Packers to stay alive

I am extremely nervous about this game. Mike McCarthy does not have a good record in close games and this game will almost certainly be close. The only way it is a blowout is if the Giants win big.

I don’t see that happening though, so I’ll say Packers win 23-20. Packers stay alive another week. I’ll be at Lambeau today but will try to get some Tweets in – @packernet.

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  • Cody

    I look at it this way. If we are within 10 points going into the 3rd quarter we will win the game. Our 3rd quarters have been amazing this year, and the g-men collapse in the 2nd half.

  • Well, it appears early that Nance can hit a hole and change direction.

  • Cody

    well so much for a slow start! lets just not do what the giants did last week!

    • Yeah, why do we all complain about the slow starts when we have out scored our opponents 73 – 34 in the first quarters. I, for one, was no way aware of that stat….!

      • Take it easy on me; I just answered my own question. How dumb, thats only 5 pts per game.

        • Steve Cheez

          Yeah, but it’s two for the other guys

  • Screw the penalty on Bush, what the hell do we have to do to get our returners to head up the field?

  • Doesn’t going sideways on a return totally negate the blocking scheme??????

  • iccyfan

    Halftime and you can mark me down as officially concerned. I prognosticated we’d get our heads out of our asses and win this one going away. Instead, we’re again skittering away opportunity after opportunity and allowing the Giants to stay in the game. Jordy with the fumble and Collins blowing the interception, along with Woodson falling down and Tramon misplaying it, has left us in a ballgame. We should be up huge. Giants get the ball to start the second half and for the first time all season, I’m actually scared of what I anticipate lies ahead.

    Note: None of this is McCarthy’s fault. As always, players need to make plays. Not Ted’s fault either; all four players I cited as making mistakes are “mainstays”. Our Packers don’t make many blunders per game; just seems the ones we do are killers…

  • cc

    I must say the PACKERS CAME TO PLAY FOOTBALL TODAY!!!!!!!!

  • iccyfan

    Cool. I can’t wait to play the Bears in Lambeau! Apologies to the board for my momentary loss of faith…

  • TRIP


  • CheesyD

    Bring on the Be*rs!!

    • Steve Cheez

      Let’s make crybaby Cutler look like crybaby Eli

  • Larry

    Anyone besides me think James Jones is SO OVERRATED! The guy can’t catch in cold weather with gloves and probably would fumble anyway. TRADE JJ for a 3rd rounder or a KO guy.

  • PackerPete

    What a great way to get ready to absolutely destroy the sucky bares next week and then the week after as well..

    We will expose those windy assed frauds.

    Now on to the bad news…

    James Jones is a casualty. He will not be back in GB. Let him walk and draft a receiver we can develop and count on. He is waaayyyyyy toooooo inconsistent.

    I would be much more in favor of opening the bank for Cullen Jenkins.

    Our ST were more special ed than special teams. NO coverage at all, starting near the 40 all day long. where are the players?? cant anyone run down the stinking field??? And why do our returners run laterally instead of past would=be tacklers like Ginn did today. It isnt that hard, we need some returners with courage and some players to actually get in the way of some opponents instead of each other. Maybe this will happen with a new coach teaching schemes that actually work in the NFL.

    Why didnt someone tell Shields to move his ass up to the 10 and field the kick under control?? He was running up to catch the ball far faster than he hit any seams once he got the ball. Coaching deficiency once again.

    Bye Bye Slocum… PLEASE!!!!!

    OK, better thoughts…

    In Chicago we went up and down the field on the bares, we will own them in Lambeau. We need to come out and punch them right between the eyes and get our line involved with some running plays, really challenge our boys to start the game by dominating, then let ARod loose to destroy them completely. Hopefully only using Jones as a decoy since he simply cannot be counted on to make a catch.

    Jennings is en fuego!! Lets get him involved early and get Driver tha ball a little more, we will need him and his fearlessness in the playoffs, might as well get him involved next week.

    • Jeff

      McCarthy needs to watch the tape of we we beat the Bears in Lambeau in 2008 , we ran first and established the treches and then Rodgers toyed with them.

  • DelGBFan

    Another game the Packers win that surprises everyone.

    • dave76

      Not me! Eli throws alot of picks and we have some ball hogs on D! Dom, once again, had an awesome game plan for our D!

  • EARL Z

    A great win for the Pack. Let’s kick Duh Bears butt next week!

  • Dan

    Nice win for the Packers. Another coach going to lose his job after the Packers show his team unprepared. Unlike the Cowboys, Giants will replace Coughlin after the season.

    Onto the Bears. Packers are the better team on offense/defense. Job # 1 this week is to have the special teams prepared. It’s better to punt the ball 10 yards shorter and out of bounds than to let the Bears ST win the game.

    Just like this week, the Packers need to get the lead early. Put pressure on Cutler and the Bears.

  • Zach

    We put pressure on Cutler the way we did today on Eli, we will dominate. Some qb’s can’t hold up to the pressure, and these two are prime examples.

    Plus, get rid of Slocum now, no need to eff up ST’s next week.

  • Skyler

    John Kuhn has got TRUE GRIT. He has the intanigible each team dreams of having. He is a huge factor…. A player who inspires everyone to play harder.

  • iccyfan

    Where’re Jimmy of the 3’s and Kevin? I need them to explain to me how our season is over, TT sucks and MM can’t coach! I know a few others also voiced their desire that the Packers finish 8-8 to hasten the departure of the present management team. What’s wrong with you people!?!

    I also think the gloomy twins, PackerPete and Packer-Bob, requested crow be on the menu if the Packers prevailed. In your defense, at least you guys wanted the Packers to win…

    • dave76

      Amen, brother!!!!

  • Jeff

    The Bear defense has not been the same since they were exposed in Detroit, since then they have given up 36 points to the Pats and 34 to the Jets and say what you want about Favre, hew was going to have a big game against thhem last week too.
    The Bears have to claw and scap for their points , the Packer offense whn it is on lookd like a machine.
    The Bear defense is coming down to earth , I have been saying all year if you protect the ball against them you can put 30 points on them because the middle of the field is open all day long against them.
    The Packer defense has a better pass rush than the Bears and a superior secondary.
    The only ways for the Bears to win this game is to do it on special teams or play a turnover free game with the Packers turning it over 4 times.
    The Bears are one and done in the playoffs , they gave up 34 points to a Sanchez lead offense that could not score if no defense was on the field.

  • So now its one down, one to go. A win assures there will be no more talk (at least in house) re a MM dismissal and we probably should knock it off too. If he can run w/ this OL then he can coach. TT will continue to try to build the OL and replace the tackles. I think he goes long too much as well, but what do I know – If Jennings and Jones are open deep I guess Arod should fire?
    That leaves the STs to be fixed whether it be personnel, coaching, or teaching. I don’t know if its the injury factor or not, I have not heard a solution other than gunners, runners, tacklers, or blockers – DUH! I just cannot see drafting high (1, 2, or 3) until every other position is two deep in depth.
    Every week anyone can point to a game won or lost maybe because of Specials, but like today so many of our games are pretty much O and D like the other fifteen games. Seems to me the STs only count when you are evenly matched everywhere else.

  • CheesyD

    This just in…

    Aaron Rodgers is pretty good.

  • Put this in the pot and stir.
    We come down pretty hard, constantly, on MM-Campen-Slocum (even TT) for player performance.
    But, looking at our backs game after game running into the behinds of the OL (Grant-Bjax-Nance-Starks, they all do it) Why is Edgar Bennett such a sacred cow?
    The only one who can get by with it is Kuhn; add him to my warrior list. Grit is right!

    • dave76

      I’ve liked his style from the begining. The guy runs like a wild bull that is hard to bring down.

  • Great win at home but the Bears should be much tougher. They would love to bury us on our home field. And, I hope we don’t underestimate them. They have a knack for winning with less talent because of ST’s and takeaways. We had more weapons in the first meeting and their O-line was worse than now. So we have to prove we’ve learned something from that loss.

  • Larry

    The bears have “one of those seasons going” every bounce goes their way…if we learn anything it needs to be DON’T KICK TO HESTER!!! We’re better on O, equal on D, DON’T KICK TO HESTER!

    • Odd how “those seasons” coincide with Hester getting hot. I agree Larry. It would also be good if Jones hangs onto the ball and MM figures out how to end close games.

    • dave76

      You’re right about Hester, kicking to him is borderline suicide. He reminds me of the type of year Howard had for us in 96. Everytime Hester touches the ball, he has potential to score. We can’t give him any chances on STs.

      • Steve Cheez

        So should we kick to Hester?

      • Steve Cheez

        Maybe we’re better off going for it on every 4th down? Maybe somebody out there smarter than me can run the odds.

  • Three Lakes Terry

    I give great credit to MM for getting the team ready to play yesterday. The Packers played a terrific overall game and at the end were so dominant that there were no end of the game management decisions to be made. Guess the answer is to beat them up big so the end of the game management and decisions do not come into play. If we get on the Bears early it will lead us to the playoffs. If it is a close game somewhere, somehow MM will keep us out of the playoffs. I sure hope that we beat the Bears up big time.

  • Yes, Jones is inconsistant, but when he’s good he’s very, very good.
    Do any of you old timers think of Jones and Nelson backing up Jennings and Driver like Grabowski and Anderson backing up Hornung and Taylor? Does Kuhn remind you of Brockington, except that Brock was a featured back? Can Rodgers and Flynn get like Bart and Brat?
    What the hell, this has been a good season reminding me of the injury laden 6-10 except for the final record. Anybody notice the Bearse are 7-1 in the last eight, like we finished last year? We’re going to be ready next Sunday; like MM said the playoffs started yesterday.

  • packerpete


    I got exactly what I wanted.

    I am no gloom and doomer.

    Here are the stats to prove I knew exactly what I wrote about concerning our LB’s

    Defense T-A SCK INT FF
    D. Bishop 7-2 0.0 0 0
    A. Hawk 5-1 0.0 1 0
    C. Matthews 5-0 0.0 0 1
    N. Collins 3-2 0.0 1 0
    S. Shields 3-1 0.0 1 0
    H. Green 2-1 0.0 0 0
    E. Walden 2-0 0.0 0 0
    What a game by our LB corps! Even Walden chipped in with 2 tkls.

    Outstanding effort and results by all especially BJ Raji, this kid is absolutely DOMINANT!!!

    I hope Kruetz straps it up next week, I am going to be looking at Raji and hope to see him break Kruetz’s legs and trample the dirty bastard into the Lambeau turf. I really hate that guy.

    Go Pack Go! It’s Bares weak!!!!!

    • The “Gravedigger” with brains…..!

    • iccyfan

      All in good fun, PessimisticPete! 🙂 No doubt you got what you wanted…

  • sammy

    I just worry about inconsistency now. Good game, then lay and egg. I can’t deal with that anymore. I hope we keep truckin’, and if we lose, I hope we are beat by the opponent and not ourselves.

    • sammy

      an egg….sorry

      • Steve Cheez

        Al, what would it cost us to subscribe to a version of Peckernet that includes spell check?

    • When you’re right, you’re right Sammy, but I wish you were more possitive. Man, look at whats happening to the coaching profession. Singletary, and now maybe Sparano. Shanahan not doing much with all those $$ and FAs at his disposal and Fisher not happy. Coughlin? Wow, maybe we should support MM harder and help him with a new OC-but, would he ever let anyone else call plays while he watches the clock?

      • sammy

        agreed, I will try to be more positive! I think we are getting hot at the right time. Mathews is really looking like a stud again….love that guy. His hammy/shin must be getting better.

    • Talk about inconsistancies, what about Clifton? We need a pair of starting tackles either from the draft or existing roster. But, Cliffy, how do you rate the guy when its so up and down? Like Jones he plays like an All-Pro one week and a bum the next, go figure. I’ll tell you the player I’m going to be most interested in over the off season and thats Quarless. Another one with Finley potential if he gets his head on straight. Can you imagine that two-TE set in a year or two?

      • dave76

        Two TE set. Kind of like Chmura and Jackson? Pretty good combo! Like the potential LT!

      • Well, you know dave a lot of people talk about the tandem RBs in the league, but there is also a trend towards two TE sets as well. Could be a reason we keep so many TEs and FBs beyond Special Team usuage. No doubt Jackson coming out of retirement (because of REGGIE) made Chewy a better TE. Too bad he was only here for a couple of years, but he sure was an upgrade from Ed West even at the end of both of their careers.

      • iccyfan

        This is just my theory, but I think Quarless is the contingency plan if Finley proves to be too costly to resign at the end of his rookie contract. Assuming Quarless develops along the Finley curve, it’d be sweet to have the two of them on the same squad, but not something I really expect. Unfortunately, Andrew seems to be having trouble with where he’s supposed to be; I think Rodgers burned a couple time-outs when he was unsuccessful in getting Quarless in place. Probably also explains why Crabtree was in there so much…

      • Good theory for this year, but we get Havner back next year and for whatever else he is a terror in the red zone. Q just doesn’t seem to get it, unlike Finley who was too big for his britches last year. Havner is head and shoulders above Q on the specials so who knows. Sure hate to cut a specimen like that with so much raw talent (ie Q) because he can’t pick things up.

      • dave76

        Keeping multiple TEs certainly makes sense with MM coaching. He obviously likes to pass more than run, so maybe he is trying to develope a tandem TE punch for next year when Finley comes back. That would also draw more coverage downfield and benefit the run. And with Rodgers at control, we could pick apart any D. Finley could have the same effect on Quarless as Jackson did with Chmura( like you said). Hopefully the more Quarless plays, the better he will understand and run his routes properly. We have discovered so much talent through injuries, that it’s going to be difficult to keep everyone happy. ( That’s a good problem to have next year) It’s going to be fun watching the developement of our TEs.

        • Rick

          Great observation Dave

  • Rick

    Can the Packers D force turnovers and can AR and the offense deal with the Bears very good D?

    This game will tell us.

    We all thought it may be for the division a few weeks ago but depending on the Falcons/Saints game it could be for the Bears a #1 seed and the Packer’s playoff life. Should be a fun one to watch.

  • Packer_Bob


    I will gladly eat crow! The Packers are just so frustrating this year–I think I felt like what Al expressed in his post, that there was no way this game would be a blow out and therefore the chances of us winning would be low.

    But what a beat down we issued the G-men and Lord knows we needed it! The reality is it is extremely difficult to know which Packer team is going to show up week to week. I guess I got too down on them after losing at Atlanta and NE, in addition to the horror show against Detroit. It’s easy to forget we could have won the Atlanta game and should have won the NE game. Even the Detroit loss is a little easier to take considering they now have won three in a row and anybody paying attention realizes they could easily have several more wins as well.

    Anyway, I liked the fact that we kept running the football and Rodgers and the receiving corps had a hell of a game. Yesterday looked like the football team that about a month ago made me feel like we could play with anybody. Now, after NE and New York I KNOW we can and just hope we WILL. Also, the Giants have been horrible about protecting the football, so odds are we can’t count on six TO’s against the Bears or anybody we’re likely to see in the playoffs. (I know several of the TO’s were forced by us, especially the two fumbles, but some of the picks were horrible throws into coverage and one was a missed call by the refs.)

    But I am back to feelinG like we have a chance to get into the playoffs now, and if 07 Giants and 08 Cardinals have shown anything, it is that getting hot and playing your best ball when it matters is all that counts. I think about how great it would be to get in the playoffs and knock out the Bears, and I know how much a Bear fan will be thinking about how sweet it would be to clinch a first round bye AND end our season in one fell swoop right in front of our fans. What a game to end the season! And what a game yesterday to get us to the point where next Sunday matters!

  • P-B, the best part of the offense was MM sticking with the run. I think he’s finally starting to be more patient. The best part of the D was the play of Raji forcing the middle. But neither of those will help our ST or the Bears ball stripping ability. These things can be dealt with by preparation and focus. This will be a real test of our coaching staff.