Where there’s a will, there’s a way

Believe it or not, but the Green Bay Packers may be in control of their own fate by the time they tee it up with the Minnesota Vikings at Lambeau Field tomorrow. If the Browns beat the Commanders in the noon window the Packers are in the playoffs with wins over the Vikings and Lions next week. Hard to believe.

The Vikings have not been kind to the Packers lately. They are the Packers toughest rival in the North Division. The Packers have lost three out of the last four games to the Vikings and the only win came when Kirk Cousins caught covid the week prior. The Packers have a little momentum going on defense and will be playing at home against a QB that can throw a few picks. I hate to jinx them, but I think the Packers pull it out. Packers 31, Vikings 30.


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