5 Things The Packers Need To Do This Offseason

The Packers finished the regular season with a 13-3 record, and successfully made it to the NFC championship game. By any measure, it was a successful season and one they should be proud of. At the age of 37, it’s clear that Rodgers wants another championship before he retires. For that to happen, there certainly are some areas the Packers need to work on if they want to go all the way. Here’s five things the Packers will likely do this offseason. 

Pad Their Wide Receiver Lineup

One thing that should definitely be a priority for the team is building on top of the success they had with Davante Adams and Aaron Rodgers. This combination was likely the biggest key to their winning record this past season, and cannot be taken for granted. 

In fact, It wasn’t long ago that the Packers were without any receivers of note. NFL analysts described the Packers wideouts as a beaten-down WR corps with a cast of no names. In reality, it felt like quite a few years the team was without any receiving talent to work with one of the best quarterbacks in the league. However, this has certainly changed in the last two years. 

The first thing the Packers must do is secure a contract extension with Davante Adams. His current contract is set to expire in 2022, and after the career-high season he just had, it’s better to get him signed sooner rather than later. After this, they simply need more depth at the wide receiver position. In this injury-ridden sport, it’s never wise to rely on one player. 

Build A Better All-Around Defense 

The Packers may have an offense that is the envy of many teams, but their defense certainly needs some work. This will greatly help make the team more well-rounded overall, and take some of the pressure off of Rodgers. The first step to building up their defense was hiring a new defensive coordinator, and the team handled that recently with the addition of Joe Barry. This decision has a lot of weight to it, and this could be a pivotal moment for the squad. 

There are a lot of skilled defensive athletes in the league right now that may fit well into the Packers’ defensive scheme. Recently released all star defensive end J.J. Watt would have been an incredible piece to add to this arsenal, but he ended up going to Arizona for big money. Another name that has been coming up a lot is Larry Ogunjobi, newly entering free agency in 2021. 

He’s only 26 years old, and can be a good run-stopper for the squad. There are other linemen they could consider as well, like Derek Wolfe and Trent Murphy, both newly available. Overall, the defense should be looking much better next season, but the biggest issue their defense has currently is their cornerback issue and that hasn’t been addressed yet. 

Add More Depth at Cornerback

Jaire Alexander is a very talented young star, but there needs to be more depth in this position. This is a major flaw holding their defense back. With Kevin King possibly leaving, that makes the position even thinner. They have to make a decision on whether or not they want to keep King, and this will largely depend on the free market. He has been through his share of injuries, but it’s likely we have not seen his true potential yet. Regardless of what they decide, expect the team to add more cornerbacks soon.

Add a Running Back

If you look at past seasons, there have always been a lot of questions about the running back position in Green Bay. Now, both Aaron Jones and Jamaal Williams are entering free agency soon, and they have been the foundation of the Packers’ rushing. Both players are likely to get lucrative contracts elsewhere, and this also adds to the uncertainty. Again, the Packers have some big decisions to make soon, but there will likely be some skilled running backs available if they want to sign someone new. 

Improve Special Teams

Special teams is another area the Packers are lacking. At this point, no Packers fan needs to hear how badly they need a kick returner, but this is their first priority on special teams. Marquise Goodwin may be a good option, as it is likely the Eagles will not re-sign him, but even for 30 years old, he still has a lot of speed. Either way, the Packers definitely need a boost in this area.

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