Just can’t see it

The Green Bay Packers were at least competitive to a degree against the Bills last week. Everybody knew they couldn’t win the game. It’s a different story this week against the 1-6 Detroit Lions. This is a game the Packers should win. But “should win” can no longer be associated with the Packers. This could very well be the last game of the year in which they are favored to win.

The Lions are a nightmare matchup for the Packers’ woeful defense. They can run and pass the ball and average 33 points a game at home. The highest the Packers have scored this year is 27. Not good.

The Lions have by far the NFL’s worst defense, so if history is any indication the Packers will struggle to move the ball all day. Seems like they can never take advantage of an opponents weakness.

I think the Lions will move the ball with ease and I can’t see the Packers’ offense keeping up. Lions 34, Packers 28.

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