Amid trade rumors Hawk stays classy

If you are looking for an example of phrase the Packers’ front office uses most often when evaluating players, look no further than A.J. Hawk. The Packers are always looking for “Packer people” and in A.J. Hawk they found one, whether or not he is traded in the near future.

Hawk has been the center of the storm it seems since the No. 5 pick in the 2006 draft didn’t play a down on defense against Philly last week. This week it appeared the Packers were showcasing him for a trade by playing him almost every snap from scrimmage. The reason for his playing time the first two games may never be known for sure but Hawk has handled it with pure class.

If this quote isn’t the quote of a class act, then I don’t know what is:  “In my situation right now, that’s how it is. But I don’t feel like I’m out there trying to prove myself to anybody. That wouldn’t help me play as good as I want to. I know for the team to be at is best, I need to be at my best.”

I know “class acts” don’t make tackles and sack the quarterback, but at least we know that as long as Hawk is a Green Bay Packer we will be getting his best. Quite the opposite of many other high-profile NFL players who may have been in the same situation. Even if it would help us I would hate to see the Packers trade a guy like Hawk for a guy like Marshawn Lynch. There has to be a better option.

I like what I saw in the two carries Dimitri Nance had and the fact that he was even active means the Packers see something in him. The trade deadline isn’t for a few weeks so I hope the Packes don’t do something desperate like the Vikings are about to do.

I also don’t want to see Larry Johnson here. For one, we don’t have a roster spot to “rent” for a few weeks before we find out what the Redskins released him for, so exposing somebody you like for a guy like Johnson is not worth it. Nance has much more upside even in the short term.

The Packers still need to be able run the ball, you can’t just abandon the running game. Because of the weather you can not count on the pass in December and January in Green Bay, so no matter who is getting the ball, if the Packers are going to get where they want to get, somebody will have to step their game up.

There are only 12 teams in my fantasy league and I can’t find anybody decent to replace Reggie Bush, how the hell are you going to do it for real in a 32 team league? Losing Ryan Grant is going to be one hellavu tester. Having a lot of guys with the same attitude of A.J. Hawk on the roster makes me feel a lot more confident that we can overcome Grant’s loss. Packer people.

More to come…

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  • Steve Cheez

    Good point on AJ, Al. I’ve seen lots of comments dissing his impact, but never anything hinting that he’s not giving it 100%. Didn’t Lombardi say something about taking heart over ability, because it’s the one thing you can’t teach.

  • Hawk is pretty much in the same boat as Kampman. Great player and person, wrong defense.

    • Kevin Roth


  • Big Ron, the druggist

    As classy as he may be, it doesn’t warrant a job with the Pack. Last time I checked, it takes talent. Trade him to the skins for Clint Portis.

    • Portis is washed up. Maybe a year, maybe two left in him. Never would happen anyways since TT takes the ‘Logan’s Run’ view of RB’s – that is, done when you’re 30.

      • tom

        NOPE A.J.Hawk is NOT going anywhere!!!!!!!!!!! However Justin Harrel SHOULD!!!!!!!!! Talk about useless, Harrel is Thanks Uncle Ted!!

  • Last time I checked he had 4 tackles and 5 assists against a running team. He stops the run and is a starter albeit a reach at #5. Thats water over the dam guys, he has paid his dues with all this talk since he was drafted – enough!
    Hawk contributes in the 3/4, Kampy didn’t, its that simple.
    I agree, give Nance a chance. We know the Bjax limitations, sameO, sameO, want to start listing his atributes – short list?
    Hey Al, bring on those December/January dates with our 2 FBs in there – don’t need to dance.

  • Packer’s Advocate

    Me thinks…………………………………..
    1. Why are all the fans pissed off w/Childress???? Favre is in charge there!!!!! He can have 3 turnovers a game for the rest of the year and Childress can’t do anything about it.
    2. They gotta get Vicent Jackson at whatever cost. They’re paying Favre what???? $20 mil. this year. Just hope the Chargers stick it to them good!!!!!!!
    3. Kevin (dip-shit Viking fan) Siefert expects the Bears and Packers to put their best pass rushers over what is expected to be back up LT’s for both teams. Nope…. Put our second best over their LT to win the one on one battles and let CM3 roam around and win the one on one battles against the decent players he normally wins anyway. Heavy pressure from two spots and the blitz spot also, when applicable.

    Packers by 7 or so. They’re a better team. But Bears play at home.

    • You’ve got it PA. We know where Urlacker and Peppers will be; do they know where CM, Woodson, or Williams will be coming from? You think Bulaga won’t have something to prove? Has the CHI passing game bettered itself from last year, even with a new role for Forte? Greg Olsen continues to be their man………..I know our D is better than last year at this time and so is our O. This is the game we break loose – and lets not start that woe is us crap if we bomb on the first 3 and outs. Games are 60 minutes, don’t forget it!

  • Packer’s Advocate

    And how about some mis-direction runs to loosen up the running game??? And a screen or two???? Then again, who knows, maybe MM has a certain way he wants the called plays to flow through the whole year???? Think I’d be laying out a big picture for the year in the preseason if it were me…..

  • Jamie Schliesmann


    • Rick

      Caps Lock is on Jamie…..

      You of course are correct that stats are dictated by scheme and with a AJ not in the nickel he will have some games off.

      What irks me is someone that uses all caps and then misses the obvious—-

      Hawk stated he would accept a trade which started the discussion.

      So pull your panties out of your crack and turn off the Caps Lock

  • Lew

    You are right, Hawk is a good guy. And while not everyone plays as hard it is not uncommon at all…He is simply not good. It has nothing to do with the defense. He can’t shed blocks to stop the run/blitz and clearly can’t cover. He is a backup quality player. If we could get Lynch, or anybody else who could help us win this year I think you have to do it…team is looking good. trading someone like Hawk is not a “rash move”. Andre Rison was not a great human being but was instrumental in the super bowl run. Who is to say that Lynch couldn’t be that person this year. He may not be but I see no downside.

  • Aj may be classy, but when I watch him he seems to be the last guy in the picture. When a play is made, and you see the the long blond hair, it’s never Hawk!

  • monty

    well Im glad to see we are all pretty much in agreement about the Packer running game. AL ya keep stealing my thunder lol…groovy! The current stable of backs is pretty weak, well Kuhn and Action Jackson, if we have to rely on those two we are hurtin. Im sure Nance will get more chances to prove his salt. I have to eat crow again and give Ole Ted a break in wanting to draft Lynch in 2007….we would have been way ahead instead of trying to nurse Harrell to health each year, thank you Buffalo….and now of course they want a second rounder for him from what I hear. We all know Uncle Teddy isnt gonna give up that high of a pick for anyone. It would just be nice to have a featured back like we had with Grant. Look how long it took us to discover what we had in Grant. Either way, Its time to kick some Bear hinee (butt in english). And Im with everyone else, we dont need any retreads like Johnson or Parker. Bettis was available (is)? He wasnt too bad for a stop gap. Go Pack!!

  • chops in OHIO

    AJ Hawk is a bust.!!!! He is the typical OSU linebacker, great college player soso Pro. If we can get Lynch, Tashard Choice,Barber, or even Fred Jackson for Hawk i would take it in a Minute…We need help in the running game before they stack 8 in the box and kill our real Franchise player in Rodgers..

    • Eight in the box puts one on GJ deep outside, one on Finley down the middle, and one on DD crossing about 10 yds deep, to say, oh I don’t know, maybe a TE slips out late on the other side -would love to see it. But then, would they be eight in the box w/ a two TE set, dunno! Sure a lot of guys here that should be coaching as I see it.

    • You only use 8 in the box if you are afraid of the run game and this opens up passing lanes. The problem we have is if the run isn’t respected we’ll have blitzers coming from every angle and variable defenses on every down. One time all out blitz the next 8 in coverage.The run game is also vital in bad weather as we saw in the ’07 championship and to shorten games and keep the ball away from hot offenses. Right now I can’t sat we have a run game that will be given any respect.

  • mel e mel

    The St. Louis Rams start 3 Ohio State Linebackers. Against a Martz offense he may not play again next week. Hawk was done when he couldnt beat out Barnett for the MLB job under the old system. We just couldnt see it then.

    • Rick

      He was to be the MLB and allow Barnett to go outside in the 4-3. MLB required sideline to sideline speed and run stopping. Minimal coverage. Hawk was a great fit. Barnett is just a better all round LB

    • And yet……there he is. That Capers is so dumb, and they haven’t even tried to replace him!!!

  • PACKERS will go back-wards just thinking about TRADE-ING AJ…It would be like a Trade of ATLANTA MAGNITUDE……you know a certain # 4……… HOPE THIS ALL IS NOTHING BUT ARM-CHAIR FANTISY FOOTBALL COACH’S RANTS….VINCE would keep him… AJ FITS the mold he always looked for….( HART, BALLS & BRAINS )…….DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT !!!

  • darnell helton

    it would be a great trade hak for lynch it would be great for both guy’s……not to take anything away frow hawk ,,he’s doing something we wish we all could do he’s just not doing it for the packers…keep it real…it time to move on hawk …take the money and run ,,you’re just taking up oxgen in green bay…just because you we’re drafted high dosent mean you’re player the thought you we’re keeping it real …..we all know it a politic thing with foootball and players some of you are players and some of you are ballers hawk is just a player..there are ballers waiting in the wings.if that wasnt a fact we wouldnt be having this conversation…just keeping it real

    • Gee, good idea darnell, we can just replace him (Hawk) with an injured Bishop, right on, baby!

  • Rick

    So AJ is a quality guy that can not beat out the main MLB but is solidly the second best on the team. His only black mark is that he has only average coverage skills to go with his good run stopping.

    If we play Nickel he is the third best coverage option and we when we only need 2 LBs or 1 LB on the field he does not play in Nickel, Dime, Psycho, or Quarter.

    He does play in 4-3, 3-4 , 3-4 Strong, 3-4 Weak, Nickel Plus, Dime Plus, Goal Stand, and Goal Blitz. He also has been used to stunt with CM3 in the 3-4 to seal the outside against runs while CM3 comes in on delay blitz, or TE hot coverage.

    Long way of saying that he may not be perfect but he is at the top of our team in quality LB play. Brad Jones would die trying to do Hawk’s job inside. We keep Hawk happy by trying to play him when scheme allows and we try to renegotiate his contract unless we receive an offer we can not refuse this off season.

    • Well, Hawk did not turn out to be Urlacher, but then Urlacher is not Urlacher any more either – so what? He is doing his job, and until something better comes along he’ll be there every Sunday. He has to re-write his contract and everybody, including his agent knows it. I’m betting he is in GB next year and our 1st pick is a running back if one is available (w/o a reach) at #32 next draft. Given the injury history it wouldn’t surprise me if Hawk out-lives Barnett in GB.

  • roy jamison

    I agree with Al..No Larry Johnson. He is as good as John Brockington was after too many carries. As for Average Joe…he’s gotta go, probably after this year is up.