Packers’s fans embarrassing themselves

The Green Bay Packers have always been known to have the best fans of all time, but it seems their true colors are coming out since this Brett Favre saga began. I will be the first to admit that I have reacted emotionally with every twist and turn in this story and absolutely include myself when I say Packers’ fans are embarrassing themselves. When Favre and the Packers say mistakes were made on both sides they should also include the fans. A big mistake was made yesterday when the fans disrupted practice with “Bring back Brett” chants while the offense is trying to practice a red-zone drill. If you are a Packers’ fan at heart how can you purposely hurt the team like that?

Yes, I have had some harsh words during this whole ordeal, but I would never, ever, try to hurt the Green Bay Packers as they try to prepare for what should have been a great season. What could possibly be going through a person’s mind that would make them think that disrupting practice would make the Packers a better team this year? If I were the Packers I come up with some excuse to move practice inside the Don Hutson Center for a few days to quell the less then fortunate individuals for a day or two while preparing for a game Monday night.

Mike McCarthy, however, is not afraid of anything and while some may call it ego, I call it confidence. He will not give in to bozos like that. What kind of fan cheers when a quarterback of the team they claim they are suporting throws an interception? Many of my readers need to look no further than the morning mirror. If you didn’t see it, here is the quote from Greg Jennings:

“I don’t care how focused you are, you heard that. That was one of those practices where you really had to try to just mentally be there. And if you weren’t mentally there, you were kind of listening in and letting it kind of distract you.”

To me, that is the most disturbing quote to come out of this whole mess but it doesn’t surprise me that it came from Jennings. Quietly, I guess until now maybe, the young Jennings is becoming a team leader. Veteran Charles Woodson echoed those thoughts and today when the team was told the story was over, by all reports the team let out a big sigh.

The train has left the station. Packers’ fans are welcome to jump on board. Am I sorry for the way this played out? Yes. Did I make comments I want back? Yes. But from this day forward, I will be a Packers’ fan. It may be boring, but so be it.

More to come…

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  • nerdmann

    They used “crowd noise” today. LOL. Rodgers looked good though, according to Reports. He’s gonna be very good.

  • Jake C.

    I was absolutely furious when I heard about how the fans acted at practice. I wish there was a way they could be booted out for such stupid remarks. Why even show up to watch practice if you’re just going to bash the team there.

    I understand there were a lot of die-hard Favre supporters who came in hopes of getting a glimpse of Favre on the practice field. But it didn’t work out, so instead they take out their frustration by disrupting practice and hurting the entire team. “Bring Brett back” is pretty disturbing as it is, but the “fire Ted Thompson” chants really pissed me off. Yeah, good idea, let’s fire the GM who brought us from 4-12 to 3-13 in a few years. The common person can be so ignorant.

    Favre’s head simply got too big for his helmet and I’m sick of hearing about it. If there is a God, the trade will be done tomorrow, and we can move on. If the Favre die-hards want to follow him and cheer for him in New York or Tampa, so be it, then they won’t ruin anymore practices that are kindly enough held open to the public.

    A team is more than one person, and it looks like a lot of Packer “fans” don’t get it.

  • Oconomowockid

    After the words you have written for months please don’t try to take the high road now. The high road doesn’t suite you. We need that irrational ranting. Selling your tickets and hoping the team loses every game.

    If they said Favre was coming back to Green Bay tomorrow to rejoin the team. You would fly off the handle again and hope the team would lose every game.

    You have no credibility on this issue. There are others that can write what you want to say, but you are not the one.

    Here’s to healing the Packer Nation.

  • Larry

    No player should ever be considered above the team. I dont think Brett should have ever been treated differently in the locker room (ie, his special accomodations). I dont see ego in either MM or TT interfering with them busting their butts to put the best team on the field. There is no way any sane individual would think anyone would risk their jobs for an ego trip. Doesnt make any sense at all. Real team fans know it!

  • Jeff

    I don’t know why I read this garbage. Worse yet why I bother to comment on it. I’m gonna watch the games. I’ll cheer when they do well and grouse when they do poorly just like I have for the past 30 years. That makes me a fan, and I’ll damn well criticize who I want to criticize and support who I want to support. You’re certainly under no obligation to agree with me; I like a good debate as much as the next guy, but some of you seem to think folks who disagree with TT lack a right to speak.

    This get behind ’em or get the hell out attitude is really pissing me off. I don’t like getting pissed off about Packer stuff. This is supposed to be fun, dammit.

    Yes, the folks who were chanting at practice need a reality check, but all this bloviating about the train leaving the station with only Packer fans on it isn’t much better. I need a break from this – I’m going on Packer hiatus for a few days.

  • jake

    Well…it’s over Al. Favre is gone. Feel good to not have to burst into any unnecessary over reactions anymore? Must feel good to have it off of your chest huh?

    Here’s to a new year and a new era with Rogers. Soon to be followed in 2009 with the Brohm era when the Packers can win again.

    Packers have my support always. Goodbye Brett…I guess all good things must come to an end.

    GO PACK GO!!!

  • jake

    …and apparently Jake C. doesn’t understand that we were 13-3 last year, not 3-13…but hey, with Favre gone, maybe it’ll be a real possibility this year! Hopefully Grant and Jackson have their legs ready to go!

  • Lew

    Amen Jeff.

    Everyone has a problem with the fans actions at practice? Really? So if we are extremeley upset at a team that we love because of the actions of a egotistical and naive front office, we should just bend over and grab our ankles? No thanks. If the team makes poor decisions without consideration for the fans or team they deserve what they get.

    It sucks for A-Rod who has no fault in this crap. But get used to it Chief.

    He is doomed for failure. Over/Under at 5 wins?

  • Lew

    A-Rod QB Rating: Over/Under @ 78?

    Don’t worry I know you will all take the over. Too bad gambling isn’t legal

  • Pete H

    As much as I disagree with you Al, I have to completely agree on this one. Rodgers has been a stud through this whole mess. Leave him alone. Let the team get prepared. there are other, better ways to get your point across.

  • Steve

    I’ve been a Packers fan for 45 yrs, growing up in Chicago. Yeah I’m tough.All I have to say to Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy is remember Dan Devine.Packers fans has had a great run. With a front office that has not picked up a big free agent since Reggie.Today I’m no longer a Packer a fan..Not because they traded Brett but the posion pill in the deal… Some one who has played for a long as Brett should have had more control over his future… Today I live and die a Bear fan….

  • Jon

    Favre wanted to play again.

    Ted didn’t want Favre to play again.

    Ted made a guy who has never started and NFL game the “starting quarterback” to keep Favre away!

    Ted told Favre he could not even COMPETE for the quarterback job!

    Ted made Green Bay the only NFL franchise with a job NOT open to competition!

    Ted even offered Favre $20 million NOT to play!

    But Favre will now play in New York for the Jets!

    Favre wins!

    Ted loses!

    And with any luck Ted will lose his job soon!

  • Brian

    This is a sad, sad day. I never actually thought it would come to this. I had been a Packer fan for all my life, but those days are officially over! I want to see TT fail miserably and be shown the door within a couple years. I never will root for the Packers again. I remorsefully wish Brett luck in New York and hope that he can somehow take them to a Super Bowl championship.

  • Matt

    Jon, look at reality. putting poison in a body will kill it. Bretts comments Tu showed he was GB’s poison. Childishly he said I can’t put anything behind me and move on. And how many open competitions have we had in GB for the last 16 yrs? None I think so where have you been? Minnesota?
    I’m a Packer fan as I have been since I saw my first game in 69. GM’s and quarterbacks come and go but to be a respecitble Packer fan means supporting the team and keeping family disagreements within the family, not trying to publicly torment someone. Go to Philadelphia where that stuff is appreciated.

  • Pete H

    Well Steve, I am from Chicago too. You can’t be that tough if you are going to bail for the Bears. Like their front office has done something positive to win you over. They might have the worst starting offensive talent in the league in the last ten years. stay in Chicago, root for the Bears…just getused to “Rex is our quarterback”

  • AllAboutThePack

    HAHA!! Well Goodbye Steve – you’re a moron… Bears Still SUCK!!! HAHA!!!

  • AllAboutThePack

    And Jon needs to shut his pie hole – HAHA!!! Your man crush should take you straight to the Jets – did you buy that Number 4 Jets jersey already? HAHA!!! Your bitching and complaining has really gotten you nothing – nada… OH! There is some stupid petition website out there to get rid of TT – you should go check it out… I hear each time you sign the petition your IQ drops a few points… LOL…

    The reality is this circus is over – now the only people keeping it going are people like Jon and Steve and others that can’t just except the fact that the future has begun, regardless of what you think… So I say THANK GOD to finalizing the circus and GO PACK GO!!! HAHA!! Oh yeah, and the Bears and Viqueens still Suck!!!

    So Jon, how many colorful metaphors can you throw at me – OH and keep those facts and such coming about how TT and MM and the rest are the worst Mgmt team on the planet and blah blah blah… I’m so looking forward to your angry yet colorful response…

  • Jon


    Your ad hominem attacks betray your intellectual ineptitude. Try something else.

  • AllAboutThePack

    HAHA!! nicely done…

  • Ed

    This should have been so easy.
    1. Favre changes mind.
    2. Ted & Mike welcome Favre, open competition for QB.
    3. QB’s compete for starting position.
    4. Packers Fans enjoy season filled with great competition!

    – I have not liked the attitudes of Thompson and McCarthy (especially McCarthy’s in the last 48 hours before the Favre trade).
    – I believe they are to blame for this debacle.
    – I believe their positions with the Packers should be re-evaluated.
    – Many fans are pushing (or hoping) for their resignations/terminations already.

  • steve

    The future has begun…Sounds like donnie horns back at QB.First of all I called none of you names.I’m a fan of football and over the last 10 yrs. I’ve become a bigger fan of collage FB.I will not buy a jets jersery…It’s a shame that people are tough guys on there pc. It’s easy to shoot off your mouth over a pc. get my drift.. I just hope for these two guys in the front office that what happened to Dan Devine does not happen too them..His kids were beating at school,this house was trashed and they killed his dog… So I dont know how long you’ve been a packers fan… Just a little packer history…. You live there and I don’t… I will be watching my football on Sat. and screw your badgers…

  • TT got a third round pick for a QB he never wanted and shipped him off to the worst possible team. TT wins,congrats. Farve will be lucky if he makes it to the end of the season in one piece. Of course I said that after TT got rid of our starting guards and replaced them with bums. He’s going to be booed, but if he man’s up and gets them to the playoffs we could get a second rounder. I don’t have a problem with a QB that wants to play and start but I do have a problem with the Farve haters, including Al. I’m sure they blame him for every playoff loss. I’m sure they didn’t want him any more than TT. Enjoy. I hope the Packers win but I find this very sad.

  • CheesyD

    Brett’s not in our division and we got good value for him. Good job, Mr. Thompson! I believe Rodgers will be just fine. We have a lot of good, young talent on this team, mixed with the right amount of veteran leadership. We have a solid coach. We should be a playoff contender for years to come.

    To the guy who now declares himself a Bears fan… don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out!

  • david

    well, the good news is – Al can now stop acting like 13 year old girl.

  • CheesyD

    Hey Jon, you can check this out to get your Favre Jets jersey ordered…


  • Larry

    I havent stopped laughing since I heard the news late last night. Them city slickers sure got TT with that, probably third, and he got rid of 12mil. Laughed when I think of Bubba telling Coles to look out for the fast ball and BF throwing against Carroll in practice. Wonder how Brett and Deanna will react to the doorman on the way up to their penthouse; or maybe a three-story brownstone, an estate in Conn. perhaps but he’ll have to ‘copter in. I know, stay in Joisey next to Tony Soprano. Boy, TT sure got snookered.

  • Larry

    Afterthought: 5 games in the west, oh those terrible red-eyes coming home. At Buffalo, at Foxborough, Cleveland. He’ll earn the paycheck this year.

  • Michael Legat

    Becoming a Bears fan because you don’t like the Packer’s front office is like starting a chewing tobacco habit because you’re concerned about the health risks of smoking.

  • scotto

    Well…It’s over…on with the business of playing football….

    GO PACK!!!!!

  • steve

    Well to me it seems like there is alot of 25 to 30 yrs. guys on this board.. I’m 51 and had been a packer fan since 63 and as a kid Ray Nitschke was my hero..Now I take back that I live and die with the bears… I just won’t wear packer gear again.Brett is just just another player and MC and TT wanted him goine after a bad start in o6… So you have young talent..So what.8 men in the box to stop Grant and blitz Rodgers and pop him in the mouth… For 16 yrs. teams tried that agiant Brett and he stood there…How many teams last yr. started the same QB every gane…Four.. So got pack fans the greatest player to ever put on the green and gold has been sent packing and not on his own terms… I guess many of you here are non union…. Walmart workers …

  • Larry

    Steve, you are implicitly, unequivicocally correct in your assertion that eight (8) defensive individuals stopped Grant cold last January. However, the New York Giants were playing against Brett Favre and were daring him to be predictably reckless with the football; to which he eventually succumbed. Not too different than what he, Brett Favre, had done many times previously in other increasingly delicate situations.

  • snyz

    Let the mediocrity begin!

  • paul

    Someone put your money where you mouth is. Who wants to bet me the Packers do not better 8-8? I’ll even go 7-9. I would love for the Pack to have a winning season, but when it comes down to a bet, I would have no problem betting the Pack are less than 500. Please do not respond by stating betting is illegal, we all have bet a buck here and there. Or better yet, I’ll take you out to dinner, anywhere you want to go if the Pack better 500. You just have to take me to Red Lobster or something if I win…any takers?

  • Larry

    Jon, considering the fact that Brett did it in Green Bay all by himself with no help from TT and MM, is it possible that he gets the J_E_T_S in the playoffs and we get a #2?

  • steve

    Vegas odds makers have the over under for wins at 9 for the pack… Like I said in one of my post.. At heart I love collage football anyday of what the pros have become.. But one last note packers fan I was a fan we they SUCKED.. Before Brett came you could not find them on tv.Now with direct tv you can watch a lot of teams that suck on any giving Sunday…Do you really thing Rodgers could have done what Brett did last yr. I don’t think so..The players union needs to address this in there next contact..Thats all I mean. These guys better be right.. on Rodgers .Beause these fans like to hunt…

  • Zach

    Booing Rodgers at the scrimmage was a pretty classy thing to do by all the Brett lovers.

  • Lew

    From Mark Murphy’s statement:

    “Ted, Mike and I, I want to really stress, the three of us have been in complete agreement on every single decision that we have made in this process. I have tremendous respect for both Ted and Mike. Ted has been a true professional through this whole process. In my view, he has no ego. His thought process in every decision is what is in the best interest of this organization. I thought it was really masterful the way that Ted has handled this situation, particularly the trade, in unison with Russ Ball and John Schneider. I just really thought they handled that very”

    Are you f*ing kidding? Seriously, where did we pull this idiot from. Northwested AD-yeah he’s qualified. Harlan would never have allowed this to happen.

    Ted Thompson doesn’t have an ego? If you believe this, then you would eat a turd sandwich if TT said it was ham. This was all about ego. If it was not they would put the best QB on the field. NOT RODGERS.

    I have never been more disppointed or embarrassed as a fan.

  • Jeff

    I am no longer a Packer fan. Fifty years and thousands of dollars spent on the Pack and I will not root, watch or follow the team anymore. If Murphy, Thompson and McCarthy are fired at the end of the season and other members of the board and executive committee resign, I may consider it.

    Do you think there would have been a new Lambeau if Favre hadn’t been there with the best record in the NFL the last 16 years? Do you think veteran players will want to go there now? One of the rallying cries of collective bargaining has been “what about teams like the Packers?” If NFL teams go uncapped like baseball, Green Bay won’t last twenty years. This is the beginning of the end. Green Bay has lost the mystique and that’s what the Jerry Jones have been waiting for.

  • steve

    To Lew and Jeff.Thank you guys..I’am in complete agreement..Any fan who is not upset by this move is not a true Packer fan and knows no history of this team…This team strated and at the end of the game,people passed a hat to pay the players.Fans my age who watch are team in the 60’s and watch them in the 70’s knows how bad this could get..It also sends a message to free agents and are players who are about to be free agents… If they can F#CK Farve what will they do to me…

  • CheesyD

    Sweet! With all you whiners crying about not being Packer fans anymore, I should move up the season ticket waiting list even faster! Thanks!!

  • Michael Legat

    Favre f#cked himself, and free agents will come to Green Bay if we pay them. Welcome to the modern era of football. It’s cold, it’s corporate, and loyalty and fairness are antiquated notions. Things may have been better in the old days, but they are not coming back. I know many people here think that Green Bay is different, but it’s not, for better or worse. You may not like it, but don’t delude yourself into thinking its any different for the other 31 teams in the National Football League.

  • steve

    How many free agents has greenbay signed since Reggie… In the 70′ and 80’s black players did not want to come there… So I hope your ticket comes in or just pony up 350.00 a ticket like most fans… Lets see how they do and if they suck for a couple of yrs. Farve made a bad pass against the Giants but Mc left Al harris out on a island and he was toast all game long…Let see how great MC abd TT. are two yrs. from now. This coach and Gm. are cashing big checks on the player they just dumped…

  • Michael Legat

    Favre is cashing a big check on the coach and GM he spent the last two months crapping on because they bruised his delicate little ego and didn’t beg him to come back. If we still had Sherman and his roster, there’s no way the Jets would be paying him $12 mil to come on board.

    Second, name me the last free agent signing that directly contributed to a Super Bowl team.


    Over at least the last ten years, the Super Bowl champs have been overwhelming homegrown teams – kinda like the Packers. Overpaying for free agents is for armchair GMs whose investment in a football team is three hours on a Sunday.

    I know everybody’s gingerbread house has come crashing down realizing that Brett Favre is just like every other player in the NFL and Green Bay is like every other team in the NFL. Directions change, teams and players part ways, life goes on.

  • Steve

    Every fan should read Jason Whitlock piece on fox sports.. The man is dead on..

  • Larry

    Lew, Steve, Jon, Brian, and Jeff this is a Packer site! Why are all you Jets fans bloging here?

  • CheesyD

    Every fan should read Mark Kriegel’s piece on FOX Sports, The man is dead on.

  • TRIP

    This is was a weak post. Honestly who’s to say that those players care anything about the Packers, perhaps they are genuine Brett Favre fans. And even if they are Packers fans, are you honestly whining because they protested for something they want? HELLO, welcome to America! Welcome to democracy! lol…

    And remember, the Packers do not have an owner. They are owned by shareholders and the group of people most likely included those. Many shareholders did not have a voice in the process. Any other GM in the country would have an owner (who might be the president as well) to consult, to seek a blessing for their upcoming action. The new Murphy does not possess owner power, or half the power of Harlan, for that matter. So its pathetic that you whine because fans (probably shareholders) protested for what they wanted.

    I was very excited about A-Rod until the reality of Favre moving to NY sunk in. Now, I’m not too sure. You can rant all you want Al, but the truth is, the Packers were one Favre interception from the big game last year. But it was Favre who got them there. It was Favre who BY HIMSELF led the team to a 6-1 start before Grant got his first start. There are no signs that Favre could not replicate that success again in Green Bay, regardless of how well he does with the Jets. Your taking the “high road” after you GOT WHAT YOU WANTED is as pathetic a display I’ve seen in a while. TT, MM and MM2 got the trade they wanted, they got rid of the player they wanted, and they better pray that A-Rod was worth it. Brett Favre has equated success in Green Bay. We have never gone farther than what he’s taken us. Success wasn’t there before Favre (70s and 80s), and it might not be after Favre, we’ll see.

    And success after Favre will have nothing to do with this saga and with his reinstatement. He retired but the Packers pressured his decision and did not want him back. They didn’t have to take him in, but they decided to play their cards the way they did. They decided to not trade him earlier on. They prolonged the process by “re-surfacing” the 20-million-dollar-deal to keep him away. They played their cards and this is the result. If it doesn’t work out, I’m not sticking around for 10 years of pathetic football. I’m tough like the guy from Chicago, I’m die-hard for the Packers though I live in Philadelphia. But the Packers are highly questionable to me, right now. I feel pain just thinking about rooting for the Eagles, but who knows.

  • Larry

    One man does not a team make. Favre was not up to par 2 and 3 yrs ago. (Favre Par) Favre had a good yr last yr because of TT and MM. Some of you are forgetting all those “yards after the catch” that added to his stats. This is as good an ending as you could have.

  • Steve

    TRIPP nice post..I don’t see myself rooting for the Bears or the Jets…I ‘ll watch Pac 10 football till am. on Sat. Sunday just chill. I’ve heard both sides. I’ve taking some shots from some people here and a couple of you know know what true green and gold fans are feeling .Pride ,history and what football was like in GB. after Vince left and until Fave came.How is this team better without him.,I don”t no .You now have 3 rookie QB.To fans like Larry who loves the way these two guys do bussness.Have fun watching. Larry the new age packer fan..

  • Lew


    You have the deduction ability of a 13 yr old french prostitute with a drug habit. I have never said anywhere that I am a Jets fan. Being a true Packer fan is why I am so upset. ALL I WANT TO DO IS WIN!!! And this hurts those chances significantly.

    Where this notion comes from that you have to support all decisions made by management completely baffles me. I guess you are all Republicans.

    One point that is not brought up enough is what this has done to the locker room. And please don’t point to the public comments. What % of players in that locker room are furious? 75? 95? Everyone but James Jones? To think that won’t translate onto the field is naive and stupid.

  • CheesyD


    How about showing us how you determined that 75%-95% of the players “are furious”?

    And who said they support “all decisions” made by management? Some here, including me, agree it was best for the Packers that Favre move on. That’s “one” decison, according to my math.

    Wild, baseless claims and gross exaggerations are all I see. You must be a Democrat.

  • Steve

    The train has left the station, I’m going to wait for the next one.My mind is not where it needs to be, to start this football season. I’m going to retire a Greenbay packers fan,even though I know a have a couple of yrs. left in me… I hope my family understands There all Bears fans and I’LL have to watch that g#d d#mm superbowl shuffle all season long..I might have to break the VCR… Sh#t my son says they have it on DVD now.

  • Larry

    Poor, poor, poor Lew and Steve have no where to go but “DA BEARSE”! How can a player who’s locker is not in the locker room solidify same locker room. Rep or Dem, how the heck did that get in the discussion? One does not have to be politically astute to know which side of the aisle any of us are based on our comments. In any case it doesn’t belong in these blogs. Jon, I’m sure the J-E-T-S fans are glad to have ye. Good luck, Brett I want that 2nd next April. Packer Nation solid forever.

  • Steve

    Larry checks his blogs at 6am in the morning…Sounds like Larry needs to get a life or a girlfriend.That might be kind of hard living in your mom and dads mud room…It’s called satire… Get a life,quit looking at your cousin that way!..Stop watching barnyard movies… THIS IS MY LAST POST AND I can see through the light why people call some of you guys Chesse heads. PS. I’m OUT…..Rack Him

  • Larry

    Steve, you little pup, I have great-grandchildren older than you. Satire, huh, I doubt you know what that means vs just plain ignorant. Last post, I find that hard to believe; where else would anyone pay attention to you?

  • jake c.

    jake….whoa, sorry buddy, got my numbers mixed up, way to call me out on a mundane detail. and way to have some faith in the team. i wish people like you would quit wasting true fans’ time and bring your bs to new york with your lord almighty brett favre. you are probably one of the ignorant morons booing rodgers at practice.

    if you’re going to whine and cry about your idol being traded and how thompson, mccarthy, and murphy screwed us, then don’t be a packers fan! plain and simple, isn’t it? some of the people who take favre’s side in this whole ordeal just sound like the most naive little babies. the nfl’s a business, grow up and realize it.

  • camp

    amen jack c, amen

  • Oh, Thanks! Really interesting. keep working!

  • C-U Nomore #4

    I just had to post after reading this stuff. Can someone tell me exactlly how long Brett was supposed to play in Green Bay? I mean damn I was waiting to see him come out in a huveround wheelchair in the next 10 years! Oh well now he can do that after this one season in NY. I do hope the Packers loose every game this year so all the morons that said they wanted it to happen can whine and piss and moan about how they lost every game. l live near Green Bay and I am a fan and have been for years. Although I am embarresed to be one. Anyone from anywhere else in the country must be laughing their ass off reading this board. Reality is NFL football is a business and that goes for Green Bay too. People should just get over it…, drink and Ol Milwaukee, eat some cheese curds and pass out hugging your Brett jerseys. Jets or Pack jersey it doesnt matter. Both will suffice for wiping up your tears, puke, drool etc…