Packers-Cardinals Game Blog

12:50 PM:  Late start for my blog but not looking too good for the Packers offensively. This game could have been well in hand already but the Packerss’ offensive line is a sieve. Now Cobb gift wraps an interception. I figured this was going to be a struggle, so I will try to stay patient.

1:09 PM:  The Packers simply are not very good. The injuries have taken their toll. They can’t throw, they can’t catch and they can’t run. Not a pretty picture.

1:11 PM:  A lucky catch and the Packers take the lead. Wow!

1:34 PM:  Halftime and the Packers lead by 14, 21-7. If the defense keeps it up this will be a blowout. The Bears are destroying Tennessee so the Packers won’t gain any ground with a win. Let’s get it done!

1:55 PM:  Can’t believe the Packers would throw on third and one and when they are running so well today.

1:56 PM:  Turnover on the first Cardinals’ play. Suh-weet! Punch it in no! But no! Third and six. Need to get to the two for Crosby.

2:07 PM:  Offense looking bad since Jordy went out. We’ll win, but not pretty.

2:16 PM:  Maybe we won’t win. Bad call and the Cards are right back in it. This is ugly again. But the Cardinals need this game probably more than us. They are not going to quit. Packers need to step their game up.

2:22 PM:  The Packers might as well just cut all running backs and go to a complete pass only offense. They couldn’t run against air. If the defense doesn’t step up this game is in serious jeopardy. I hate to say it but it is time to quit even trying to run the ball. The Packers’ defense is gassed and this game looks just like Indy all over again.

2:36 PM:  Crabtree might have saved the day! Unbelievable! 72 yards! Why can’t Finley do that? Packers answer and lead by 14 again.

2:59 PM:  Got the bye 6-3. We are not out of it by any means. The division is over but that is OK. I would just love to beat the Bears two more times. We did a good thing for football today.

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