Packers-49ers Game Blog

3:48 PM: Slow start but confidence is high.

3:53 PM:  Kaepernick is picking apart the Packers’ defense. No worries though, we’ll get them in the end.

4:23 PM:  Packers’ offensive game plan is not working but the defense has done its job the first two series. I think we need a turnover.

4:31 PM:  Didn’t know all I had to do was ask for one. Sweet Tramon Williams pick. Now let’s get a TD and take the lead.

4:41 PM:  And the Packers do just that! Great touchdown pass and great drive by the Packers. As much as it pains Troy Aikman, the Packers lead 7-0.

4:49 PM:  Packers’ defense unable to hold up this time. 49ers back on top. No problem. Packers’ offense has come to life.

4:53 PM:  Insane that the 49ers had to only go 68 yards after a kickoff. You just can’t do that against good teams like the 49ers. So far that is my only complaint.

5:08 PM:  Money Crosby! Very happy to be this close to the vaunted 49ers at the half. Already playing with house money, the Packers have a chance to really cash in.

5:32 PM:  Kaepernick continues to baffle the Packers’ defense. We are hanging in there though. Just hold them to three again.

5:49 PM:  Unfortunately Aaron Rodgers is not quite on target today. Certainly only a big play away. But the Packers’ defense is under a lot of pressure. I think they step up somehow.

6:07 PM:  Well, we are not going to get blown out I don’t think. Packers lead 17-13 after Kuuuuuuhhhhn takes it in! Just a turnover away from stealing one I think.

6:12 PM:  Packers’ special teams are still very poor and the 49ers are taking advantage. I think the Packers will win this game but if they don’t it will be because of special teams.

6:34 PM:  Packers are playing good and hanging in there, they just need a mistake by the 49ers.

6:48 PM: Well, you are never happy when you don’t win the Super Bowl, but winning a third straight division championship without having Aaron Rodgers for eight games feels pretty good, especially the way it happened last week. The Packers future is still bright, in fact, after what they went through this year, I think they will be a beast next year! Go Pack!

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