Packers-Falcons Game Blog

12:08 PM:  Well, the Packers’ defense continues to be a sieve. With the temperature 12 degrees and playing at home, the Packers are letting Falcons methodically march down the field. Hate to be negative to start but, come on man! They did get the stop though, so that is good.

12:17 PM:  Flynn just doesn’t have the confidence to throw the ball. If Lacy doesn’t have a big game the Packers have no chance.

12:24 PM:  That was quite a drive by the Packers. 18 plays and 90 yards. Nine minutes off the clock. We’ll take it. 7-0 Green Bay.

12:35 PM:  Given a seven point lead the Packers’ defense did what it does, give up a quick score. Another horrible performance by the Packers’ defense.

12:41 PM:  Promising start erased in a hurry. Flynn fumbles and the Falcons are about to take the lead. 14-7 Falcons.

12:46 PM:  It is really getting hard to believe this team can come out week after week and get worse and worse. The defense specifically. Gary Kubiak just lost his job and I think Mike McCarthy should be treading on thin ice. There is no accountability on this team and you never see any improvement in the problem areas.

12:55 PM:  Flynn just refused to throw the ball and took another sack when guys were wide open all over the field. Boykin would have walked in for a touchdown. At least Money Crosby nailed the field goal and the Packers answered the gift they gave the Falcons.

1:14 PM:  There is your dagger. Unbelievable. I’m out.

1:40 PM:  Final thoughts. After seeing what McCarthy did to Lacy at the end of the half I think McCarthy should be fired along with his staff after the season. Lacy is back on the sideline but my guess is he is done for the year. To try and get something with 15 seconds left in the half like that was just stupid. It’s hard to believe that a coach in the NFL would do something that dumb. I guess that is why everybody gets fired eventually. I think that time for McCarthy might be fast approaching.

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