Pack back on track (sort of)

The Green Bay Packers took care of business Monday night with a 35-17 victory over the Detroit Lions. It was by no means pretty and certainly not good enough to beat a good team. It makes you wonder what happened to the 2019-2020 Green Bay Packers. This team looks nothing like the one that went to back-to-back NFC Championships.

28861ba4-2b94-4b58-8299-6843cec11f4f-2021-0920-dm-lions-packers01308.jpg?crop=2719,1530,x0,y279&width=2719&height=1530&format=pjpg&auto=webpThe first half of the game looked a lot like the New Orleans game a week ago. The Packers simply could not stop the Lions. Detroit scored on three of its four first half possessions. Only a series of penalties against them stopped the other drive. They moved the ball with ease either running or passing. At halftime the Packers had given up 55 points in six quarters of play so far this year.

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Defense is back?

Somehow, the defense was able to turn it around in the second half. Apparently head coach Matt LaFleur urged his new defensive coordinator to make some changes at halftime. I’ll tell you one thing, when LaFleur ran by me off the field at halftime he was not a happy man. He was in the locker room before anybody else even left the sideline it seemed.

The Packers did blitz Lions’ quarterback Jared Goff more in the second half and low and behold they got a couple of turnovers. No way in hell I would have thought they could shut out the Lions in the second half, but yet they did. Could this be a turning point for the Packers’ defense? I have to say I’m not there yet, after all, this is the Detroit Lions we’re talking about. One of the least talented offenses in the league. We’ll see what happens next week in San Fran.

On offense it was good see Aaron Rodgers and Aaron Jones looking more like Aaron Rodgers and Aaron Jones. Rodgers was flawless and patient enough to take the check downs to Jones. The Lions used the blueprint two-deep safety look that Rodgers hates so I’m sure hitting them underneath was in the game plan. And when Rodgers took the top off with a bomb to Davante Adams the offense was rolling.

It still bugs me how much time they waste on every play. I just don’t get running the play clock down to zero on every play. Especially when you break the huddle with 15 or 20 seconds left. Maybe try catching the defense off guard for a change. Does it take that long to identify the mike? Get in the end zone, stop them, and score again.

A win is a win and the Packers are still in first place in the division. Going to be interesting to see which team shows up next week in California.

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