Final word on Favre

First and foremost I am so sick of Brett Lorenzo Favre. But apparently you people aren’t. What I don’t understand is who gives a rat’s ass about a guy who hasn’t played for the Packers in two years and hasn’t played well for anybody in eight years. This is just astonishing and really reflects bad on Packers’ fans. Why you people can’t get over this is simply beyond explanation. It makes no sense. I urge all Packers’ fans to simply let the Favre lovers (and Packers haters) rant all they want but just don’t give them the satisfaction of a response. The Packers are primed for a great year and we shouldn’t be letting these bozos change the subject to Favre every two seconds. As John Rambo would say “Let…it…go!”

The Packers have playmakers at every key position and will have a new-and-improved defense to go along with one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. That is what we should be talking about. Favre is the Vikings headache now and just like last year in New York it can only end badly for him. But who cares? Only Favre lovers. And I don’t care what anybody says, there is no middle ground. Either you are with us – the real Packers fans, or you are with the terrorists, oops, the Favre lovers. Quit to trying to walk the line, because you can’t. Packers’ fans have moved on to bigger and better things, Favre fans are still harping over the events of last summer when Ted Thompson wouldn’t give into their brat from Mississippi. There is nothing worse than a Favre fan scorned.

I have to admit that I am laughing every day at the mess this already making of the Vikings. Their locker room is already divided over whether or not they should bring in Favre and the media frenzy that will follow it will only be a huge distraction. I can’t wait to watch it unfold. I just wish I could come to Packernet and talk Packers for a change. It’s up to you all, you can keeping talking about it but I’m sick of reading it, so I won’t. Say what you want, act like babies and call each other names, do it all. I don’t give a crap anymore. I haven’t blogged about Favre since May 5 and this will be my last blog entry ever about a player that doesn’t play for the Packers. You can try and egg me on but I will not comment, in fact I highly doubt I will even read any of the comments I get from this entry unless somebody complains about a vulgar post or something.

The bright side of all of this is that other than the Nick Collins and Aaron Kampman mini-controversies, there is very little to talk about in Packerland right now. Things are progressing nicely with the new defense and with running back Ryan Grant attending all the offseason activities, the offense should be even better than the unit that ranked 8th in the NFL last year even though they were only 17th in rushing. Add another season from Grant like he had in 2007 and the Packers are back in the playoffs for sure and Rodgers is a Pro Bowl selection. I’m really looking forward to seeing both play this year.

Like last year after Thompson made a huge mistake in cutting punter Jon Ryan, the Packers weakest position is again punter. Thompson needs to find a veteran, no matter how many rocks he has to overturn, the team simply can’t afford to go through another season like they did last year at that position. I was not thrilled with kicker Mason Crosby’s sophomore performance and giving him a little competition could only be a good thing as well.

Come on Packers’ fans, lets move on and worry about things that actually affect the team. If you can’t do that, I feel for you, but there are plenty of places you can get help. Admitting you have a problem is the first step. Good luck.

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  • Roy Jamison

    I’m guessing that it would be good to prevent turf toe and stuff like that. Plus, it makes sense that the “feel” you get in practice is the same as on gameday.

    This news story from 12/06.
    As field crews re-sodded the middle strip of the field this week – an annual late-season ritual – in preparation for the club’s final two home games, the team announced Thursday that it will replace the grass with DD GrassMaster, a natural grass surface reinforced with man-made fibers, which the team installed on the Clarke Hinkle practice field prior to its 2005 training camp. A new drainage and heating system also will be installed.

    “This is Lambeau Field, for goodness sakes. We should have the best field we can possibly put in here,” said general manager Ted Thompson, who made the final decision. “Our field has been OK this year because we’ve had pretty good weather, but late in the season when we have to re-sod, then you run the risk of (problems with) player safety and the quality of the game.

  • packer_bob

    You never know what you have until you see it on the field of battle, boys!

  • Roy Jamison

    Who says our gm doesn’t spend money?
    Greg Jennings is now one of the NFL’s highest paid WR’s.

    ESPN has just reported that a contract has been finalized that will pay him $27 million in “new money” through 2012.

    The contract calls for roughly $16 million in guarantees.

  • Punk

    The most encouraging thing I read coming out of camp is that the coaching staff are putting in schemes that fit the talent. That seems to be happening on the OL as well as the DL. I know the injuries last year had both groups jumping all over the place, but at least through the abreviated camps it looks like the 1s and 2s are staying in position. You’d think that would really help guys like Raji, Moll, and Barbre, although Raji has three different rolls. Insofar as the LBs are concerned, thats where the most change will be with the coverage assignments. p_b is so right, but I’m getting that ol feel’in again. Yeah, just like the beginning of last year………!

  • BillyRay

    “The most encouraging thing I read coming out of camp is that the coaching staff are putting in schemes that fit the talent.”

    I agree. That’s never been done before. NFL coaches usually look at their talent and then put in schemes that don’t fit.

  • Kelly

    Garbage Article…Farve is the same man we loved over the years.

    Favre rules….always has….always will.

    Get a life.

  • Punk

    Confused again! Peppers stays in CAR, but one of the reasons given for why he wanted out was to play 3-4 rather than 4-3. Trgovac was CAR DC last year and they play 4-3. Capers was brought in to convert to 3-4; so why is T brought in as DL coach in Capers’ new 3-4?

  • JeffN

    Punk, I was wondering the same thing. The only thing I can guess is he is there as a technique coach while Capers teaches assignments/roles for the D-Line maybe. Or another possibility is maybe they are going with the philosophy that great coaches will be great coaches no matter what the scheme kind of like they have been saying players will be great players no matter what the scheme.

    Did Trgovac coach in a 3-4 before he was in Carolina? I guess I’m just kind of speculating on things.

  • Pack4life

    I am happy they are pairing RAJI AND Pickett. Also Remember the Pro Bowl C Matt Birk is No longer a Viking. Things are definitely looking better in the trenches

  • iccyfan

    I was thinking about Nick Collins and the notes that say he hasn’t ruled out boycotting training camp if his contract isn’t extended. I like NC but feel he’s being very well compensated ($3M+) at a position where the average salary is shy of $1M (per The best in the business, Troy Polamalu, will make $4.625M / year.
    Brian Dawkins is getting a little old but he’s making $3M with the Broncos this season.
    I guess I’m conflicted as to what I’d have the Packers do with Collins and I’m wondering what others think on this topic. I don’t want to see them extend him Polamalu money on the strength of one season (at the opportunity cost of being unable to bring back other important contributors). Opinions?

  • Pack4life

    Say what you want about Nick Collins he is light years ahead of Marquan Manuel and Mark Roman. I believe we dont want to go down that road again i.e. Anthony Smith.

  • Punk

    Maybe so Pack4, but is he light years ahead of Bigby, Woodson, Smith, Rouse, Bush, and Peprah? Not to mention no rookie in that bunch. I think Collins better think very carefully about his real bargaining position with potentially 3M in his pocket and GB with a lot of options. Remember, he is trying to bargain with only one good year. A lot of people are down on Bush, but he hasn’t settled in on one position yet, so have his mistakes been mental rather than physical?

  • BillyRay

    Stop knocking Ted. He’s won almost half his games. That’s better than you would do.

  • http://Orlando Mark

    When TT took over one of his first moves was to dump Sharper. He’d already cost us a high draft pick and took years and a lot of money to develop. Needless to say TT’s low cost replacements were failures and were part of our 4-12 disaster the next season. Punk, maybe you haven’t seen Bush and Smith play. I have, and I was hoping to get rid of Bush the way the Steelers did with Smith. Bigby had a tough ’08, Rouse has some talent but wasn’t steady and Woodson was tried at safety and is better at corner. Talk about cost, what’s the price of losing a good player who’s actually performed well. I hope we can sign Collins and start building a nucleus of young capable players.

  • Matt Hayton

    My take on Collins is that they should re-sign him mid-year only if he picks up the 34. If he can’t learn his role in the new D, then let him walk. But if he can prove he wasn’t a 1-yr. Wonder, then go ahead and pay the man. Safeties that QB the DBs & make 7-10 picks a year don’t grow on trees…

  • BillyRay

    “What I don’t understand is who gives a rat’s ass about a guy who hasn’t played for the Packers in two years?”

    A website that devotes two full editorials to the guy over the span of six days?

  • http://Orlando Mark

    BillyRay, most of us would rather post about the Pack. I don’t get it either. BTW do you think Collins is a one year wonder or do you think it took 3 years to get him up to full speed and we just shouldn’t throw that away?

  • Bill

    Favre rules? Wow! Dug deep in the archives for that one. How mature.

  • BillyRay


    I think Ted needs more time to develop Collins.

    I also think Ted needs more time to develop a winning record.

    After four season he’s won almost half his games.

    He easily deserves another four years to see if he can get to .500.

  • Bill


    I think you are an idiot. The guy asked you a simple question and all you can do is bash Thompson. It is people like you that are the problem, you just can’t let it go. And you think you are being cute. That is hilarious.


    The question you raised is exactly what the Packers are debating behind closed doors. I think you need to tread softly with Collins, he could be another Cletidus Hunt. At times he appears a few fries short of a Happy Meal.

  • iccyfan

    Mark & Matt H – I guess we don’t have any idea what Collins’ agent is seeking per year in a contract extension. A couple seasons ago, Archuleta was making $5M / year – JOKE; Adrian Wilson of the Cardinals was over $4M. As noted earlier, the Steelers are paying Polamolu $4.65M. I expect Collins’ agent will be in that vicinity. They could roll the dice, see how he plays this season and tag him. I guess I’d rather see them go that route than give him “franchise tag” money based on one season’s performance…

  • BillyRay


    Who do you think is better? Ray Rhodes or Ted Thompson? I say Ray Rhodes. He batted .500.

  • Mel e Mel

    Nick Collins has the most range of any safety in football this side of Ed Reed. Anthony Smith is a bum see the tape vs. NE when he mouthed off. Rouse is a nice player but more of a centerfielder. Bigby is an enforcer. Collins turned several games for the Pack last year with a very tepid pass rush in front of him. With an improved Front 7 Collins could be on the verge of superstardom.

  • BillyRay

    I think Ted should play baseball; he’s batting almost .500.

  • CJ

    I’m looking for a 9-7 year. Make the playoffs but lose the first game. THat will set up nice for next year.

  • mnpackerbacker

    I couldn’t agree more. All of you Favre fans should just buy your purple 4 jerseys and stay off the packer bandwagon for good. We don’t need fair weather fans like you. All of these years, you’ve worshiped Favre first and Packers second. Now that he’s wearing purple, you will all be forced to show your true colors. Anyone that says they hope Favre beats the Packers IS NOT A PACKER FAN. PERIOD. Just get this straight…when Favre finally admits he’s lost it sometime this year or next, and Aaron Rogers becomes a perrenial pro-bowl QB…don’t come crawling back. Just like Favre, you will be the Bennedict Arnolds of the football world without fan nation to call your own. You belong together.

  • TRIP

    I haven’t paid this blog any mind since last season. But I’ve found it quite interesting that Al is allowed to have 5 or 6 FINAL words on Favre, but once Favre changes a decision, he’s Satan. Bottom line is, if an NFL team wants a particular player and hunts down the player in the matter the Vikings have Favre, he has every right to play. Just because he’s an NFL superstar does not change that right. Plenty of good players have gone through this process at the end of their careers, the only difference with Favre is, people care. Favre isn’t doing interviews, seeking attention, anything. There’s just a good chance he’ll be suited up next season. He lead a previously failing Jets team to 9-3 last year, got hurt, and went to 9-7. If he’s back to the condition he was when that season started, the Vikings are idiots to not try to get the old man, especially given their QB situation. Look back to the Broncos that beat us, old men throwing the ball and young, explosive RBs can get the job done. Al, please, let this be the final “final”.

  • mnpackerbacker

    Al, you were right all along. All of your naysayers can suck carrots.