4 Common Fantasy Football Article Topics

Are you one of the many individuals who enjoy the NFL? If so, you might watch your favorite team and support them every week this coming fall. Maybe you’ll buy their gear and wear it to the bar every Sunday to watch them play.

You can start playing fantasy football to take your obsession to the next level, though. You can probably get into a league with your friends, or else you can start one. Fantasy football leagues add a new dimension and urgency to every live NFL game. It’s a way some fans can enjoy the sport even more when it returns each year.

You can also look for websites that feature daily fantasy articles. Many of these columns exist, and you may find some that a new favorite author writes.

These articles should inform you regarding various football and fantasy topics, but they should also feature a format that you enjoy. Some fantasy football writers add humor to their style, which makes it more compelling or enticing.

If you find a new favorite fantasy football website or column, you’ll likely discover that most of the topics and articles follow a particular formula. Certain topics keep coming up again and again. Let’s look at some common fantasy football article themes right now.

Trade Speculation

Real-world football activities fuel fantasy leagues. You win or lose each week based on what real-life players do in real-time game scenarios. When a player records a sack, throws a touchdown, or kicks a field goal, you either win or lose according to the choices you’ve made.

That means real-world football-related activities tie directly into your fantasy success or failure. Accordingly, you’ll probably pay close attention to what teams and players do. If one of your players moves to another team via a trade, that will likely impact their fantasy performance.

Because of this, trade speculation always makes it into fantasy football columns and onto websites you might visit. It’s exciting to talk about what players might move to which teams. You should care just as much about these possible moves because you’re a fantasy football player as you do because you’re a fan and want your team to get better.

The Best Running Backs and Wide Receivers

Running backs and wide receivers are two of the glamor positions in professional football. They’re also impact players in fantasy leagues.

The best teams run and throw the ball successfully. They need stout running backs and acrobatic wide receivers to do that. It makes sense that you’ll see frequent columns talking about these two positions.

If you find that a running back or wide receiver on your fantasy roster keeps showing up in these columns for the right reasons, that’s great. It probably means you’re winning your fantasy football games or at least staying competitive.

If your running back or wide receiver shows up in these columns because they’re declining, that’s not so good. One too many fantasy football column appearances for declining players might mean you have to cut these individuals from your roster.

G.O.A.T Columns

Everyone always likes to argue about who’s the best at each position. An article might talk about who’s the best quarterback this year based on their touchdowns and total yards. The article may feel a quarterback isn’t getting a fair opportunity to show off their brilliance because of a porous offensive line.

It’s just as common you’ll see a fantasy football article that talks about the greatest of all time at a particular position. You can argue about who’s better between Peyton Manning and Tom Brady or between Jerry Rice and Larry Fitzgerald. You can look at their career numbers to try and figure that out, but you can also look at their fantasy football value, which ranks them using slightly different metrics.

Greatest of all time columns are a lot of fun to read because they might make arguments based on particular premises, but they’re also about personal preference. If two players have very similar numbers, but one has intangibles the other does not, that could lead to you preferring one over the other.

Top Prospects

You will often find columns on fantasy football sites talking about who’s coming up through the college ranks. Frequently, a stud quarterback or offensive lineman might burst onto the national scene, and they may put up big numbers in college. It’s fun reading columns that speculate about whether or not they can cut it in the NFL.

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