Players that I like in the draft – TE

By Rick

We are now looking at TEs. I posted earlier how I think the time for a possible shift in the NFL involving these amazing TEs we are seeing coming into the league. The Patriots using “Grunk” and Hernandez as multi-threats almost won it all.

So everyone wants to find an athletic blocking and pass catching TE that is 6-5 or 6-6 and runs in the 4.6s. The issue is God just doesn’t build many like that. A lot of TEs are quick and athletic but the blocking is a joke. Tweener Orson Charles (3rd round grade) from Georgia and Missouri’s Micheal Egnew(5th round) fall into those categories. Kind of like Quarless with the Packers these guys are more basketball players playing football.

Other guys are true TEs as we are used to with strong blocking skills and maybe some receiving ability. Top ranked TE Dwayne Allen from Clemson(1st round grade), Cory Harkley (4th round) from UCLA.

So who do I like that is that right combination at TE?

In previous posts I have mentioned a great TE from Louisiana-Lafayette, Ladarius Green. At 6-6 and 240 lbs this man still runs in the low 4.6s. He has been the focus of almost every team the Rajun Cajuns faced and still succeeded to have a great year. He is currently a 3rd round draft grade and I think a steal even there.

Andrew Luck’s main guy to go to at Stanford was TE Coby Fleener. He is 6-6 and 245lbs. He runs in the mid 4.7s but showed that he could block, run routes, catch, and make adjustments when working with Luck. He has a 2nd or 3rd round grade but I could see a team like the Colts taking him with the top pick in the 3rd round to team him back up with Luck and add to the offense in offering both Dallas Clark and Fleener as dual TE threats like the Patriots did for Brady.

As far as whom the heck was that UDFA or late 6th/7th round pick; I am very curious to see Chase Ford from Miami. He has almost zero tape. I can only find 16 receptions in his career at the school but he was one of the only players at the East West game that made me want to see more. He is 6-6 255lbs runs a 4.8 but played much faster on the field. He is rough in blocking but seemed coachable and improved through the week. The QBs at the game were bad but he sucked in a lot of bad passes and made them completions. This is a late round flier that has the body control and hands but will need a lot of work in blocking. A team with a solid TE coach will really enjoy this new toy.

Next up, the big men of football – the O-linemen

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