighth-best defensive team in the entire league when it comes to total yards per game.

It seems that the main Packer’s assignment is to continue tightening their defense. If they manage to do that, they’ll know they can push through even if their offense plays a below-average game. That can be critical in those playoff games when the entire season depends on your performance on the given day.

Third and Fourth Down Efficiency Ratings

You often see NFL teams hiring experts with statistical education to analyze what could be improved and how to attack a particular opponent. However, it all comes down to performing well when you are under pressure. That’s why the third and fourth-down efficiency is critical. That’s where you graduate and become an NFL star.

It’s nice to see that Green Bay is second in third-down efficiency percentage. They converted almost every second (49.7%) attempt, which is impressive. However, it’s the fourth down efficiency where there is room for improvement. The Packers are at the tenth spot with 63.2% conversion, and that’s way behind the Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins, who have an 80+ percentage.

The good news is that Green Bay is at the second spot in the team passing category. Team play is equally important in college and NFL football, and only Chiefs are ahead of the Packers in the entire league. That means we can always expect a huge passing day from Rogers and the team, which makes us confident ahead of future games.

Are the Numbers Revealing Packers Will Make It to the Super Bowl?

Statistical numbers can be intriguing if you observe them from the right side. For example, the Green Bay Packers participated in the Super Bowl on five occasions. It happened in 1967 and 1968, and then in 1997 and 1998. If you take a closer look, you notice that the difference between the two neighboring appearances was only in a single number.

Now, the fifth time Packers played in SB was in 2011. They failed to appear in 2012, but what if their year is 2021? That would be a way to continue the pattern of changing only a number from the last appearance.

We understand that it’s a stretch that nobody would consider at a college or other academic institutions. However, fans could use these fun statistics, especially when it plays in favor of their team.


It’s hard to estimate the odds of Packers winning the Super Bowl when they still haven’t reached that phase. However, there are reasons to be optimistic that Green Bay could go all the way this year. Rodgers showed during his career that he could play at a top-level, and if he keeps up with excellent performances, GB could be the team lifting the trophy.

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