Trouble brewing in Packerland


The Green Bay Packers are in deep shit. There is no sugar coating their performance today against the New York Jets. The 27-10 loss was the worst home loss since the Packers lost to the 3-9 Arizona Cardinals in Lambeau late in the 2018 season. We all know what happened after that game. Not saying Matt LaFleur should be fired, but there are red flags popping up everywhere.

With the extremely ugly loss the Packers have now lost five of their last eight games, including the playoffs. This is not a team trending in the right direction. Making LaFleur’s job even harder is quarterback Aaron Rodgers is a shell of his former self. Rodgers looks like a soon to be 39-year old player feeling the effects of skipping offseason workouts two years in a row. The NFL is a year around job and for the last two years Rodgers has not treated it as such.

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Can Rodgers turn it around?

Rodgers didn’t get any help from his offensive line, which was terrible, but even when he had time his passes off the mark or way short. He said he needed to up his play “a tick” if the Packers are going to start winning games again. It’s sad when old players can’t see their own decline as is unfolds. Rodgers looks like Muhammed Ali sitting in the corner after getting pummeled by Larry Holmes. Hopefully Rodgers has a couple rounds left in him.

The Packers’ defense played a great first half. While the offense was fumbling about the defense held the Jets to 80 yards and three points. With any kind of offense the Packers would have had a double digit lead. Until they ran out of gas again in the fourth quarter the defense played well. The lack of turnovers, though, is alarming. One interception in six games? Not good.

Which brings me to special teams. The demons are back! A blocked field goal, a blocked punt returned for a touchdown, a long kickoff return surrendered. While the Packers blocked a punt themselves, it was overshadowed by all the other gaffes. I’ll give Rich Bisaccia the benefit of the doubt, though, as there had been improvement up until now.

The Packers now have three games in a row on the road starting in Washington. The Sunday night game in Buffalo is going to be a national embarrassment if something doesn’t drastically change by then. Then they at Detroit and home against Mike McCarthy and the surging Dallas Cowboys. This could get ugly folks.

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