Packers-Lions Game Blog

11:40 PM:  Unfortunately the Packers’ defense seems to have picked up right where it left off last week. Got to hold them to three somehow.

11:44 PM:  Wow! A turnover! Who says miracles don’t happen.

11:57 PM:  Lions are running right through the Packers. You don’t normally see this poor of play in the NFL, even from it’s worst teams. The Packers’ defense is just plain bad, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. McCarthy can defend Dom Capers all he wants but the product Capers is putting on the field is just horrendous.

12:13 PM:  Well, so far the Josh Sitton and the offensive line are getting their butts kicked. But a mistake by the Lions gives the Packers a chance for a long field goal and Money Crosby nails it. 3-3.

12:17 PM:  What a shock! Packers lead 10-3 after a fumble-six! That is the only way the Packers’ defense can stop them is to get turnovers.

12:24 PM:  Is this really happening? I guess the Lions are still the Lions. We’ll take it. Offense better punch it in now.

12:28 PM:  Matt Flynn is looking more like the Matt Flynn that flamed out in three places since leaving Green Bay. Might be time to get Tolzien back in there.

12:33 PM:  Reggie Bush is going to beat A.J. Hawk every time. So Mr. Capers, why is he covering him? Stuff like that is why that guy should have fired years ago.

12:40 PM:  Why do the Packers keep trying to do something they can’t? You can’t run on the Lions so quit trying. This is borderline insanity.

12:41: PM:  Now the special teams gets into the act by giving up a long punt return. Lions about to take a lead they will never relinquish.

12:54 PM:  If Flynn won’t throw the ball he has to come out of the game. He just will not release. Packers could only take 12 seconds off the clock. Lions will lead 24-10 as sure as I’m writing this.

1:01 PM:  The Packers just let Calvin Johnson run down the literally uncovered. I mean nobody even attempted to cover him. Lions should have scored but they missed a field goal. A perfect example of Capers’ poor coaching was when the Packers get called for 12 men on a spike play? Did they have 12 men on the field for the previous play? Are they really trying to make substitutions on a spike play? How much more evidence do you need? Capers is the reason the Packers are on the brink of elimination. No quarterback could be expected to overcome such a poor defense. Not even Rodgers.

1:27 PM:  This is a beatdown of epic proportions. The Packers might not even finish the game with positive yardage. I’ve never seen anything so bad on both sides of the ball in my life. Well, maybe the 70s. Never thought we would see it again. Time for Thompson to start making a list of coaches he likes. McCarthy has proven to be a fraud.

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