A Guide to Legendary Packers’ Quarterbacks

Over the years, the Green Bay Packers became one of the most successful teams in the history of the NFL. The franchise amassed an armada of fans thanks to great coaches and football players. The Green Bay Packers have their share of trophies. But they wouldn’t be anywhere without the talent out in the field.

One of the main reasons for the team’s success is its ability to find talented quarterbacks. Their job is to run the offense and throw touchdowns. The Packers had plenty of legendary quarterbacks during its long history. There are several that gained legendary status among fans.

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Most sports legends listed below started out as college football players.

Lynn Dickey

Dickey became a part of the team in 1976 after leaving the Houston Oilers. During his stay with the team, Dickey won only four games. He didn’t play much at first due to many leg injuries. But Dickey became a more prominent player during the 1980s.

In the shortened 1982 NFL season, Dickey’s talent saw the team through to the playoffs. At that time, the team was led by another legendary player, Bart Starr. As a part of the Packers roster, Dickey threw for over 21,000 passing yards resulting in 151 interceptions and 133 touchdowns. During the 1983 season, he had the highest number of passing touchdowns.

In 1992 he was added to the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame and the Kansas Sports Hall of Fame. Don Majkowski followed in the footsteps of this famous Packers quarterback.

Arnie Herber

Another important quarterback in Packers history played in the 1920s and 1930s. Arnie Herber joined the team as a tailback before getting a more prominent position. Herber showed one of the best results in the early years of the NFL. The quarterback was great at passes. In the 1932 season, his skills resulted in 9 touchdowns with over 639 passing yards.

Herber’s performance peaked in 1935 when he played with the famous receiver Don Hutson. The duo was unstoppable during the 1936 NFL season. That year, the Packers won the Super Bowl in a 21-6 match against the Boston Redskins. In 1966, Herber got placed in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Aaron Rodgers

This Green Bay Packers quarterback broke many records during his career, having achieved 8.000 passing yards during his first two years in the league. His talent saved the day many times with extraordinary throws.

Rodgers became a part of the Packers during the 2005 NFL Draft. During his first years, he played with Brett Favre, whose career was slowing down. Rodgers first became the main quarterback in the 2008 season.

Commentators remark on his ability to improve and grow. Like Brett Favre, Rodgers had trouble with the playoffs. During his stay with the Packers, Rodgers got the Super Bowl in 2011 and was chosen as the game’s MVP. He won the game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Brett Favre

Brett Favre is one of the greatest quarterbacks in the history of American football: his abilities as an outstanding passer garnered him 3 MVP trophies. Fans of the Green Bay team hold him in the highest regard. 

Brett also was a player in the Pro Bowl 11 times and boasted an extensive history of touchdowns and passing yards.

In this regard, he was only recently surpassed by another Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Many believe Favre to be the best quarterback the team has ever seen. Yet, Favre took the Super Bowl only once when he was a part of the Green Bay team. He won in the 1997’s game versus the New England Patriots.

Favre spent over a decade with the Packers, earning the adoration and loyalty of many fans. Although he didn’t leave on the best terms, many remember the good parts of Favre’s stay with the packers.

Bart Starr

Current Green Bay Packers fans may not know the name of Bart Starr. But the man is a big part of the team’s history. During his era, Starr was one of the greatest players in NFL history. Unfortunately, the quarterback doesn’t show the results of his modern counterparts. Back in his day, professional football mostly relied on the fast speed of the players.

When his teammates passed the ball to Starr, he would make one of the sharpest and most accurate throws. His skills had the Packers win the NFL five times, with two wins during Super Bowl I and Super Bowl II. In both of these games, Starr was the MVP. Green Bay had a rough time in the merged league after the second Super Bowl. 

During his career, Starr became a:

  • five-time champion
  • four-time Pro Bowler
  • on-time League MVP

These achievements made him one of the biggest stars in the history of Packers and American football. Over the years with Green Bay, he threw about 25.000 passing yards and helped score 152 touchdowns. The 1971 season was the last in Starr’s playing career, with the second greatest passer rating of 80.5.


Since the Green Bay Packers’ creation in 1919, it has seen plenty of good quarterbacks on its rosters. The addition of Danny Etling and Jordan Love under the guidance of Aaron Rodgers may prove beneficial to the team’s further success.

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