Is the NFL Considered an Extreme Sport?

American football player in action on the olympic stadium

The National Football League is more than a mere favorite pastime, the sport also captivates fans across the globe. The invigorating, intense games are action-packed, family-accommodating fun that gives the game its appeal. 

People often consider some sports as extreme, especially rugby and hockey. Nonetheless, the NFL is also quite often seen as one of the most seasoned extreme sports.

Extreme sports are often seen as activities that include a high level of risk. The activities require high speed, a significant degree of effort, and specialized gear.

Keep reading to understand why the NFL is considered one of the most dangerous sports in the world.

Nature of the American Football

American Football is a very competitive sport. It is tough and rigorous! In the US, the National Football League is currently the most famous league. On average, the game attendance (as of 2019) was more than 66,000, which added to more than 16 million viewers for that season alone. 

However, endeavors to set up the league abroad have been agonizingly slow, but the NFL’s International Series is said to extend to Germany in the nearest future.

Despite the way that the National Football League is related to a high possibility of injury, the game has solid traction in insignificant league sports. Also, typical careers in the NFL are about four years on average, varying by portion. 

What is Considered Extreme for Sport?

Before you can conclude if American Football is an extreme sport or not, you need to be familiar with what extreme sports are. The nature, standard fare, time, and expectations of these sports are also important. Now let’s dive in on them

Standard fare

Right now, extreme sports and games do exclude the American gridiron. By definition, an extreme game is a movement with an intense level of hazard that frequently accompanies fast speed, confounding heights, pushing the body to the edge, as well as using exceptional gears.

Notwithstanding, even though many extreme games require a high level of specialized knowledge and incalculable long periods of training, a portion of the American public still see extreme sports as counter-culture and rebellious.

Today, more emphasis is placed on defining what risks are involved in a sport instead of merely classifying it as an extreme sport.

Time and expectation

These are other factors that determine if a sport is extreme or not. Time and expectations matter. While the dangers related to playing in the National Football League are clear, these risks don’t qualify the game as extreme. 

Eventually, the dangers related to most extreme games add to the experience which makes them what they are. They are a powerful piece of the action, not a result of it. 

Getting the ideal barrel for a surfer or surpassing on an intense turn for a racer are risky encounters. Also, the accentuation on extreme games appears to identify with time and the level of endurance. 


Even though many people still see American Football as an “extreme” sport, it’s not technically one of those sports. However, it doesn’t mean that the sport isn’t risky.

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