Year in review – first quarter

In an effort to try an ease the pain I am going to give you my 2007 year in review of each game as I remember them. Given time to let the emotion that I am so criticized for subside, here is my take on the Packers’ 2007 season.

September 9, the Philadelphia Eagles, Lambeau Field. They went to Jarrett. I went in to this game hoping we could keep it close, but with the Packers’ history with the Eagles recently, I figured a loss was a pretty good possibility. The Packers hadn’t proved anything yet and the Eagles were seemingly the better team. Who knows what would have happened had not Jarrett Bush recovered the Eagles’ fumbled punt with 59 seconds left? If only he would have done the same thing when his hands were on the ball in the playoff game against New York.

In any case, the Packers beat the Eagles and looking back I can’t remember feeling any better leaving Lambeau Field that day than any other game all year. I don’t know why exactly, but that was a great day at Lambeau and looking back it set a tone for the whole season.

Week two in New York, I took my rips on the blog but the Packers destroyed the Giants in New York to go 2-0. I thought this game was more the Giants sucking than the Packers being good. How wrong did that turn out to be? I’m not a rocket scientist.

The third game brought San Diego to Green Bay and a buddy of mine got me tickets in row one behind the Packers’ bench. While I couldn’t see much on the field, for one game it was absolutely worth the money. To see the interaction on the sidelines up close and personal was priceless. You can see my pictures on the the Packernet picture gallery. To watch the reaction when Favre hit Jennings for the game-winner will be forever etched in my memory. A classic moment by a Hall of Fame quarterback. One of those plays you like to tell people you were at.

I have to say I was fairly confident going into Minnesota in week four. The thing that worried me the most was the Packers’ 3-0 record. I thought the Vikings sucked, but the history of the Green Bay Packers at Minnesota always worries me. Some strange sh…., excuse me, stuff, has happened in that dome. However, the Packers ripped sh…, excuse me, stuff, up and rolled to 4-0. At this point I was living a dream. I mean, how can the Green Bay Packers have won eight straight games?

It is amazing how life changes in Green Bay from week to week during fall, at this point, life is good.

More to come…

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  • Dave


    I just want to throw this out there. What does an offense have to do when a defense is playing the run? Answer: They have to get the passing game going to take the pressure off the run.

    Now, what did the Giants do to us? Lots of run blitzing with 8 people in the “box”. How do you beat that? Brett Favre, a 17 year vet, should easily beat that with one of the best groups of receivers in the league. I’m not sure why people can’t get it through their thick Favre loving skulls that he may have not played a very good game.

    Thanks for being ignorant and ignoring the things that Favre could have done to help his young team in the most important game of the year.


  • Dave

    By the way, for all the people out there that were calling TT a moron for not spending a 4th round pick to get moss…..guess what? He didn’t want to come to GB. He didn’t think is was fair that Driver would be the #1 receiver and that they told Moss he would have to behave if he came to GB.

    That’s exactly the guy that I want in the locker room, TT is such a moron!!


  • JeffN

    I just want everyone to know that I’m a huge Ted Thompson fan! He hired McCarthy who built this offense pretty much from scratch. He either resigned, recruited, or drafted all the receivers they have which is one of the best groups in the NFL. The Packers needed running backs. Oh ok no big deal a 2nd and 6th round pick later they have a starting running back and backup. They need a fullback. No big deal picked up a good starter later in the draft. We need linebackers… Ok we’ll resign one and draft 2 more and don’t worry about the defensive line because TT has enough capable defensive lineman to stock 2 football teams. We need a new safety, ok let’s grab Atari Bigby a rookie free agent that we don’t even have to spend a draft pick on. TT get’s most of the credit for the 13-3 season in my book.

  • Scott S.

    Hey Dave,
    Why do people like you feel it is necessary to place the blame for this loss on the shoulders of one player out of 53? None of the Packers had a great game against the Giants but together they played well enough to get to overtime. Why do you feel we need to villify one player because the TEAM lost ONE GAME. Lighten up, Dude. Only two teams out of 32 get to the Superbowl. Don’t forget that Favre and his 17 years of experience played great enough and led this young team all year to get them in position to get there. That’s more than you can say about 28 other teams. Quit whining, give up the blame game and appreciate the accomplishment. Call me ignorant if you want, at least I’m not an idiot.

  • Dave

    Hey Scot,

    Could you point out where I was whining?

    All I’m doing is pointing something out that very few other people will. Brett Favre didn’t live up to the expectation of a 17 year veteran. He played a bad game and I don’t think it’s fair to place the blame on the running game like Jon was originally doing (not sure where his post went BTW, but he was the first commenter on this blog post). I am just sick and tired of people holding BF up like he is some kind of god, that he can do no wrong. Plus I like playing the devil’s advocate and getting people like you pissed off!

    It was a great year something no one predicted (My prediction was 11-5 if any of you want to take my word for it). I just wish people would take their blinders off and realize that at Brett Favre’s age he has a harder time coping with the long seasons and the extreme cold weather. It’s time for this young organization to move on.


  • Scott S.

    My God man, if you can’t recognize your entire post as a whiney crybaby rant then it won’t help for me to point it out. Waaaah, Brett Favre didn’t win the game for us! Let’s get rid of him now. Let’s all be big babies because Brett didn’t have a perfect game! Waaaaaah!

  • Jeff

    If you’ve ever tried doing anything physical for three hours in that sort of weather, you know damn well that Brett played a hell of a game. So did Eli though I hate his guts. Yes, BF presently needs more help than he did ten years ago – that’s to be expected. My one beef with TT is that he started the reconstruction at the skill positions and hasn’t done nearly so well on the O-line.

    Call me old school if you will, but I think a dominant offense starts with a dominant line. WE DO NOT HAVE THAT! Unless one of our rotating guards has tremendous upside that I’m not seeing, TT should go out and get the best available FA guard he can and MM should set up a running scheme that plays to what our players do best.

    No, Favre didn’t play a superstar kinda game – consider it stipulated. But as stated earlier, the play calling was sometimes questionable coming from young coaches, and there were times where our o-line just got outplayed. It’s not all scheme folks; sometimes the other guys are just better. Watching the entire game yet again, it’s clear to me that physcially, the Giants D-line was stronger and faster than our guys. Many times, it was just a matter of an individual getting off a block or making a solid tackle that cut off our runs. They were just plain better up front than we were.

  • snyz

    scott s. tell us how you really feel.

    favre took many less sacks that super-boy tom brady did in the super bowl. at least he threw it away and gave us another chance at third downs. brady kept putting themselves in 3rd and longs by taking sacks and standing there like a statue.

    we lost as a team. secondary had trouble with plax, couldn’t stop the run, running game sucked, got out-coached. this favre arguements is one small piece of the puzzle.

  • Dave


    Look how mad you are. Now all you seem to be able to do is attack me instead of stating any facts to show your side of the argument.

    As for Jeff and snyz, I agree the Favre thing is only part of the problem. The Packers are a very young team with a HUGE upside. Many of the run game, O-Line, and D-Line problems will be fixed simply with the current players going through the off-season strength and conditioning program and training camps. My only point with Favre is I want people to take off the blinders and realize there may be a problem there. Certain fans are so quick to point fingers in any other direction, just never at Favre.


  • Scott S.

    You want facts? The fact is that the Green Bay Packers nearly went to the Superbowl and you say it’s time for Favre to go. The fact is that you are an idiot if that’s what you believe.

  • Dave


    I’m sorry, that post sounded like more pissed off rambling in which you attacked me personally again.

    I understand we almost went to the Super Bowl, I also understand ONE of the big reasons we didn’t go to the Super Bowl.