Packers-Bears Game Blog

3:27 PM:  Well, good to see the Packers cleaned up their special teams. Horrible start for the Packers. Playing for pride now.

3:29 PM:  Packers did get the stop though.

3:37 PM:  Packers are moving the ball under Rodgers. Doesn’t look like any rust on him.

3:45 PM:  Guess Rodgers is a little chicken. Threw a pick in the end zone. Just what I was afraid of. We won’t run Lacy now that Rodgers is back.

3:49 PM:  Packers’ defense is showing up as usual. Bears on the move.

3:53 PM:  I don’t think I can watch much more of this. It’s like they don’t even want to win. 7-0 Bears as the Packers let them march right down the field. The good thing about this loss is it has to be the last straw for Dom Capers.

4:04 PM:  Rodgers with two picks in the first half. Timing isn’t there. Game over.

4:18 PM:  Well, we are about to see if the Packers squander yet another scoring opportunity. Offense is not really looking very good even with Rodgers.

4:26 PM:  Defense makes a great stop and a shank punt. Pound Lacy down there and take the lead now!

4:37 PM:  How about that. A strip-sack fumble touchdown for the offense. Wow. Packers lead 10-7.

4:52 PM:  Packers lead 13-7 at the half. Should be way worse than that. Confidence is still not high.

5:10 PM:  Exactly what I thought McCarthy would do. Abandon the run. McCarthy is an idiot and the Packers deserve to lose. Maybe McCarthy should be fired too.

5:12 PM:  That is what you do. Bears lead and likely win. McCarthy is a complete idiot.

5:18 PM:  Even if the Packers come back and win they will get smoked next week in Lambeau. Probably better to just end the bleeding today.

5:22 PM:  A sense of urgency and the Packers retake the lead. That was a great drive that was almost all on the ground but McCarthy won’t hand off on third-and-one? Come on man! If the defense could somehow get a stop now I would feel a lot better.


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