5 Exciting Casino Games Packers Fans Can’t Resist

The 2022-23 NFL season still doesn’t start for a couple of months, which means Green Bay Packers fans still need to use other forms of entertainment to fill the time gap. What’s at the top of the list? Casino games, of course.

For years, casino games have been extremely popular with Packers fans. This is because casino games are just as exciting as NFL games. In fact, they’re more exciting.

Whether you have experience with casino games or have never tried them in your life, here are 5 exciting casino games that Packers fans can’t resist.

1.    Online Slots

Now, if you go to any NFL game, you’ll notice that quite a lot of fans in the stands play slots on their smartphones. It’s a fun and simple way to pass the time, especially during the half-time break, as they are one of the quickest types of games you can play. The reason so many people, especially Packers fans, love this is that they are easily accessible on phones, tablets, and computers – no longer are you restricted to heading to a physical casino.

When you play slots online, the aim is to get a matching row of symbols. This applies no matter which type of virtual slot machine you’re using, be it a 3-reel or a 5-reel one. You’ll find that even though the concept is the same, you’ll never feel like you are playing the same game, meaning you will always have a source of entertainment at every Packers game you head to. When you choose slots at cafecasino, you can immerse yourself in ancient Egyptian times with games like A Night with Cleo while you wait for the game to come back on or keep it classic with 777 Deluxe, enabling you to escape from the madness at the next live game you attend in person or give yourself a fantastic form of entertainment while traveling on public transport to and from your game.  

Before the NFL season restarts, you can even use online slots to fill the gap and keep you occupied when there’s no NFL action to watch! There are countless reasons why slots are a Packers fan’s favorite.

2.    Video Poker

Have you heard of video poker before? It’s a type of poker that you play using a video machine. Due to its similar nature to slots, video poker is often referred to as ‘poker slots’.

You can play video poker online as well as in most land-based casinos and bars.

In video poker, the gameplay is based on the five-card draw variation of poker. Whilst playing, the aim is to get a hand as strong as possible so that you can boost your success. The process is as follows:

1.     Deposit your funds

2.     Place an initial bet

3.     Wait until you’re dealt your five-card hand. Take a look at it to see what the situation is. Are you happy with your hand? Or, do you want to take a risk and try to upgrade it? Think carefully!

4.     Remove the cards that you don’t want from your virtual hand.

5.     Receive the replacement cards.

From there, your hand will be evaluated and you will receive winnings dependent on the value of the hand. Naturally, some hands are more valuable than others.

Typically, two pair is the lowest value hand and a royal flush is the highest value hand. Make sure to memorize them all so that you know what to expect!

3.    Online Roulette

Online roulette is perfect for Packers fans that like short, fast-action games.

The rules are simple: you choose which color you want to bet on (red or black) and spin the roulette wheel. If you don’t want to do this, you can bet on an odd or even number, too.

If the ball lands on the color you bet on, then you win. If it lands on the opposite color (or the green’ 0′) then you lose.

Alternatively, you can even bet on individual numbers around the roulette table. However, the chances of you winning are very low, so it’s recommended that you avoid doing this as a beginner. Instead, stick to the standard red or black betting formula.

4.    MONOPOLY Live

You’ve played the classic boardgame MONOPOLY before, right? Well, Packers fans can now play it online if they want to.

During this game, a live host spins the MONOPOLY wheel. As a player, you need to bet and predict which segment the wheel will land on.

For packers fans who also like MONOPOLY, this game is an absolute must-play.

5.    Online Blackjack

Last but not least, Packers fans won’t be able to resist online blackjack.

In online blackjack, you’ll go up against the virtual dealer. After being dealt your initial two cards, you must decide whether to stick with the hand or take a ‘hit’ (another card) from the deck. The aim is to get as close to 21 as possible, so you’ll need to think carefully about whether to take another card.

If your hand total is superior to the dealer’s without going over 21, then you win the game!


You  probably know all the best games off by heart and can recite stats with the best of them, so to keep yourself occupied before the 2022-23 NFL season starts make sure to try some of the exciting casino games mentioned above. Whether you play online or in a land-based establishment, you’ll definitely have some fun. After all, there’s no experience on earth that replicates the casino experience – it’s unique, fun, and perfect for people who enjoy playing a variation of games.

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