Packers-Lions Game Blog

7:32 PM:  Not at the game tonight. Worried that the Packers have so much to gain tonight that they blow it. Lions off to a good start.

7:42 PM:  80 yards in 12 plays and the Lions take a 7-0 lead. Defense offered no resistance. Let’s see what Rodgers can do. A little worrisome though. The Lions moved the ball with ease.

7:52 PM:  Aaron Rodgers’ refusal to throw the ball just killed a nice drive by the Packers. Oh well, the Bears lost today so nothing changes.

7:56 PM:  The Packers’ defense is playing horribly. For sure we’re going to be down by 14. Just need to hold them at that and go from there.

8:00 PM:  End of one and the Packers are getting dominated by the Lions’ offense. I think the Packers were overconfident tonight.

8:05 PM:  It’s OK, the Bears lost today, so we are still in the same position. The law of averages had to catch up with us at some point, after all, the Lions haven’t won in Wisconsin since 1991. Oh well. We could have took the easy way, but instead we took the hard way. Beginning to wonder about McCarthy. The message may be getting old.

8:07 PM:  Can’t believe we are getting embarrassed again on national TV again, and to make it worse getting embarrassed at home. Yes, the Packers could come back and win, but if they don’t I think we can all agree the rest of the season is fodder. There will be no Super Bowl this year.

8:11 PM:  Holding call was a joke. Drive killer.

8:15 PM:  Better than nothing, but not much. 14-3.

8:17 PM:  Well, we’re at home, we’re down a little, so what. Let’s do what the Bears couldn’t do and come back and win this thing.

8:28 PM:  Well that helps! We finally got a lucky bounce. Now go!

8:32 PM:  Packers’ defense cannot get off the field. Have to hold them to three here.

8:35 PM:  Great play by Sam Shields! Welcome back. Now if the offense could just do something.

8:41 PM:  The Packers’ offense is not looking good. Can’t even get a first down. Is Mike Tomczak available?

8:46 PM:  Should be a hell of a lot worse. Packers this year are just not ready for prime time. Still, with the Bears losing today we can still win out and win the division.

9:07 PM:  Discount double check! The belt is back! We are not out of this yet.

9:14 PM:  That was a penalty! The Packers are getting so fucked this year it is unbelievable. Somebody has bounty on us.

9:16 PM:  And of course Hansen has never missed a field goal in Lambeau. Come on offense. Do something!

9:25 PM:  Packers’ offense is not playing well, in fact, they are not playing at all. The only way we win this is with another defensive TD. Not sure Daniels has it in him. Maybe Zombo? Brad Jones? Defense has to bail out the offense and I don’t think they can do it.

9:35 PM:  Three horrible plays in a row by the Packers’ offense. Are you kidding me? Crosby misses again the Packers are done.

9:36 PM:  McCarthy should have punted there. He is not having a good year. But like we already know, we didn’t lose anything tonight. It still comes down to Chicago.

9:39 PM:  Glad I sold my tickets for this one. Saved a two-mile walk home.

9:44 PM:  We’re not done yet! Holy cow. Grind it out and win this thing!

9:49 PM:  DuJuan Harris scores the TD! Holy Sh!t! Sorry for the previous slip. We have to win this game now! I am worried about our defense though.

9:57 PM:  Well, if they use a lot of clock and don’t score on this drive it helps. The Packers’ offense is going to have to win this thing though I think.

10:03 PM:  We got the ball and we have the lead. Ryan Grant time. I could not be more nervous. Everything hangs in the balance right now.

10:05 PM:  That sucked! Went to the well once to often.

10:08 PM:  What a play by Rodgers and Cobb! If Crosby hits the field goal we win.

10:10 PM:  This is going to come down to Crosby.

10:26 PM: Punt it away gentleman! Game over. I could not be a more happier man. Wow!

10:40 PM:  We can win the division next week or we can be in big trouble. Confidence is growing.

11:43 PM:  Watching the second half replay. Amazing how the Packers keep winning without their star players. I wish I had the same calm the Packers’ players and coaches have. We have to win next week!

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