What will the rest of the season hold?

The NFL is a competitive league, and this season seems to be nothing different. This is the 102nd season in the history of the National Football League. Additionally, it is the first season that features a 17-games regularly scheduled season after the league was further expanded.

Different teams are the favorites according to betting sites, but one team to watch is the Packers. This is a team that is deemed as a contender for the highly coveted prize. In fact, this might be their last shot in an effort to try winning the NFL championship in a long time.

One of their key players, MVP quarterback Aaron Rodgers, claims that this is a season for either winning a championship or ending up disappointed. This comes after a dramatic offseason. The quarterback, of whom much is expected, makes his 14th season as a starter. Additionally, there is no given guarantee that he will still be among the team next year. Additionally, even if he is, there is a high probability that he will not be surrounded by the amount of talent looming in the Packers’ locker room.

Let’s take week nine’s showdown as an example. The Packers and the Chiefs will be one of the biggest games, with fans all over the world anticipating it. As the 2021 campaigns begin to take shape, below are some of the major predictions as power several professional pundits claim.

Aaron Rodgers will throw not less than fifty touchdowns

For those who did not know, only three players have managed to throw fifty or more touchdowns in a single season throughout NFL history. Peyton Manning ranks highest after throwing an impressive 55 touchdown back in the year 2013. Other players to achieve this feat are Tom Brady in 2001 and Patrick Mahomes in 2018. Both of them had fifty touchdowns each.

As we all expect, the numbers are set to rise, and records are meant to be broken. Rodgers joins a list of few players from who people expect the most. Last year, he managed throwing a total of forty-eight touchdowns, two shy of equaling Mahomes and Brady. He put on quite a show; he averages 3.0 touchdowns every contest. With the extra game and a strong offense by his side, bookies and popular sportsbooks all over the world are rooting for him to reach the fifty touchdowns milestone.

This is a speculation that has even been backed by their coach, Matt LaFleur. He claimed that with his past merits and the positivity that he has shown in training, the sky is the limit for Rodgers. The coach added that he puts in the work, is in a good headspace, and is ready to conquer. Therefore, it would be best if you placed a prop bet on him reaching 50 TDs this season.

Davante Adams might lead the league in touchdowns

Since 2016, Adams has managed to receive 58 touchdowns. This is quite a remarkable record, bearing in mind that the player who ranks second on the list had eleven less. Additionally, Adams has also enjoyed a career year where he had a joint franchise record of 18 touchdown catches in 2020 alone.

Another thing to note about this guy is that he is just hitting his career’s prime. At 28, his game is only being projected to get better. The fact that he is in his contract year might also be a contributing factor to the looming success. He is a top-tier red zone player. Every time Rodgers gets the ball, he eyes Adams. Therefore, Adams ending this season as the leading TD receiver should not come as a surprise to anyone.

To top it off, Adams went ahead to back himself as a player looking to elevate his game and take it to the next level. He is so passionate about the team, and he will, without a doubt, put in more effort to assist his team in winning as much as he can. He even claimed that he would like to have twenty touchdowns to his name.

There is a high chance that the Packers lose to Tampa Bay in the Title Game

Ever since the Green Bay won the championship in 2010, there has been a plethora of upsets throughout the way. For example, they had a salty loss at Seattle back in the 2014 game. This game was even labeled as the greatest collapses to have ever been witnessed in the NFL. Additionally, the Packers have lost title games in 2020, 2019, and 2016.

In 2011, the team went 15-1 and lost the playoff game. In 2015, the team also lost to Arizona in an overtime loss. However, they are looking forward to improving on this poor run of big games. With Rodgers maybe in his last year with the Packers, he is looking forward to leaving the team on a high note.

Even with all the speculation and high hopes, Tampa Bay will be standing on the Packer’s way. With Tom Brady leading the team as their talisman, they are in a convincing position to eliminate all the Packers’ hopes and dreams. They are in a strong position to end their season, and Rodgers’ career with the Packers too. But you never know. That is why they play the game.

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