Packers-Vikings Game Blog

12:06 PM:  I am predicting a 27-20 win but the Packers off to a horrible start. The offensive line that didn’t give up a sack last week gives up one on the first play this week. Three-and-out!

12:14 PM:  Defense did its job, now can the offense get something going? Lacy can’t get going and Scott Tolzien can’t seem to throw a ball that isn’t tipped. Interesting.

12:20 PM:  Holy cow! Crazy legs is back! Looking like Brett Favre Tolzien takes it in himself and to cap an impressive drive that started inside the 20. Packers lead 7-0. Now we go!

12:25 PM:  Then Shawn Slocum awesome special teams gives up a 57-yard kick return. Unbelievable. McCarthy apparently doesn’t give performance reviews because nobody in my company would have a job if the performed as bad as Slocum. McCarthy should be fired for that fact alone.

12:46 PM:  Going to be a touchdown on this drive now. Davon House just dropped an interception that hit him right in the hands. Packers could have taken control instead the Vikings will have the lead. Not Dom Capers fault, House’s fault and it might cost the Packers the game.

12:50 PM:  Jason Pierre-Paul has better hands than House. Packers get lucky and get a fumble though. But Tolzien can’t throw over the d-line today.

12:54 PM:  I just don’t get it. Lacy is running like a beast but nothing in the passing game is working. Weird. Maybe Tolzien has topped out.

12:57 PM:  Packers’ defense is getting shredded by Adrian Peterson. 65 yards already. Why can’t they step up just once? Nobody is firing them up.

12:59 PM:  Packers defense in the process of giving up a 98-yard drive. Come on man! Give the kid some help. This is the game that should determine Mike McCarthy’s coaching future, and so far it is not looking good.

1:02 PM:  OK, they held them to three. Still, the Packers have now blown two chances to take this game over.

1:07 PM:  Other than the one drive the Packers’ offense has been pathetic. Definitely a step back for Tolzien.

1:09 PM:  Packers’ defense playing terrible again. Now tack on 15-yards for a personal foul and the game is pretty much over. Defense sucks and the Packers won’t win a game until Rodgers is able to come back and put up 30 points a game.

1:14 PM:  Don’t expect much from me in the second half. This is by far the worst the Packers have looked all year. Every week it gets worse and worse. 13-7 Vikings.

1:37 PM:  Can somebody please fire Slocum now?! Are you kidding me? Packers are just giving this game away thanks to him.

1:49 PM:  Packers’ defense is just so bad it is unbelievable. Packers’ will be drafting high next April, that is for sure. Vikings dominating at 20-7.

1:59 PM:  Packers have officially given up. Matt Flynn is in. What a debacle this season has become. Looks like game, set, and match for the Packers’ 2013 season. Guess we know who the most valuable player in the league is. Aaron Rodgers has covered up a poor defense for years. McCarthy needs to go. Pure and simple. Too many bad decisions to justify keeping him.

2:06 PM:  Wow! I never thought the Packers could play worse defense than they did in 1983, but today is by the worst game in since then. The Packers are in shambles and the season can’t end soon enough.

2:26 PM:  If you need further proof that McCarthy is an idiot you just got it. Kick the extra point and two scores wins it for you. Go for two and two scores only ties it for you if you count having to make a two-point conversion. What an idiot.

3:43 PM:  If Dom Capers coaches next week I am not watching. Worst defense in the history of the league. Packers finally had a chance to win one but Capers’ defense couldn’t stop a nosebleed. So very sad.

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