Will Packers Restructure Aaron Rodger’s Contract?

Following the strategic steps to clear more dollars to attain the salary cap established by the NFL, Packers seems to be shedding its weight. Some days ago, the team released Rick Wagner and Christian Kirksey to clear over $10 million of its cap space. However, there is still a long way to go. 

To achieve the $180 million cap floor, Green Bay Packers still have about $13 million to clear. This means the team has a lot to do before the commencement of the 2021 league year on March 17. So, what is the likely next step that the team will take? We’ll look at this in a moment. Before then, you can follow the scores live and check the latest results of different sports events at this website.

Possible Steps for Packers to Achieve the Salary Cap

According to ESPN.com’s Rob Demovsky, there is a high chance that the Packers will restructure the contract of the quarterback, Aaron Rodgers. This is in a bid to clear more cap space and attain the base cap. Rodgers is currently due for a salary and roster bonus worth $21.5 million in 2021. 

His salary is $14.7 million while the bonus is $6.8 million. This money is due to be paid in March. It is anticipated that the Packers may adapt a percentage of Rodgers’ salary to a signing bonus. This is not new as the club had done this same thing before with David Bakhtiari, the left tackle. 

Following the NFC Championship Game loss of the Packers’ team in January, Rodgers had mentioned that his future with the club was uncertain. Many have speculated about this statement and wondered what trouble may be brewing in the team and the possibility of another club signing him up. However, the Packers have reiterated its stance on retaining Rodgers. However, they may likely carry out a comprehensive restructure of his contract 

Who are the Other Potential Cap Casualties on Packers’ Club?

Christian Kirksey and Rick Wagner are sure not to be the only casualties that will be released based on the base salary cap. There have been talks that Preston Smith may be a possible casualty in the move. The club already restructured David Bakhtiari and released two players but there is about $11.45 million remaining for the club to clear to reach the projected $180.5 million salary cap. 

There have been speculations that Preston Smith may be the next casualty in this salary cap. Suffice to mention that Smith signed a 4-year contract worth $52 million with the team in 2019. At his debut, he achieved dozens of sacks but by 2020, he has significantly reduced to just four. Looking at his earnings, Smith’s base salary is $6.8 million while his roster bonus is $4 million. For 2021, his cap number would be $16 million, which means that if he were to be released, Packers would save about $8 million. 

With the low performance in 2020, there is a high chance that Smith may be the next cost-saving player that would be released. Well, these are just speculations, and the fact that Smith is a good player with huge potential may swing things in his favor.

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