Packers-Giants Game Blog

3:18 PM: Wow! Haven’t even started my blog and the Giants lead. My prediction was 27-24 on a late Crosby field goal. Might have to update that to 37-34. We’ll see how the offense does.

3:27 PM: Guys wide open everywhere and Rodgers throws it away? How can he be rattled already? Off to a rough start as usual.

3:44 PM: Looks like a shootout. Packers’ defense as usual giving up big play after big play. Like every other game this year the offense will have to keep up for a while until the defense gets their shit together.

3:48 PM: 14-7 Giants. Man it would be nice to have just a little semblance of a defense. Wow, that was a bad call by the replay official. Only 10-7. I’ll take it.

4:01 PM: Packers’ much maligned defense does it again. Matthews with a pick six.

4:14 PM: Giants’ defense has the Packers’ offense in check. Can the defense make another play? I think we need it. Nice punt by Masthay.

4:35 PM: This new found commitment to the running game is odd. Trying to slow the pass rush I guess, but not working.

4:43 PM: Nice drive by the offense. Double-D with the TD catch. Come on D, let’s take a lead into halftime.

4:53 PM: Worst kick of the year by Crosby to close the half. Makes me even more confident he’ll hit the game winner today.

4:49 PM: Looks like a 21-17 halftime lead. Pretty good considering we haven’t played all that well.

5:25 PM: That was sweet! Rodgers to Jennings and a 28-17 lead! Let’s see that shutdown defense we are going to need in the playoffs, now that we are officially in, win or lose.

5:28 PM: So much for that.

5:35 PM: Defense breaks that time. This game is on Rodgers again.

5:40 PM: What happened to our timing passes. Giants defense play well after getting embarrassed last week.

5:46 PM: Giants are doing everything they said they would. I think the Packers back into a division title when the Saints beat the Lions tonight. How ironic, our first loss wins the division title.

5:52 PM: Eli Manning picking apart the Packers’ defense, this is ugly. Still, 11-1 and division champs is a good thing.

5:58 PM: Looks like the streak is over. Woodson out with a concussion, offense stymied, this will take a huge gut check to overcome.

6:00PM: Finley sucks!

6:12 PM: Hard to figure out why the Packers all of a sudden can’t catch the ball. Finally a week where they are not ready to play I guess. We still have a chance though. One big play.

6:19 PM: Rodgers not on target today.

6:26 PM: Can the defense for once calm our nerves? The worst we can do is overtime. Make sure Crosby kicks it out of the zone.

6:28 PM: Nope.

6:33 PM: Coming down to a two-point conversion it looks like.

6:39 PM: We gave them a good run. 17 straight. Only to lose to Eli Manning. That sucks. Over and out.

6:49 PM: I called it? You can thank me later.

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  • dd

    I hope the Packers win this game

  • iccyfan

    Well, this is exactly the scenario all the experts were saying would be required for the Packers to lose, namely Rodgers having an “off game” and breaks going the way of the opponent. Zebras missing some obvious stuff – Finley pulled down by safety on a third down, Pierre-Paul jumping off a guy on the final FG attempt. Oh well, I’m not too worried about it one way or the other; I still think the Packers prevail. Rodgers collects himself at half-time and carves up the G-Man secondary in the second half…

  • 4205

    Wow waste their second challenge

  • 4205

    Should be a catch – not going to ground so ok

  • iccyfan

    Enough trying to get Finley re-established! Where’s Nelson in this game?

  • LarryAz

    Do ya think Aikman favors anybody but the Packers? This reporting is terrible considering we are ahead.

  • 4205

    Six dropped passes and refs call illegal contact One out of five times. I’d keep doing it too

  • Scot

    Chris Canty faking an injury to give the Giants offense more time for when they get the ball back. Sickening. Are you watching this Roger????

  • dd

    that was one UGLY WIN!!!!!

  • iccyfan

    Good call on the last second Crosby FG, Packer Al! I’m very happy with this victory. Our Packers needed a gut-check game; we got one and responded. I’ll worry about the defense tomorrow – tonight I celebrate!!!

    My only angry complaint tonight will involve the Fox coverage we’ve had to watch all season long. Aikman, Buck and Mike Pereira can all kiss my butt – Fox needs to assign a broadcast crew that isn’t so anti-Packer!!!

    • LarryAz

      Yeah, Aikman was pretty blatent today with his adjectives. Damn those Giants are great. I didn’t remember giving him that bad of a time all those years ago…………! He has to give Rodgers credit, but he does it begrudgingly.

      • dave76

        Aikman has Cowboy blood, he will always be anti-Packer as much as he can get away with.

  • Scot

    Does Woodson have a concussion?

  • Mark

    Another exciting win. Even better than the others. This time the offense was on the field at the end of a close win.

  • dave76

    Clay was a beast today! What a game this was. Giants fought hard, that’s for sure. Good teams find a way to win, Packers wanted this one a little more. 12-0 sounds awesome to me!!

  • cheesy

    Great win Packers!! Arod has an off day and still proves why he is going to be the league MVP.
    Whatever happened to BJ Raji?? Mason Crosby usually has as many tackles per game as BJ. It looks like he takes a lot of plays off.

    • Mark

      cheesy, Raji needs help to excel. Pickett seems to be slowing down, Howard Green isn’t doing as well as the end of last year, Wynn simply isn’t as good as Jenkins and probably wouldn’t be starting on any other NFL team. On top that the rookie inside backers can’t fill or blitz as well as the regulars. Without Raji as well as CMIII things would be a lot worse. I’m hoping Neal can take Wynn’s job so he can go back to being a backup where he belongs, it would help the whole defense.

  • Steve

    We win and take the division, you were almost TOTALLY right with your prediction today. Next goal – clinch home field advantage.

    • Scot

      I think if we win our next game we get a first round bye. It will probably take until week 16 or 17 before we can get homefield, with the way the 49ers are playing.

  • Jeff

    I can not believe there are air heads who voted here saying we would not go 16-0 , get over yourselves , we are going 16-0 , nobody is beating us , we took the best shot from a physical Giant team at home who played it like a Super Bowl and we still won , nobody on this schedule that can beat us,
    Oakland got roasted in Miami , forget them…
    Kansas City is garbage , they can not sack the QB and they do not have a touchdown other than the fluke in Chicago in the last 31 quarters , nobody with a brain better say they could lose in KC…..
    The Bears with Cutler and Fote or without them are gettin blown away on Christmas Day , they just do not match up well with us….
    The Lions have lost 20 in a row in Wisconsin and with the weather being un dome like in January they will not win this year either.
    Packers are going 16-0 and will have the #1 seed and they have never failed to win it all when they finish with the best record in their conference.

  • Larry

    Tough game…great win!

  • JackW

    Dangit Al! You need to learn it ain’t over til it’s over! And I need to find a better way to follow games from Scotland than this blog, which is more of a complement to the game than an informative log… Packernet’s been a brilliant resource in the last five years of my following the Pack, but being able to see only two GB games a season if I’m lucky at local sports bars isn’t cutting it any more.

  • Deek

    What a weekend to be a Wisconsin football fan! Badgers going to the Rose Bowl and the Pack 12-0!

    The next big weekend, 1-1-12 Pack goes 16-0 and 1-2-12 Badgers win the Rose Bowl!

    Go Pack Go
    Go Badgers Go

  • Pierre

    The games are all on Rodgers and the offense outscoring other teams. A lot of dropped passes made his job a lot more challenging. The running game remains pathetic; how many more weeks are they gonna waste running Grant at 2 yards a pop…just release him and see what Saine can do. Get Starks ready for the playoffs. The defense regularly gives up over 400 yards a game and any QB can pile up yards against them. It is gonna catch up with them this year and possibly cost them the Super Bowl…unless they can make some improvements on D and get Bishop and Hawk back healthy and get an effective pass rush from Neal going forward. This has to be the most inept defense on a 12-0 NFL team ever however it does magnify just how excellent Rodgers is playing the QB position.

    • iccyfan

      C’mon Pierre! The Saints’ SB winning defense was just like ours in 2011. And other than two good pass-rushing DE’s, those Colt defenses were never very stellar. Oh wait, maybe that’s why they’ve only won one SB with Peyton Manning behind center. Excellent points in all categories!!!

      I guess yesterday should make us appreciate Bishop and Hawk more. With two youngsters at ILB and Peprah, the middle of the field was there to be plundered. Yet we still won!!!

    • LarryAz

      With one exception; those 2yd pops pull in the LBs just enough for Finley to have a field day in the middle. That would have been an entirely different score ending w/o the drops. Game plan was solid.

    • AATP

      I’ve been watching the Saints light up defenses much like our offense does. If it comes down to the Packers and Saints in the Championship game it could come down to whoever has the ball last. Could be a 1200 yard combined game. Saints are playing exactly the same way we are every week only they have a little better run game than we do… I’m really hoping to see something epic happen with our defense that stops this bleeding like they are… I know it’s not about the yards but whether we can weather a storm, which we’ve done to this point but at this point the Saints scare me a little. Regardless of Jeff’s enthusiasm I just don’t see us getting past the Saints in a shoot-out unless our defense improves (or we could hope for an upset by one of the other teams that get in the play-offs) 🙂

      • Mark

        AATP, the Saints are an entirely different team away from home. Thank goodness we beat them week 1 and will likely get them at home in the playoffs.

  • iccyfan

    Why are all my postings now “awaiting moderation”? Did I do something to anger board management or is it like this for everybody? It didn’t used to be like this…

    • Mark

      iccy, everyone’s getting that.

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  • LarryAz

    I’m w/ Jeff re NO…..! Why, we’re better of course and we’ll be at home.
    Compare common opponents YTD. Tampa: They split, we both won at home. STL: We won at home, they lost away. Bearse: We both won by almost identical scores but ours was in their park, they were in the dome. DET: Same story they won at home, we won in their dome, almost, again by identical scores. CAR: Both won away by almost identical scores. ATL: Both win, away, same scores, wash. Last NYG: Once again we both won, but we in their ball park.
    What’s to be afraid of they already have three losses, one of them to us?
    Again, we’ll have to see what the injury report is the day before the game if there is one, but unless we lose three WRs and a TE we won’t lose.
    We’re home again, lets concentrate on Palmer.

  • Larry

    GB dropped passes and colder weather unfortunately go hand in hand. The weather at the Meadowland was extremely moderate yesterday and really shouldn’t explain the drops but we have a number of players that don’t catch well in the cold IMO. Finley, Jennings and Jones seem to drop more passes as the temps decline.

    Watch the final 3 games for dropped passes.

    Count me in on the N.O/GB is the best of the NFC poll.