Favre leaves camp

Well, so much for the Brett Favre comeback. It lasted all of one day. After meeting with head coach Mike McCarthy for about ten hours, Favre walked out of camp Tuesday morning. McCarthy made it clear that Aaron Rodgers is the starting quarterback and that while Favre on the roster makes the team better, it is only because Favre gives the team depth at the crucial quarterback position. The Packers have not backed down on their commitment to Rodgers and right or wrong, it is what it is. Jump on board or shut up.

Even if you hate McCarthy and Ted Thompson, how can you not respect them for standing by their convictions? That being Aaron Rodgers gives the team a better chance to win the Super Bowl than Brett Favre does. I agree. Might not happen this year, Favre didn’t win a Super Bowl his first year as a starter, either, and really, when you look at the players Favre had around him at that stage of his career, he should have won more than one Super Bowl. Rodgers also has a good team around him as he becomes a starter in his fourth year, the difference is he spent three years on the bench instead of on the field. That fact will be overlooked for sure by the media and fans the first time Rodgers throws three picks in a game.

The saga is finally over. Wherever Favre ends up playing I wish him well, except when or if he plays against the Green Bay Packers. Hopefully the Packers can get some compensation for what it is still a good player, but in the end if he won’t practice and he won’t agree to a trade, they will have to release him. That probably won’t happen until the final cut-down.

Today was a good day. I’m back baby! Go Pack!

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  • Oconomowockid

    Don’t start buying time now for Arod and the Packer management. No excuses, no more taking your shots at Favre. No more irrational rants. We all want Aaron to win and win now, so get ready to start defending your boy. This move was to have a better chance to win a Super Bowl right Al. I repeat no excuses, none of this overlooked stuff. Deal with the tough love that is to come.

    I love you are back, but most likely only until Aaron throws a couple of interceptions. I for one will keep you on his bandwagon.

    Go Pack and yes this is truly sad part of history for the Packers.

  • My boy. Uh? OK. Whatever. Lay it on me if you want, but going forward this blog is about the Green Bay Packers. If the Packers are losing and you want to rip me for being a fan, go ahead. It shows what kind of fan you are. Their will be 53 of “my boys” on the roster come opening day and all will have my support. I will defend Rodgers when he needs defending, but if he throws 10 picks in the first two games I will rip him just like I rip “your boy”.

    Can’t we just move on already? This season is shot so lets just look for a silver lining and gear up for 2009.

  • Oconomowockid

    I repeat Al, no excuses. We made this decision to have a better chance at winning a Super Bowl. Don’t blame this season on Favre. The management team you support handled this mess and you have the quarterback you wanted heading the team. Don’t say this season is a pass. You cannot seem to move on. We are about winning right!!

  • Oconomowockid

    One last thing regarding your last post. Compare it to this post just days ago. Those same 53 of your boys you wanted to lose every game. What kind of Dr. Jeckel and Mr. Hyde game do you have going on.

    “If Brett Favre steps one foot on the Green Bay Packers’ practice field, I am done. Because if Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy allow that to happen they might as well go ahead and get the surgery, because they are not men.

    Also, I will have two season tickets to sell. Here I was looking forward to a Super Bowl season and now I’m stuck with a graybeard who was never that good to begin with. Who would have thought that one of the most popular players in Packers’ history could turn me against the team in such a manner? I hope they lose every game this year.

    This is Packernet signing out.”

    Hyde or Jeckel are you ready to move on. Which one will it be??? AL

  • TRIP

    LOL… the love here is appalling.

  • scotto

    Well, TT better be right…His job depends on it….Unfortunately, so might McCarthy’s…

    If things go as speculated, and as of the time of this posting…speculation is that a trade to Tampa Bay is in the works – Favre goes to Tampa Bay, takes them deep into the playoffs, and the Packers struggle…TT will be known (right, wrong, or otherwise) as the man who let Favre go…

    Oh well – being a Packer fan first, Favre fan second – time to back Rodgers…GO PACK!!!!!!!

  • Larry

    BRETT FAVRE……..No longer needed (or wanted) in Green Bay. This is no more than a huge EGO trip to pad his legacy and records. Cook in the background trying to squeeze every penny out of his personal piggy bank. Just like JohnnyU, Montana, Jordan, and Emmit; they sure didn’t need the money, but just couldn’t let go. Well, we all know what happens, they either get hurt or end up with egg on they’re face. Sad the turmoil this has caused in Packerland. Sadder, I think, that Rodgers didn’t get to play last year and put his development plan in gear quicker. I feel that’s the big loss here. Oh well, we will survive, and how exciting is it going to be watching all three of these QBs develop. Kind of like when Bart and Zeke were there, what fun.

  • Mark Troy

    Yeah, with all those hall of fame team mates – Farve should have won more than one superbowl (sarcasm). You dummy, he never had a top echelon reciever, the best running back he ever had was Ahman Green, and the defense during Sherman was a sieve!
    It’s all Farve’s fault? Yeah, you’re a smart Packer fan – NOT
    One losing season in 16 years. Has that happened for another quarterback?
    Beginning this season, I think you’ll appreciate Farve now that he’s gone more than ever before.

  • CheesyD

    Favre was amazing while he was a Packer. No one should slight what was accomplished while he was here. He’s a tremendous QB and has done a great deal for the Green Bay Packers. It’s a shame he had to taint it in the way he has lately, but oh well. That was his choice.

    Aaron Rodgers is the starter now. He has my full support. I expect him to be a top notch QB. Will we win the Super Bowl this year? Who knows? But we have a pretty good chance, I believe. More so than a lot of the NFL does. We have a lot of good, young talent. Let’s hope they can put the Favre fiasco behind them and focus on the goal.

    But those who are shouting that anything short of a Super Bowl proves Thompson and McCarthy are idiots, are fools. Take off the #4 blinders and take a look at reality. There were no guarantees with Favre as QB. Rodgers is a better fit with the young guys on the team from what I’m hearing. Rodgers could lead this team for years to come and the Packers should be a force to reckon with.

    I’m looking forward to watching the Packers, and cheering them on no matter what. The haters… well, there’s plenty of room in Minneapolis for them.

    GO PACK!

  • paul

    Favre = 12-4
    Rodgers = 4-12

    I am so sick of 4-12, watching a team build, etc. Why is it that the Patriots are never rebuilding. In my short 43 years of life, I have seen way too many 4-12 seasons. Yes, I know Favre had a 4-12 season but that was not the norm. Here we go Randy White, David Whitehurst, Lynn Dickey….Aaron Rodgers. If history of the Packers repeats, our next great QB is likely 2 or 3 years old…or yet to be born. Maybe I will get one more Superbowl before I die. I envy you old guys that can remember Superbowl 1 and 2.

  • FLPack

    I’ve neen a Packer fan for over 30 years and continued to be a fan when BF retired and the Packer organization “crossed the Rubicon” and it became the AR era. If it’s time to move on, you move on and I was fine with it.
    It was when they told BF when he wanted to come back that they had moved on, but wouldn’t release him is when they lost me.

    “Moved on”, “train has left the station”, whatever – if we have truly moved on, give BF the unconditional release.

    From that point on in “the SAGA” I have been completely embarrassed as a Packer fan, that our management can talk out of both side of their mouth and do it simply to have their way with one player.
    We look like a bunch of wusses “afraid” to release or send an unwanted cast-off to a competitor.

    I wish everything that happened from the time BF requested his release until this “SAGA” gets resolved had never happened, unfortunately I too can’t just forget and am in the “wrong mind” set to be a Packer fan right now.

    Hopefully this will pass, but I can see how (based on last night’s MM press conf.) that BF could be sick of TT/Packer management as well. I would love to have been a fly on the wall in that BF/MM meeting.

    Al, good luck with the site and keep the unconditional Packer love flowing (like the Rubicon).

  • Paul

    Regardless of all of back and forth with Favre and the Packers and whose fault it is, the fact remains that Aaron Rodgers is in a very tough spot. History is not on his side to have a successful season in regards to being the the QB who follows a hall of fame legend. What makes it worse is that there are many, many Brett Favre fanatics who at the slightest provocation, are on Rodger’s case like white on rice. The evidence is already there for this. That is a lot of unneeded pressure for a young QB.

    For what it is worth, in my opionion this season wll have it share of disappointments and maybe that is a little more realistic than expecting this team to have the same kind of year as last year. You have to move on at some point and ultimately this is the stand the Packers have to take.

  • Jack in Columbus

    If Favre has a good year in Tampa (or elsewhere) playing professional football, it doe snot mean that the Packers’ management was wrong to let him go. There has never been any question that Favre is a solid QB, and still has the ability to play at a high level. The questions are: (1) Can he still win the big games? and (2) How much longer can he play at a high level? The answer to Question No. 1 is probably not (see GB vs. Chicago, vs. Dallas and vs. NYG last year). The answer to Question No. 2 cannot be known, but is likely to be one or maybe two years. If Aaron Rodgers’ first 20 regular season passes are all INTs for TDs, it still would not mean that letting Favre go was the wrong decision. It may, however, suggest that Rodgers is not the right man to replace Favre. Only time will tell if he has what it takes to win in the NFL.

  • Larry

    Hey, Paul, I remember I and II. I also remember Jan. 26, 1997 when we kicked the Patriots butt. White and Whitehurst were draftees, Dickey came in by trade, so what? It takes all elements to build a SB contender along with a lot of luck (ie. injuries). Watching a team grow and rebuild is all part of the game. Of course I’d prefer 12-4 to 4-12, who wouldn’t, but its all part of the game and being a team fan. The Pats had to build a winner too, and they were doormats for a long time before ’96 (think Parcells had something to do with it?).

  • JeffN

    Green Bay may only have a so-so year this year due to all this drama. With the way TT is putting new talent on the team Green Bay is going to be one of the best teams in the league in 09 and beyond and you need a young QB that is going to be with the team through out the next 10 years like Rodgers. TT has the stones to put the new guy in.

    Now for the people that can’t handle waiting another year for this team to get from good to dominent: Quit being a bunch of babies! I’m sick and tired of you win now people! Let TT finish building this team! It doesn’t happen all in a single season, but once they get there in 09 they are going to be a super bowl contender for 5 or 6 years! 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013. What are you people going to be saying then? Would you rather have Favre back now just to retire around the time they become dominent? TT bashers will probably do the same thing they did during this last 13-3 season and crawl under a rock and not be heard from!

    I just wish all the nay sayers instead of going after what appears to be an easy target for them to complain about and attack would just shut up now instead of complaining about win now!

  • I hope we get a useful draft pick for Brett. If he retired we would have gotten zip and possibly paid him for not playing. I wish him luck but I think we’re going to need some too. TT better learn something from this or he’ll screw up the Pack worse than Millan did Detroit. It’s going to take me a long time to get over this and I don’t blame Brett, he was always too emotional. That was his problem as a QB. It’s really a position for someone cold and calculating like Starr, Montana and Unitas. But when he had it going it was fun to watch. I would have loved to see him come in with the Vikes game 1. He would either have 5 TDs or 5 INTs. It’s not going to be as much fun anymore win or lose.

  • Lew

    These posts are ridiculous.

    Al you say, “Even if you hate McCarthy and Ted Thompson, how can you not respect them for standing by their convictions?”

    Right. Kind of how I support George W Bush for standing by his convictions. I respect making the RIGHT choice. This goes way beyond Favre. This has been an unbelievable embarrassment to the organization and (despite what they say) has a chance to truly tear this team apart. How do you think the players feel about management? Will any of them trust them again? Although it may not be your preference, in todays NFL you need to show respect for players…especially an iconic QB and the most popular player in franchise history.

    This is a win now league and to pass up the chance for a Super Bowl to see what you have in A-Rod is insane. Al, after Favre throws for 350 and 3 TD’s in week 4 to bring the Bucs to 3-1 and the Pack to 1-3 I will be rehashing all of your comments from the last few weeks. This talk about 4-12, 12-4 is crazy. If they are 4-12 they made the wrong decision. No excuses (remember that when A-Rod gets hurt in week 2, Brohm in week 4, and Matt Flynn is are starting QB).

    At least he is not going to the Vikes, but I hope that Thompson, Murphy, McCarthy, and all 7 members of the executive committee are ready to start looking for a new employer if this is the wrong decision because if this was a company where shareholders had more of a say they would have 5 months to show they were correct or they would be out.

    Go Pack. God am I depressed.

  • Larry

    I think you guys are forgetting that TT put a pretty good team together in Seattle too.

  • paul

    Thanks, Larry, for your response. However, I bet that with Rodgers’ brief playing history resulting in serious injuries, that he is out a lot this season resulting in a rookie taking the field. Rodgers has never started a game, has been prone to injuries, and really has no back up. I hope he does well but I would bet he misses more games then he plays….I HOPE NOT go Pack. No one is addressing his injury history….pulling a hammy in practice that kept him out 6 weeks last year…remember..ouch!

  • Dan

    Let’s look forward.

    1) Packers should have the most talented WR group in the NFL.
    2) We need a running game to take pressure off Rodgers. Twenty some yards (avg less than 2 yard per carry) against the Giants will not win many games.
    3) O-line has played together long enough that they should know each others tendencies. At this point, that should be a strength.
    4) Tight end should be another strong position.
    5) QB, Rodgers will go through plenty of ups and downs. The key is to find ways to get him as much help as possible.

    Defense needs to step it up. There were embarrassed by the Giants (20 minute advantage in time of possession).
    1) Depth at defensive line is scary (Harrell, Pickett, KGB all dealing with injuries), Jolly facing position suspension and jail time. Couldn’t stop the Giants ground game and were exposed at various times during the season.
    2) LBs should be solid. Poppinga’s pass coverage is the only glaring weakness.
    3) CBs are solid, but aging. Giants exposed Harris (but 2nd half coaches decided to give him help). Woodson was solid, but got ran over by a Giant player (I forget who). Younger players seem to be improving.
    4) Safeties should be a very strong position. Hopefully Rouse will finally replace Collins. Rouse is far superior against the pass.

    Special teams should also be a strength.

    Bottom line, this is a very talented team. Players need to execute and the coaches need to make the right calls. This team has a ton of talent. Anything short of the playoffs will be a disappointment.

  • JeffN

    Agreed, TT put a team together in Seattle that made it to the super bowl. When he left Seattle and was no longer putting new young talent on the field and resigning Seattles veterans for the next seasons… Seattle crumbled after TT left town.

    Let’s also not forget that Seattle team that TT took over was a terrible train wreck the year before TT took over… anything about that sound familiar?

  • Larry

    Good point, especially given our history of drafting QBs. Granted Rodgers might be a crap shoot but Brohm is no slouch. My gosh, we’ve had two linemen hurt themselves already in the weight room. I still maintain that old “Iron Man” should not have started all those games. We just didn’t have anyone else for a good span of those 16 years. You need two QBs any way and Rodgers credentials are too good to be a backup. He’s done his due dilligence behind the 39 year old and deserves a chance.

  • JeffN

    Lew, you are incorrect when you say this is a win now league. It in fact takes several years to build a good football team.

    The correct statement would go something like this:

    “Lew wishes the Packers would win this season and that they won all their games this season including the super bowl.”

  • Larry

    Even Wolf had to build the Pack, he didnt wave a magic wand. ’92 Mackowski(spelling) gets hurt and he trades for BF. 9-7 no playoff berth. ’93 pulls in Reggie, 9-7 playoff berth(lose to Cowboys). The rest, as they say, is history. Point being TT has already made great strides in putting together a winner. No 39 year old is going to keep that going-the legs go before the arm.

  • Lew

    JeffN, if you are going to fake quote me at least have the ability to do it properly.

    Arguing with you guys is like taking candy from a baby.

    You say: “It in fact takes several years to build a good football team.”

    Gee, thanks for that insight. The problem is WE HAVE ALREADY DONE THAT!!! WE WERE 13-3 LAST YEAR AND HOSTED THE NFC CHAMPIONSHIP.

    Football is a team sport but to pretend that #4 didn’t play an extremely important role is insane. When I say it is a win now league I mean that when you have the chance to get a ring you do everything possible to win. AND THEY HAVE, ERR, HAD THAT CHANCE THIS YEAR.

    I mean, Aaron Rodgers? Really? (Pssst- Alex Smith graded out higher and he certainly has worked out)

    Sip the kool aid boys and when you’re done I have a fake bridge to sell you.

    I hope it works out. I really do. I love the packers, I just don’t have the blind faith that some of you have.

  • Dan

    As for TT in Seattle, you might want to check some facts.

    The year before Holmgren wen there, Seattle was a favorite to make the playoffs. Management in Seattle gave the head coach (Erickson?) an ultimatum. Make the playoffs or you’re gone. Does anyone remember the infamous blown referee call where the ref thought Testaverde’s head was the football, so the ref ruled a go ahead TD near the end of the game? That was against Seattle near the end of the season. Had Seattle won the game against Testaverde’s team (Jets I think), Seattle would have made the playoffs and they would not have fired their coach.

    As for who ran the show their, Holmgren wasn’t even fully in charge so how could TT be the one responsible. The Seahags president (Bob Whitsitt) and Holmgren often butted heads. Whitsitt was canned the same day TT came to GB.

    “The period between the disappointing 2004 season and the start of the 2005 was marked by major changes for the Seahawks, starting with the front office. Team owner Paul Allen fired 8 year incumbent General Manager Bob Whitsitt on January 14, the same day that Vice President of Football Operations Ted Thompson was hired away by the Green Bay Packers to be their General Manager.[1] Rumors had been floating that Whitsitt’s relationship with coach Mike Holmgren (and almost everyone else) was strained and Holmgren later admitted that he had thought about leaving the team after a 2004 season that was personally draining.[2] At the time of Whitsitt’s firing the Seahawks salary cap situation was in extreme flux with 16 unsigned free agents on the roster including their 3 biggest stars Matt Hasselbeck, Shaun Alexander and Walter Jones. On February 3 Mike Reinfeldt, who had previously been pushed out of the Seahawks organization by Whitsitt, was hired back as a consultant to try to sort out the mess.[3] Reinfeldt was able to sign Jones and Hasselbeck to long term deals and put the Franchise Tag on Alexander, setting the stage for the rest of the offseason.

    After a careful executive search the Seahawks settled on highly regarded personnel man Tim Ruskell as the new President of Football Operations on February 23, 2005. As a part of his roster overhall, Ruskell subsequently released or neglected to resign 6 players (Anthony Simmons, Chad Brown, Orlando Huff, Chike Okeafor, Rashad Moore and Cedric Woodard) who were starters on an underperforming defense during the 2004 season. Over the rest of the offseason and into training camp Ruskell signed a raft of free agents to replace departed players on both sides of the ball, emphasizing character and work ethic in his evaluations.”

    Wow, so they got rid of 6 underachievers from when Teddy was there. They brought in free agents and went to the SB.

  • Zach

    I laugh every time I hear people say Rodgers will be hurt in week 2. Aaron and Brett are both only human, and both have the same chances of getting hurt. Sure, Brett Favre started all those games and all that jive, but do you think Mr. Ironman would be able to play after a 3oolb lineman falls on his leg and breaks it. Favre was just lucky to have never been put in that situation. Sure he played through a few injuries. So what, I don’t get to sit on the sideline when I have a little injury. I still have to perform my job, everyday. If Aaron Rodgers gets hurt, it is a matter of chance. Nobody is more susceptible to injury than anyone else.

    Let’s move on from this mindless banter.

  • Michael Legat

    Nothing from Jon yet? I’m getting worried he’s setting up a sniper post across from Lambeau or something.

  • I was thinking the same thing. No Jonny boy. Somebody else with a twisted point of view is going to have to step up their game.

  • snyz

    JeffN you and TT have the same philosophy about building a team over 3 to 5 years. That’s not how it works anymore in the NFL, sorry. Seattle is a great example, TT’s philosophy in Seattle worked if you like 10-6 teams that never go get the difference making player to make them a super bowl team. sure, lots of young, deep talent will win a division, but that seahawks team was one or two big name players away from being a super bowl champ. only problem? TT hates those big name, expensive players. So, Al, you say Favre is a perennial failure, i guess 4000 yards, 30tds and a division champ pretty consistently is your idea of failure, you’d better be willing to put those same standards to TT.

  • Oconomowockid

    For the twisted point of view just read all your previous posts since you lost your mind after the NFC championship game. Don’t let your Mr. Hyde persona come out today. You are definitely the pot calling the kettle black.

  • Michael Legat


    Who was the big free agent catch that took the Giants over top and gave them the Super Bowl last year? Or the Colts the year before? Or Pittsburgh the year before that?
    (Hint: They don’t exist.) In fact both Giants and the Colts won after jettisoning one of the biggest names on their roster (Tiki and Edge, respectively). Not saying the same thing will happen to the Pack, just saying.

  • Dra

    All I want is for Mark, Ted and Mike to stand up like men and tell the public the truth! They don’t want Favre back, never wanted him back and this is the end of the story.

    Instead they push everything back on Favre! After Mondays meeting they say Brett cold be the starting QB for the Packers right now, but he is not in the right mind set to play for the Packers,

    Earlier they say, we wanted Brett back, but he retired and we’ve moved on, or we would welcome Brett back with open arms, but only as a backup (yeah right). From the beginning they didn’t want Favre back and that is ok! Just stand like men and be honest and say “We just don’t want Brett back, never did” and then history will judge them and there decision.

    Please just cut the crap and be honest with the fans! That is what Favre really wants for you to tell the fans the something you have told him behind close doors!

  • Verysad

    This is an unmitigated disaster. TT has put AR in a bind, setting him up for the fall. The odds are black and white. Most QB’s never have real success in the NFL, and that holds true for AR too. He might be great, but statistically, that is a very slim possibility. Meanwhile, the reverse is true for BF. Odds are high that he will be good this year. Maybe very good. If AR has a midling season, and looks like Rex Grossman by next year, where will we be then. This notion of planning for five years ahead is ancient. The NFL is a win now league. We can’t even predict who will be starting in week two, let alone 2010. Seriously, this is literally buying a lotto ticket that costs a million dollars, but has no higher odds of success. We already had the money. We already had the winner.

    Put all the ego stuff aside. Is Brett baby? Who cares. Is he a winner? Yes. Is AR a winner? The odds are 1000 – 1 that he is not. Period.

    I just hope GB gets lucky with AR and beats the odds. Because if we don’t, TT should be held accountable.

    And about the ego stuff. It’s been said before, if they really had moved on like TT said, then they should have released Brett. When they failed to do that, they became the party at fault. Period. You can’t have it both ways. They released Reggie White, they could have easily done it for Brett. Did Brett react poorly? Perhaps. Was he legitimately wronged? Undoubtedly.

    I’ll be rooting for Brett, and for AR to do well this year. And if they play eachother… I’ll root for whoever has the better shot at the Superbowl… so unless it’s in September, I’ll probably root for Brett. You can say I’m not a fan all you want… but this is the reality we are living in. To say that it makes sense for a team to field AR over Brett is fantasy land.

    Remember, the people who fielded Ryan Leif, and Rex Grossman were thinking about the future too, they just never got there. Just like most NFL QB’s, and probably, unfortunately, just like AR. Greatness in the NFL is rare. We’ve just become so used to it over the last 16 years, that we don’t realize that anymore.

  • CheesyD

    Report by Peter King says Jets take the lead to get Favre. He says they’re offering a solid 3rd round pick that could develop into a first round pick, depending on how well Favre and the Jets do. TAKE IT!

    GO PACK!!

  • CheesyD

    I just have to say… I can’t for the life of me understand the “should have released Favre” argument. Not at all. You do know this is the NFL, and that teams are in competition with each other, right? It’s not the MFH (Make Favre Happy) league. Releasing Favre and giving him his wish to be a Viking would have been plain stupid. The Packers would get nothing in return, other than an even larger PR nightmare than Favre had already created for them. How is that a good business deal for anyone other than the Vikings? When a team decides to let one of its players dictate how the team should be run, even if it is Brett Favre, then it is doomed to failure.

  • Oconomowockid

    Nothing could be worse than what Favre and this management team has put our organization through. I would liked to have seen Favre released and dealt with him on the field. It will take years to repair the damage this situation has done to our organization. When a team lets a management group run based on egos, then it is doomed to failure.

  • Michael Legat

    Incorrect. Green Bay releasing Favre and him signing with Minnesota would be worse.

  • FLPack

    The MFH (Make Favre Happy) line is great – some real talent here.

    To add to the “trial of Packers vs. Favre” I humbly submit into evidence the following:

    The Packers had a big chip to play by trying to force no trade to the ViQueens.

    BF had a bigger chip to play by actually showing up to practice and creating the dreaded “media circus”.

    BF chose to take the high road and play in the MPH (Make Packers Happy) league by not being the “tremendous distraction” and got on a plane out of GB.
    The Packers on the other hand have not ponied up; they got their cake and want to eat it too.
    It’s not unusual to see half the posters here upset with management and how this was handled.

    I don’t’ like to piss off Karma, I hear she can be a real bitch!

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they deliberately sabotaged a trade until it would be too late for any team to actually be able to integrate BF in their system/offense.
    Their track record from the past 2 months doesn’t rule this out.

    It kind of tarnishes the reputation of the whole organization, while the actual players we watch every weekend suffer by association. If TT can be this vindictive with a HOF QB …

  • Larry

    Legat, your snyz response is the most intellegent post in this entire thread. Great!

  • Lew

    Are you doing a Guiness commercial Larry?

    I think the point that Snyz was making was that you need studs on your team. Who is the big name player on the Pack as of a few hours ago? Aaron Kampman? Nick Barnett? Boy I can feel the fright all the way from MI, IL, and MN…

    This sucks. Screw all you back stabbing, TT jerking fools. You are all part of the problem. If the fan response was what it should have been, Favre would be in Green and Gold and ready to play for a title. I know, all the homers think A-Rod will be as good/better. Frickin retards.

  • Larry

    Favre is playing for Favre now and legacy. Otherwise he wouldnt still be the gunslinger. Oops; just heard hes a Jet, watch those 39 yr old legs.

  • scotto

    OK – so I missed the team name…substituee NYJ for Tampa Bay in my previous post….

  • Jon

    Favre wanted to play again.

    Ted didn’t want Favre to play again.

    Ted even made a guy who has never started and NFL game the “starting quarterback” to keep Favre away.

    Ted even told Favre he could not even COMPETE for the quarterback job.

    Ted made Green Bay the only NFL franchise with a job NOT open to competition!

    Ted even offered Favre $20 million NOT to play.

    But Favre will now play in New York for the Jets!

    Favre wins!

    Ted loses!

    And with any luck Ted will lose his job soon!

  • Jon

    Great post, Verysad.

    The critical factor that is ignored by the tedophiles is that the Packers are (were) poised to win it all NOW, THIS YEAR.

    Hence the question is (was) a simple one: Which quarterback is (was) most likely to win it all NOW, THIS YEAR?

    The answer is too obvious to need stating. Indeed, the odds of a “quarterback” who has never started an NFL game taking over an NFL team and wining it all NOW, THIS YEAR, are nil. It’s never happened, and it’s not going to happen NOW, THIS YEAR.

    As such, Ted and Mike have deliberately given away the chance of winning it all NOW, THIS YEAR, all so they cane have “their guy” at quarterback. There’s simply no other explanation.

    Now, if Green Bay had been not 13-3 last season, but 3-13, I would agree that trading Favre would be in the best interest of all, as Favre’s age would preclude meaningful contribution to a team in a multi-year rebuilding mode.

    But Green Bay WAS not in a multi-year rebuilding mode. Now, however, with Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay IS back to the pre-Favre multi-decade rebuilding mode. Good job, Ted and Mike.

  • Larry

    Take the emotion out of it and look at the result. We saved $, got a super pick, and healed the locker room. The Jets got exactly what they wanted. They got filled seats (which will more than make up for the 12mil), can now unload Pennington. Brett can pad all those records, collect the 12mil, play outdoors, and travel all over the US on his real retirement tour.

  • Lew

    We got a super pick???? Are you in the GB PR department Larry? We saved money??? Awesome, now we are 35mm under the cap. Healed the locker room? Right, I am sure all the veterans are thrilled.

    I need to quit posting here. It seems like most people are about 12

  • JeffN

    Lew, based on your comments, you sound like you really have a lot of growing up to do.

    First I did not fake misquote you. You said this is a win now league and I said it was not a win now league. It actually takes several years to build a good football team and even longer to build a dominent team. Yes Green Bay is a good football team now but will take a few more years to get to dominent and Brett is not part of the plan. Get over it!

  • Michael Legat

    Thank you, Lew. Please do.

  • Larry

    What the heck did I say that was not true?

  • Lew


    Am I emotional about this? Yes? Should I not drunk post? Yes. But way too many of you people are all idiots.

    Fact: We had a very legitimate chance to win the Super Bowl this year.

    Fact: We no longer do

    Would I rather have 1 Super Bowl and then five season of 6-10 over 6 straight wild card berths and 1st round exits? Of course. All that matters is rings.

  • Michael Legat

    Speculation: We had a very legitimate chance to win the Super Bowl this year.

    Speculation: We no longer do.

    Fact: Lew does not know what the word “fact” means.

  • JeffN

    Lew, you admit to making emotional comments, you drunk post on this forum, and then proceed to tell all of us that we are idiots. Then you take it a step further and think we are all suppose to listen to what you say on this blog.

    I hope you would agree that you don’t make any sense.

  • Larry

    All that matters is not “Rings”. My gosh they don’t come every year to the same team do they? That’s a “fact”! Wow, now it’s down to this level of name calling. Oh well, been there and back before. Kind of glad we didn’t have Gore’s Internet back in the days of Bengtson, Devine, and Starr (coaching, of course). This team doesn’t compare to them.

  • Pete

    Alright, enough is enough,., PACKER FANS!! we have to remeber that the whole QB issue in GB is not and was not Arod’s descission. We are Packer Fans ! Whom ever takes the snaps must be supported if we expect this club to sucessful. If you people love Brett that much, Great, move to New York with him.,. Brett saved this franchise and personally I’m thankful for that. But MM and TT made a choise after once again for the 4th year in a row Brett said that he was going to retire,, what else the the orginization supposed to do?? Go after a back-up QB for Arod. His is our future now and with out our support he will fail.. SUPPORT HIM !!!!!!!