Health more important than bye

The Green Bay Packers sit at 8-2 and have a three-and-a-half game lead over the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC North. They could stretch that lead to four-and-a-half games next Sunday with a win over the Queens in Minneapolis. And if the Packers beat the Rams next Sunday in Lambeau, they could very well come out of the bye as Division Champions.

USATSI_17169917_168390100_lowres.jpg?fit=800%2C605&ssl=1The Vikings travel to San Francisco after the Packers and then have the Lions while the Packers rest. So let’s say the Packers lock up the division in early December. I think they would have to look long and hard at resting some starters the last two or three games. Is that number one seed and the bye that goes with really worth the risk in a season already ravaged by injuries?

The Packers are certainly among the betting favorites to win the Super Bowl. In fact, a check of will help you find the right sportsbook with the best odds. You might find the Packers the overall favorite after all the other top NFC teams lost last week. Things change rapidly in the NFL.

Is home field that important anymore?

The way I see it is home field advantage in the playoffs isn’t really that big of deal anymore for the Packers. Cold weather is not a factor at all. With today’s technology in clothing and the sideline heaters nobody gets cold. Snow could certainly be a factor but you can’t count on that. The Packers have lost the last two NFC Championship games they played in Green Bay. In 2008 they lost to the Giants in -2 degree temperatures. Last year the weather was perfect in the mid-twenties.

Yes, you naturally don’t want to have to go the road in the playoffs, but it’s not impossible to win it all that way. The Packers know that first hand having won the Super Bowl as the sixth and last seed in 2010. I just think the Packers have lost too many key players already this year and simply can’t afford to lose any more.

Being the number one seed right now, obviously the Packers will be trying to hang on to it. But if they were to lose that position I wouldn’t have a problem with them resting players for the playoffs. I would love to see Jordan Love start the last game of the year against the Lions.

That’s enough hypotheticals. Vikings will probably win on Sunday and blow everything up anyway.

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