Packers-Texans Game Blog

7:16 PM:  I’ll say Packers 28, Texans 26. Packers stop a two-point conversion to win it.

7:36 PM:  Rodgers just not on target this year. Another missed TD pass.

7:46 PM:  Looking good for the Packers’ defense so far. Two three and outs. If the offense can get it going again we’ll be in good shape. Pretty happy so far.

7:49 PM:  Packers won’t commit to the running game even when it is working.

8:12 PM:  14-zip at the end of one. We’ll take it. Defense playing well and offense doing its job. Confidence is high. The Texans are going to strike though. Patience is going to be key.

8:17 PM:  Now Nick Perry looks like he is done for the year. The Packers will have to overcome another setback. They did it two years ago they can do it again.

8:23 PM:  The 5-0 Texans aren’t going away. Drove it 80 yards and the Packers lead is cut to 14-7. Still sitting good if the offense can keep it going. We knew we weren’t going to shut them out.

8:40 PM:  Packers offense looking pretty good but the defense is starting to wilt a little. Need to pick it up a little. But injuries are mounting up. The defense is hurting right now.

8:43 PM:  Held them to three down two linebackers. I’ll take it. Would be nice to add some points here before halftime.

9:26 PM:  Great drive to open the second half, yes, it was aided by some dumb Texans penalties, but at least we took advantage. Confidence remains high.

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