Packers-Ravens Game Blog

12:22 PM:  Late start due to yard work. Did see the Packers move down the field on the back of Eddie Lacy then throw three times and settle for a field goal. Same stuff, different Sunday. Packers’ defense did stop them twice, but should have had an early momentum changing interception but Davon House dropped it.

12:29 PM:  Mike McCarthy’s play calling just keeps getting worse and worse. He’s got a running back who will give him four yards a carry and he won’t use him. He has an offensive that can’t pass block but he has to pass every play. Until that changes the Packers are not going to win many games.

12:39 PM:  Then on third-and-one McCarthy runs Franklin instead of Lacy and loses five yards. Definitely time to at least start thinking about a coaching change. McCarthy and Rodgers are not on the same page anymore and everybody knows the QB wins those battle. My 7-9 prediction remains dead on.

1:10 PM:  The loss of James Jones has killed the Packers’ offense. Boykin can’t catch and shouldn’t be on a NFL roster so the Ravens are letting him run free. Packers’ offense not helping a good defensive effort by the Packers.

1:22 PM:  Packers can’t even get a first down anymore, thankfully neither can the Ravens. Not good football being played today in Maryland. I would be happier than a lark if the Packers lead 3-0 at halftime.

1:33 PM:  Got my wish thanks to T.J. Lang being an asshole. Packers imploding in Baltimore and down to two receivers after losing Jones and Cobb to what appear to be season ending injuries. 7-9 might be a pipe dream at this point.

1:36 PM:  Wow, what a weird ending to the half. I guess that is why you take a knee with 20 seconds left and not risk a mistake. Packers get the turnover, lose another player to injury, but lead 6-0 after Crosby goes 1-2 in the last 30 seconds of the game.

1:55 PM:  Ravens intercept Rodgers in the end zone. Bad pass even though the guy made a good play. Smart move would have been try to get the first down and if not try the field goal. Stupid mistake by the coach or the quarterback there.

2:09 PM:  Aaron Rodgers is way off target today, which doesn’t help matters any. Thank the good Lord for Mason Crosby.

2:17 PM:  With Perry out the defense gets scorched for a long pass but holds them to three anyway. Amazing. If the offense could do anything at all this game would be in the bank drawing interest.

2:22 PM:  The Packers run an old play and it works to perfection, Rodgers rolls out and hits Jordy running full steam for a 16-3 lead with 2:12 time remaining in the third quarter. Can the defense hang on now is the question.

2:31 PM:  Raven offense is wearing out the Packers’ defense. Packers will need another TD to win this game. Ravens are ripping the Packers left and right now. Run and pass. They will be within six points in about three minutes if not sooner.

2:34 PM:  The score may not reflect it but the Ravens are in complete control right now. Offense, defense, special teams. New final prediction is Ravens 24, Packers 16.

2:41 PM:  The Packers can’t even get a play off anymore. Another time out. Unbelievable.

2:55 PM:  Packers have a nice drive but can’t get the dagger and settle for three. Now can the defense do it? Gave up a big play right off the bat. We’ll see.

2:58 PM:  Defense chokes big time. Two plays and the Ravens are within two points. I told you the Ravens were in control.

3:00 PM:  20-19 final. Unbelievable. Not surprised, but a hard way to lose.

3:08 PM:  Ugly, but Eddie Lacy is the man. Packers win 19-17. Huge, emotional win. Yet still we don’t know what this team’s identity is. Now without Cobb and Jones for a while if not longer, this win isn’t as rewarding as it should have been.

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